Material Coverting mats shouldn't cost any gold. You already lose 1 mat in the process

Material Converters from the faction shop…

These should not use gold and lose a mat. Item + Gold sink on the already scarce economy is just unnecessary.

These are entirely useless otherwise.


I was really surprised by how much it costs to use those things. Then again, I was really surprised how much gold I had to toss in after farming a cubic mile of PvP tokens to get my faction gear.

Made the mistake of converting without checking if there was a gold cost associated and used it on t5 solvent and nuked almost all my gold. Assumed since it was a convenience feature and paid for with currency earned already it wouldn’t cost. Was pissed, but my own fault. I would think they could charge a lot more tokens for converters and lower or eliminate the gold cost per, considering how many mats are required for combining.

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