Meet the Community Management Team

Ever seen someone with a Community Manager tag floating around and wonder what they do?

Greetings Adventurers!

We’re in charge of everything community related from the forums to social media to editorials!

So who are we really? Keep reading to learn more about your Community Managers!


Hi everyone!

I’m Luxendra (she/her), one of the Community Managers for New World!

I’ve been running feedback threads, some bug investigating, and doing all the other neat things that comes with being part of the Community Team. You’ll see me also posting release/patch notes and other Official News pieces! Besides doing all of that and some other stuff behind the scenes, you’ll see me working with the New World team to host events and other fun things on our Discord server!

Some fun facts:

  • I am firmly on the pizza without pineapple side
  • Fishing in New World is my jam
  • I competed in some Overwatch tournaments in college

I’m excited to chat on all things New World with you all. See you in Aeternum!


Greetings Adventurers!

TrevzorFTW (he/him) here!

I spend a lot of time more “behind the scenes” as part of the Community Manager team making sure that things like our forums software, moderation, and overall feedback loop are working as best as they can while pushing for better improvements as time goes on. I’ve been around for a bit and will remain around for quite a while as well.

Some fun facts:

  • Pizza is the food of the people and no one can tell you what toppings you put on your pizza
  • If I am heads down and working I will usually park my character next to a waterfall and listen to that plus the music to stay focused on my tasks
  • I’m an avid disc golfer and try and get at least one round in every week

Thanks for being part of our awesome community! I’ll see you in Aeternum!


Hello everyone!

I’m Shadow_Fox (she/her), one of the newest Community Managers for New World!

I am so honored and excited to be an official part of the team. Between play testing New World before it was even called New World to lurking in both the forums and discord since their creation! Before joining you all here I was the Community Manager for CORSAIR and full-time partnered streamer with Twitch. Experiencing a little bit of every part of the industry has really helped me understand the struggles each group has. Including being a passionate gamer! I can’t wait to work with each of you to increase the communication between teams.

Some fun facts:

  • I’m a born and raised east coast girl. The west coast is much more relaxed in personality and I don’t miss the snow… too much.

  • I’m an active member of a community pursuing research and recreation of pre-seventeenth century skill, including sword play.

  • I started a new hobby during the pandemic. Taking care of plants. I went from a few to over a hundred. I might have a prob… passion.

Once again, so very excited to be here and become an active member of the New World community, we’re in this together!