Max Gearscore for Arcana Weapons 585?

That is excellent to hear. I was pretty bummed that the legendary crafting materials may not have been fixed

@Kay is it possible to have a certain update on the legendary parts for 600gs weapons. That’s a big deal


Can we assume that in the Crafting and Gathering section, the phrase ‘these include’ can be replaced with ‘such as’ in the following statement:

“…These include Beeswax, Runic Thread, Etched Handguard, Embossed Wrapping, and Empowered Counterbalance.”

Otherwise, do we assume that the legendary life, fire, and ice crystal cores are not fixed?

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so 1 month and a half isn’t enough to figure out a fix?

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Is it fixed or not? is a month and a half not enough to fix it? maybe you should forward to the devs to NERF magical weapons more just to spit on the magical weapon users. Good Job.

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Can we just get an honest reason as to why this is happening?

Are core crystals put very far out on the probability distribution of luck or are they just outside the maximum range we can increase our rolls to?

You already added hyssop to the arcana bench in PTR, just add another material to the 585 arcana. Dropdown combobox and update string values?


Still no Real info about craft 600 .
Good job.

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So I am not sure I really understand fully yet, someone please clarify if you do. Are the fire, ice, and life crystal cores supposedly going to be available now? Because that has been whats been blocking us from getting the 600 legendaries from the schematics

Seems like we are f*** and not only that, even if they do drop, the legendary weapons are now epic on PTR.

Depends on how you read this statement from the devs:

“We are aware that some rare materials needed for crafting legendary items are dropping at very low rates. These include Beeswax, Runic Thread, Etched Handguard, Embossed Wrapping, and Empowered Counterbalance. We have an upcoming patch that will address most of these items and Beeswax will be addressed in a later update.”

AGS said they would release fix and its not in patch notes, im worried were gonna have to wait at least another week for this fix. Its unfair that mages are getting pushed aside. First they said they would fix arcana and they didnt and now theyre nerfing fire staff excessively. Can we please just get an arcana fix? Id love to not have wasted 90k+ on trophies and leveling arcana.


Arcanists have literally been waiting since a week after release to get arcana fixed, why aren’t you fixing the only profession that cannot create 600 gs items. Unfortunately you guys never give us a straight answer on if and when its going to be fixed. We just want to craft the weapons we invested thousands of gold into. :frowning:


Just the eyes and Viscera i’ve just taken a look at the PTR and those are still listed in the crafting screen even if i select “not own” is the build going to live in a few hours different to that on the PTR?

Thank you so much for this information. I was so frustrated that the drops had been pushed back, knowing they are in the patch made my week.

@jeffbetts58 The 600 gs item is being added as well, [Downtime] November Monthly Release - #2 by Luxendra

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'Cause they hate Mage :rofl: haven’t you read the latest patch notes? also crafted light armor of 600gs is a joke :sweat_smile:

anyone know about last item who give us +15 max min gs? They fix 600 gs arcana but dont know with what material?

why is the voidbend light armor with the strength attribute? where is the armor with the intelligence attribute?

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Could someone verify that Life Crystal Core will now drop?

It’s fixed, Per Luxendra’s update

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I mean, why not just call and ask the developers? Legit question.
Dont they have phones?

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