Material Converter refining tax... seriously?

These values have to be bugged, right? With 1.25x refining tax it costs more in tax alone to render 15 of any useful green or blue refining reagent, rather than buying from the market.

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Have the same issue.

I never look at the cost when refining, but thankfully I did before paying almost 230g for 28 bundles of fine sandpaper in a 1.00x fee settlement. Sadly I didnt catch this when converting prior, so I am definitely out several hundred gold.

There is no way this is being calculated as intended.

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they did not expected such broken in-game economical stage. Here are the evidences:

  • the above seen conversion tax
  • fishing treasure chest dropped 50 gold when a lvl 1-55 chest heavy armorer part with superior perks and gem slot goes for 7 gold
  • housing taxes
  • siege fee

All these predicted numbers shows clearly that they did not saw what a failed economy could born by letting pve content drop all kind of gears like if they would raining.

pve should drop no gear or just extremely rarely, all in-game gear should be crafted 99.9 % and I mean here all gear + consumables.
pve should drop gold.

It seems like the taxes from these are also not all added to the governing company treasury.
I paid 2000g tax in Mourningdale which my company owns and two hours later the treasury has only gone up by 600g (refined items was 173559 before, 181016 after with 1.25%).

Not sure if all tax is supposed to be added, have not found any proper information about how anything in this game is supposed to work.


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