Material Converters have a prohibitive crafting fee

Faction vendor material converters come with a massive coin fee, which makes them less efficient than straight up being the desired refining material on the trading post. I would argue for either completely removing the refining cost or reducing it by at least 20 times.

Reasons to nerf/remove material conversion tax:

  1. When converting 20 solvent to 15 flux you already lose 25% of your starting materials. This is a tax in itself.
  2. Material converters cost faction tokens, which can also be seen as a small tax on top of the previous one.
  3. Material conversion is not really a refining process, you are using a 3rd party device and not the forge itself. If it is intended to be a refining process, then it should also have a chance to yield extra materials like all other refining processes.
  4. It is hard to justify converting refining materials compared to selling the ones you don’t need and buying your desired material.

Possible outcomes for nerfing/removing material conversion tax:

  1. The value of less desirable refining materials like Solvent will go up, making it more satisfying to find it in chests in the open world.
  2. Faction tokens will be more useful, especially in light of the change to the Resilient perk on faction gear.
  3. Crafters who mainly use one or two materials like Flux and Sandpaper will still benefit from picking up Weave, Tannin and Solvent and storing large amounts of them.

Yes, I agree completely. I lost thousands of gold not being aware of the refining tax on these.
The converters with the current prices (I dont see them changing anytime soon) of the refining materials are pretty useless. This thread needs a bit of attention so maybe one day a dev sees it. @Luxendra


this have to be looked on, only insane people convert material covnerters, my fee would be 2300 if I wanted to craft sandpaper. a joke

The only time it was even slightly worthwhile was when tannin was selling for 8 cents (and I had 2000 of it) and flux was selling for nearly 2 gold.

When you need a 20x difference in price to justify using them, something is a little off…

There have been a couple threads on this now over the past few weeks with no response if this tax is being levied as intended. Would love confirmation one way or the other. This seems like a clear bug, but if it is not, I’d love to know so I can throw the material converters I have already purchased down a well, since they would be completely useless.

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