Mat for 590/600 crafted gear not ingame? 45+ humanoid mobs

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  • What server/world did you experience your issue on:Runeberg
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Mats for endgame weapons are not in drop table?
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Majorly… 286 hours to level skills and cannot make the gear…

Each 590 GS needs a mat which is dropped from “humanoid creatures” we’re at the stage we don’t think they’re in the game…

Not 1 of them is in the game?

For example Axe of the Abyss requires:

MAT A (Are they even in the game?)

x1 Embossed Wrapping – Not a single one in the game (It just says dropped from 45+ humanoid mobs can anyone be more specific??)

MAT B (That’s fine)

x1 Broken Hatchet (ARTIFACT) – This is fine they drop from 57+ powerful whcih is fine theres a bunch in the game…


MAT A (Are they even in the game?)

Meteor Trail requires:

x1 Fire Crystal Core (from 45+ humanoid) - Theres none in the game
MAT B (That’s fine)

x1 Petrified Fire (ARTIFACT) – There’s several in game from 57+ powerful thats fine.

MAT A is used in the 590 weapons also but the BETTER weapons also require MAT B…

There are loads of MAT B ingame but no MAT A’s for ANY weapon…

Honestly thinking they’re not in the drop table at the moment has anyone else had them dropped on any other servers?


Anyone had any of them on any server to confirm? check your trading posts if you can please :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell they are not on our server either. We have 1 part for every weapon and none of the second. Maybe they only drop in the zone that is not accessible in the game yet? @Devs - please bring back 250 con bug so we can check???

Should be from 45+ mobs so should be the less rare of the two… Thanks for checking mate

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Only 3 explanations come to mind:

  1. They drop only in Lazarus\Genesis with a really low drop chance, and people don’t go there, upgrading their gearscore before spending tuning orbs (which are almost impossible to craft and the ratio between spending and profit is laughable);
  2. Devs just forgot to add them into the game, like, for example, smelting gear;
  3. They are excluded deliberately to slow down progress, 'cause there is basically nothing to do in the “endgame” besides grinding gazzillion of mobs and looting 456284768324762837463784 of chests for better gear. Crafting prerolled (and most are good enough, surprisingly) 600 GS weapons gives people an opportunity to skip such an “inspiring” content.

Then surely you wouldn’t have the crafting there for said items…

I’ve spent so much gold and time (286 hours played) to get this gear lol

I’ve spent the past 4 days killing 45+ “humanoid” mobs with 0 luck it’s tilting (also wearing full luck gear with 3 trophies)

I went to the 3 named 60s area and got several of the second mats in a couple of hours

Examples for anyone checking their own servers

Axe of the Abyss

x1 Embossed Wrapping (None in any servers)
x1 Broken Hatchet (multiple on markets) + I have 1

Warpwood (Bow)

Enchanted bow string (None on markets)
Splintered bow (I have one + multiple on market)

Meteor Trail

x1 Fire Crystal Core (None anywhere)
x1 Petrified Fire (Multiple on market)

Whisper of the wood

1x Etched Handguard (None on markets)
1x Serpentine Handgaurd (They’re on the markets)

Dark Sky ( Great axe I think)

empowered counterbalance (None on markets)
Ancient bearing (I have one and multiple on market)

Voidbringer’s rapier

Etched handguard (none on market)
Serpentine Handgaurd (Multiple on market)

Yul’kithir (warhammer)

Empowered counterbalance (You guessed it…)
Scaling powder (mutliple on market)

All the 590 gear score craftable items that everyone is selling schematics for at the moment require the first mats
So none of them will be getting made either…

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The drop rate in Genesis and Lazarus would have to be really low as we have not had any drops in these yet, but the number of runs has been limited due to the Azoth staff bug.

I’ve checked 4 servers so far pretty convinced it’s not on the drop table at all… Welp… Time to work on getting armoring gear…

I’ve trained 200 engineering 200 leathermaking 200 weaving etc for nothing :’)

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I believe they drop from corruption portal chests which are unable to be completed cause the staffs dont work

Says humanoid creatures 45+ on the description of it

Lot of people saying it may be in corruptions but they’re currently broken due to no T5 staff.

We’ll soon see!

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Just confirming, anyone had any yet?

I’ve been looking for 1 week on Frislandia and so far nobody has seen it…

Guess we’ll have to wait for them T5 staffs

I’ve been searching for the past week on my server, haven’t seen any of the legendary crafting items derived from “humanoids”.

Anyone seen these items yet?

Some items are currently not obtainable. Just heard Shroud saying this on stream (confirmed by devs), allegedly the items are in the loot table but a bug is causing them not to drop.

Thanks, i hope they can fix it this maintenance. I was really looking forward to crafting the higher tier weapons upon reaching 200 engineering!

I’ve had eng for over a week rushed it to have the my bow and hatchet :frowning: such an anti climax lol

I’ve just scanned through the bug fixes due to be implemented tomorrow and I do not see any mention of these missing items being added. Looks like we’ll be waiting another week at least!