Maybe Fix Company Golds Control and Imbalance

Huge improve by what i see in PTR list


Buff weapons to be on point with VG and IG

enormous damage to economy and imbalance to the game and drives people away from it done by the taxes and how much golds major companies got and how they can use it.

Need to Make more than just 10% more xp for crafting. The race to the goal is a problem yes but not the major problem. Problem is crafting is not worth it at all. You cant make money from it from almost everything its a money sink. Lets just say enginering…

thx for the work keep going!

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i really dont understand why people not rush comments on golds control problem. lol i understand that a lot of folks is in the control so they will not comment on this but dam guys its one of the horrible problem here. You need like to work hours to get the money ton buy yourself a orb spot or a good bis item when they can do this all day and not even see the impact in their money.

Get loud people this need to change or game will not get back to a healty player counts

It is kinda funny some of the most complained about things on the forums aren’t mentioned in the first iteration of the PTR notes.

Economic imbalance from control of WW and EF

Expedition Orbs

VG in general

AGS is listening though


i hope it will get fix its a game killing problem. But i suppose thoses major company will get dam evil if the abusive control is remove so they dont know what to do. But if thoses really like this game they will understand this is for the best

Next Question!

actually is the worst problem, its what it has corrupted the game to the core imo

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yes its locking people out of war, of mutate runs. God i need to farms 100 hours to get the money to run m8+ lol and since they got all the bis gear and infinite potions food buff and all good luck in war

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still dont see anything from dev that says they now its a problem

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