Mean-spirited notification


The message is very poor messaging. Why not something more neutral? “You have been logged out for inactivity”, instead of making us feel like we did something wrong because we cooked dinner for our families? This notification tells us that you see yourselves as the “guards” from the 1971 Stanford prison experiment and we’re all presumed guilty and deserve your rude and accusatory tone.

Marketing 101.


This is accusatory and inconsiderate tone.

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Yes. That’s why I’ll never be employed in UX or customer relations. Presumably AGS does employ such people.

That’s like literally the most matter of fact notification using the most basic of words. There’s nothing accusatory or inconsiderate. It’s just a fact of what happened. Finding something so factual, accusatory or inconsiderate only reflects your bias against AGS.

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If it were a bias, I wouldn’t be here. This is to help AGS.

Go pick a fight somewhere else.

Someone call the wambulance.

if that message makes you feel that way. I don’t understand how you are even on the internet

You’re very defensive. It’s a factual message.

How about the YOU HAVE DIED message when your avatar’s hit points reach zero?
talk about aggressive and inconsiderate language! I have not died, good Sir, My avatar has just lost consciouness and in the land of Aeternum he will be restored promptly!
Why must AGS treat this event with such a finality and aggressive type font?
Respect our feelings please!


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