Max Gearscore for Arcana Weapons 585?

Just to clarify, by not making it into the PTR does that means it won’t be in the next update? Will that also mean crafted void gauntlets won’t be able to hit 600 when released?

Thank you for the update.

Also to be clear, the community cannot demand more testing for things and simultaneously expect fixes to go straight from the devs coding to players.

If they need some time for test cycles, let them have it. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is just terrible logic.

1: You are nerfing Mages/Healers on the PTR. Not only have they not really had access to any weapons better then the 580 quest weapons, but even if you wanted to nerf them they probably will need access to better crafts after the nerf.

2: Your introducing a new weapon in the Arcana line with Void Gauntlet… You think MAYBE people want to craft that weapon and are preparing for it?

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Does this mean that the legendary crafting component drop and arcana material fixes won’t happen until a patch after the PTR goes live?

And on the topic of crafting bugs, any news on fixing Glittering Ebony’s cost?

It likely means its going to be in this weeks update to live but not on the PTR.

I’d like that if true, but I was under the impression that the PTR was the big update talked about when delaying last week’s patch (why would they point people to the PTR to view the changes if it isn’t?), meaning these fixes will have to be the week after.

You mean you reverted what you intentionally implemented in the first place? one line of code could have “fixed” the Arcana crafting bug but you chose not to which is pretty obvious really.

Thats great, its just a shame you gutted the mage weapons so no one will actually be crafting these anymore.

So you introducing new weapons and made it so that we cannot craft them, REALLY?

Arcana weapons cant be crafted at max gearscore yet because the number of required materials is one less than other gear you can craft. Meaning it is missing 15 points from that third legendary material, they already said they are fixing this in the next patch though and adding a third required material to craft arcana weapons

They need to pushed into this update not a later one. its bad enough you took so long to fix it

What about Etched Handguard and Empowered Counterbalance? Also fixed? Been waiting for a month now and no sign of fixes.

Amazing! We will have a new magic weapon but we won’t be able to craft it with high gear score. Nice amazon!!!

Hi Kay, it’s good news and glad the items will no longer be mythical. Can you confirm if this is part of the next patch or one we will have to wait for down the track

Can you hurry up with this patch on live servers? I don´t see the reason of not implementing it already, it´s ben really bad for the arcana crafters already and you guys want to wait even more time to fix it on live. When are we excpecting this to hit? Mid december? January?..

Nice, so we have a huge nerf without being able to access 600gs weapons for another month? I’m making a break, cause it’s gonna be a clownfiesta with all these axes and hammers running on wars…


it’s gonna be rly dissapointing to see arcana not beeing fixed tommorow so much preparation and so unsatysfying to craft 585 items for 12 asmodeum i still have hope that they just didnt include it in patch notes but they fixed it

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They didn’t. I checked PTR and it was not there. Afaik all changes from PTR made it to 1.1 update. This is legit disgusting they told us like over 2 weeks ago they already fixed it and they are testing it.

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No, they told us a month ago it was in testing… maybe that is why mages got nerfed so hard. Those changes were made when that was the meta. So maybe in a month we’ll finally see a fix to GA/Hammer?

Yeah they literally created feedback threads for all the PTR changes but completely ignored it and released all the changes exactly as it was on PTR. Genuinely, are they trying to get rid of mage players? We can’t do any high level crafting and both mage weapons were nerfed so much that they are useless in PvE, and extremely weak in PvP.

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