Medium population no que. but server full and can't create character?

Hello. I have a couple of friends playing on Eu Amenti. I tried joining today to my surprise amenti was on medium population with no queue but still i was not able to create a character on it. Does that mean i won’t be able to play with my friends? I can’t possibly ask 20 ppl to just create a new character Or quit their guilds when Server transfers become available. Will it at some point be possible to transfer into the servers marked as Full? or How can i get to play with my friends?


Hi @Sinael welcome to the forums!!

I am sorry you were no able to create a character on EU Amenti to play with your friends.

Due to the high demand seen for New World, long queues and server issues were presented during the release of the game, to tackle this issues and to provide a better game experience for everyone the possibility to create characters on “Full” servers was disable.

The Devs team is working to increase the capacity of all available servers to support a higher population cap so more players can join the current “Full” servers, be aware of the Official News - New World Forums and Server Status | New World to stay updated.

Thanks and welcome to Aeternum.

full servers are those that have a specific number of characters created? even if people decided to quit. that server would still be full. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the server be locked to new people while the server is actually busy? and while on low or medium population new players should be allowed to join? that way if people decide to leave the game or that specific server they won’t be holding a spot.

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The Devs team moves a server to “Full” status to stop the possibility of creating more characters in that specific server to tackle long queue times and stability issues.

This was implemented on servers that during the release a high amount of characters were created and is implemented on servers that might get to any of the long queue or stability issue instances while they work on increasing the capacity of the servers.

Same boat here. I made my character on launch day on Una-Bara and started levelling while waiting for friends. Now the server is listed as ‘Full’ despite having only 1500 players on and 0 queue for most of the day. Now we have 3 friends all playing completely alone on 3 different servers. Loneliest MMO ever.

sucks that u cant play with ur friends :frowning: but right now i think its pretty much a lose -lose.
It’s either u wait in a 4-8 hr que to play with ur friends, or ur play alone on different servers xD

both are very frustrating. Tbh I actually expected a better solution for queues since its already been a week from realease.

I do hope ull get to enjoy the content with ur friends in the near future though :slight_smile:

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Thanks, its not totally unexpectedd but still a shame. Really hard to convince people to spend £35 on a game you won’t be able to play together.

Worst part is that some servers are “Full” despite having 500/2000 players online while some are “Open” despite being full with 2250/2250 players, plus large queues. Makes it look like they have just locked up worlds at random or looking at the total characters, NOT who is actually playing on them.

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yup exactly, does look like that…

seems like a quick fix with no further planning. I do hope im wrong though :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe u ad ur friends will be able to get a transfer when the queues are more under control so u can play together- and hopefully in the very very very near future :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Servers are infact locked depending on the total characters and not active ones.
The server i wanted to join had medium pop. and no queue in the morning but if u check it right now it is high pop with 600 queue.

Imo there should be multiple channels for each server not this many servers. I made a Suggestion post regarding how i think servers should work

kinda like neverwinter? where u can switch layer or servers in game? that would be cool :smiley:

It needs to be dynamic, or updated very frequently.

Most of those EU servers are currently considered “Full” except Jotunheim for some reasons, which I can understand near peak times (9.45am BST EU). I only took the top bit to show that there aren’t many capped and with queue, (sure it’s still early in the morning, I’ll try to get a midday one too)

not sure how neverwinter is. but wow has a layer system where u don’t see players on other layers but u are still on the same server and once you party up u get into the same layer to see eachother.
Black desert online has a server system so it has like 40 different servers but your character is shared across all. u can’t see players on other servers but once u switch u can see them and play with them
Metin 2 had a channel system aswell.
and u are able to jsut swap ur server/channel to play with others.

yeah ;D that would be smart to have :slight_smile: i’d love to something like that in the game :slight_smile:

its usually after 12 pm it gets busy, and at 4ish pm its usually the worst.
I play while at work, cause then im able to log on without queue at 8 am. I just do my actual work when i get home and have to wait in a very long queue anways xD

I don´t really get the System either. Eridanus vanaheim is full eventhough we only peak at 1.2k
There is another Eridanus Server that is full with 2k, i can understand that one but if a Server never reached peak, why ist it blocked?

I see a problem there with the territory system. Cahnnels and shared servers would crush new Servers instantly by veteran players. Thats a feature that should only be activated once a healthy amount of players reached max level and the territories are taken. Or you would have to heavily restrict players after a transfer/switch.
Thats a point i still dont get with their transfer service. Worst case szenario is that a ton of lvl 60 players with more gold than they can spend raid a new server thats not yet established

the channels would basically be the same server. So same market. same guilds same people. Don’t think about it as different servers. more like different layers stacked ontop of eachother. So they won’t be jumping into a new server to raid new players in this case they would raid the same guilds as they would before. It would be the same as the older players in the server raiding new ones right now. nothing would be different in that way from how it is now.

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