May of got a little carried away last night decorating my house

A OCD House Door

Tinkering through the wee hours of the morning fitting it all together like a IKEA jigsaw. I can no longer determine whether I’m in my real, actual house or a virtual version of one.


This is cool stuff! Thanks for showing us :slight_smile:


Thats really awesome, I always like when people do this kinda stuff.

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you’re making my house look like a hoarder’s zone.

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It look so good!! Well done! Gosh, I’m such a huge fan of the house stuff in this game.

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The furniture is a bit stacked but i like it a lot overall.

Great taste.

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Yeah its certainly ‘cosy’ in there now! Really dont know what 150 pieces of furntinue will look like until its laid out lol. Got a house score of 980,000 now though :sweat_smile:

Can we get the seasonal winter convergence package back on the market then? :sweat_smile::roll_eyes:. The other items were extended but not this one. Didnt get chance to buy my snowman last time :sob:

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may have