Maybe an armor balancing with dodge

I think maybe a different style of movement in dodge maybe, because just think about it, you play rapier with light set to do maximum damage fast, come in a hatchet guy with heavy set and vanish with you without you if you want do a lot of damage to him, but could have dodged, but the dodge in this game is very difficult to hit at the right time, because the dodge action doesn’t cancel the basic attack, besides if you roll to the side and dodge the attack the enemy simply looks to the side and continues giving basic attack non-stop. So in this case, the dodge/dodge only serves to run away and not to counterplay the guy trying to get behind his back. That’s why I think they should try to make a dodge scheme or something similar to dodge to balance the armor.

I gave the example of the rapier because it is a melee weapon, making it even more difficult to play against the current targets.

Perhaps you can also change the avoidance consumption of the avoidance to be able to dodge several times until it finishes beyond 2 times.

So also to balance and the person doesn’t run like a jet rolling all the time, the roll might not go as lone as it already does, it would be something in the rapier evasion style, something fast but not that far.

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