May Known Issues List

Is this the most current known issues list?

Yes! The Known Issue list get updated once a month and this is the most current one. However, there may be known issues since that patch that we are aware of and have not added to the list.

Please add to known issues list:

  • The forums are sucking the life out of the enjoyment of the game.

thank you @Aenwyn :slight_smile: let the team know that 3v3 arenas are going to bring life back to this game and it keeps getting better and better with each update.

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So why did everything get fixed in next patch but they keeping the triple proc from GW ? Not sure. If they think we are Stupid or what

:rofl: :partying_face: :rofl:

I rather find the forums fun when Im not gaming though.

So there is actually no fix for the bug in 1.4.4. that enables Gravity Well to deal an absolutely insane amount of damage hitting up to 6 times?

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Coming at end of may :clown_face:. Thoses GA been neglected for so long they need this buff so much

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The fix for Gravity Well is in the final stages of testing and will be in an upcoming patch!

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How about all of the issues that are found and then ignored until the patch goes live and they are exploited?

Can we get a list going for those so that we know what we will need to exploit to keep up?


I really hope with “an upcoming patch” you’re not talking about the May Update. The Developer’s response to gamebreaking bugs with that much impact on gameplay is way too slow across the board and always has been. Gravity Well does upwards of 10k damage. Add in the still existing, massive Desync issues that literally teleport you back into abilities that you dodged 10 seconds ago and the game is close to unplayable.

And I don’t even want to start on People not being able to respawn after they died whatsoever, “Flamethrower” being completely invisible 99% of the time, the Riposte Animation after triggering the ability being literally non-existant half of the time, Wrecking Ball occasionally knocking people down for waaaay longer than the normal duration and countless other bugs.

If the QA-Team, which has proven to be highly inefficient and incapable, simply can not handle to check for obvious bugs that players literally find within minutes of the patch hitting the live servers, all hands have to be on deck to fix the most pressing ones in days, not weeks. The community has been incredibly patient waiting for every single fix or patch, but realistically it takes the team just way too long to fix crucial, gamebreaking bugs that make the game feel unpolished and unfun to play. Other games and development teams that are much smaller manage to do so, why is it that AGS simply does not show any amount of consistency?

I know the team wants to consistently release content, but the priorities need to be on the live server any day of the week, which it currently is not at all.

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Well, it is not in the patch tonight. It is too bad that this issue is not higher priority than fixing items not taking as much of a grind to craft.

I think at this point we just have to accept the fact that Amazon Games Developers are never going to have the reaction time necessary to preserve any growth in the playerbase longterm.

People literally test out the game after a 3 or 4 months break, get killed by a 10k Gravity Well and say “fuck it, game hasn’t changed at all” and leave again.

I find the forums entertaining. SOOOOOOO many people complaining about how they aren’t having fun and how they want someone else’s fun diminished so they can have fun.

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All wrapped in a veneer of “Never worked one day in my life as a game designer but i know everything about game design! I plays games!”

lmao my friend literarily did this exact thing. Which sucks because last month the game was in a pretty good state over all :frowning:

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