Me after seeing the latest Patch Notes

I deleted my character on 21.12.20 but
Restored through amazon live chatting 21.12.27.

Just restore it and wait is what I suggest.

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I’m unsure if you are serious or just trolling, but if you are serious, I seriously feel bad for you.


Regardless of the “I quit” part of the original post, this patch is complete garbage.

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The PTR patch notes are not complete. Only the “live” patch notes as supposed to list all changes (which it doesn’t normally anyway). So people won’t know if things are fixed/changed for various bugs/issues until they play the PTR.

That said, I’m quite disappointed by the “mutators” for expeditions. Another time gated/restricted thing that rotates weekly and is still the same old expedition, just giving mobs a single special effect. Many of the effects already exist within the game, and to really benefit from it you need 600 expertise on everything.

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Yea they need to quit with all the timegated bs


[Dev Blog] End Game Update Part 2 - January Update heres ur part 2

I feel you but you should have just sold the account lol. Deleting the toon is just drama.

Half trolling.
This game already has as much or more PvP as wow did starting out…
And more than ESO
And more then FF14

People acting like this game’s been out for a year and there’s a content/patch drought…
Go play Shadowlands. THAT is a content drought.

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Don’t get your hopes up. They clearly stated from the beginning that there will be only a single content patch each month. The normal weekly repair patches don’t count. The “1” just stand for the first content patch this year in January.

And the PTRs only run between one week and ten days. So the update will probably come around the 18th and the PTR will be scrapped again at the same time.

What? You can sell your toons?

Wish I had known that before I deleted some of them… lol

1027hrs and still had bad gear lol


bad gear? that was my meme gear for my last OPR - I was full 600gs. My company ran WW/EF since the break of dawn

The kid is probably 18 years old, they have no idea how games mature over time.


I am sure steam is lying as it says only 450 hrs… Must be a glitch.

Cool. Cya. Feel free to leave the forum now too please. This community is for NW players.


i hope the game matures over time - but im still done with NW.

Cool story bro.



Awesome! Thank you!

Posting a video of you deleting a level 60 character after AGS staff have worked their asses off for this game is toxic pal.

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