Mega companies are destroying the game

and theres another listing for … E … just 2 more companies down off screen. 1 company owns half the territory and the same 50 players are running the pvp destroying every group in front of them, and last night were bragging about macros and glitches they use. the ss is the only proof of the mega company i have, the bragging is just second hand info. do what you will with it but since they started doing this… the server orun is down on nightly logins… as of an hour ago they were down by over 150 a night since this bs started happening.


Been complaining about this since day 1.

AGS love the Pareto principle.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: hmm

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I’m sorry that we control most of the map right now. To be fair, we weren’t going to drop territory before knowing the outcome of our wars vs. Supple in EF and WW. I can’t say anything explicitly but I don’t think we plan to hold all of these zones indefinitely.

We are most certainly not using exploits and macros - people are just coping because they didn’t win against us. There aren’t really even any macroable combos now that Ice Spike is out of meta.

Server health is important to us too, ya know. There’s no point in being lords of an empty domain. Right now we’re doing our best to keep everything we control in good shape and we’re keeping taxes low until we figure out what our long-term strategy is. If you have a specific concern about one of the territories, feel free to write me in game and I’ll address it as best I can.

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We have now reached cruising altitude.


Just need to make it so wars are company members only instead of one group of elite players being able to run in all the wars. Those sub companies are mostly shells, the players in them likely don’t get in wars so much. Allow 10 at most outside of company and nobody outside faction. Other factions should not be able to see the roster so easily.


might need to visit the idea of war cooldown on players :roll_eyes:


War exhaustion is needed NOW - it was mentioned all the way back in December when it was becoming an issue and it has been ignored and destroyed servers and caused so many active pvpers to quit due to the toxic nature of having the same “elite” army smashing everyone and locking people out of the only competitive content.


youre not sorry though, youre already pushing influence in the last two territories you dont control. and its not even that i want to control a territory, its all about server health, and the numbers are there showing that what you are doing right now is at least a part of what is driving folks off the server. its not a coincidence that a mega company owning 90% or more of the map and server numbers start falling. no new players will join the server seeing the map unbalanced as it is. even a crew of pvpers i know that WAS going to switch, decided to stay on castle steele rather than come to the server in its current state. thats 30 people not coming to the server alone. so excuse me if i dont buy the “server health is importat to us too” when your own folks in global are talking about glitches and macros used in wars, and how they dont care if everyone leaves because then you would have your own private server. your strategy is to turn the map purple and it will decimate the server. and then your mega company will get bored and half of you will switch to a different faction and start the process again. ive seen it multiple times. it ruins the game for everyone but your mega company and none of you see a problem with that.


the pvp mega companies dont care, they burn a map to one color, jump factions, burn the map to a different color, jump factions, wash rinse and repeat. and it destroys any chance a well rounded company has of playing all aspects of the game. wars… should they be there? sure, but pvpers are arguing for quicker cycles so they can push territories into war on a daily basis, they want shorter faction cool downs… wonder why that would be? you guessed it, so they can jump back and forth between factions every time they are ready to burn the map to a new color. give mega companies their own server or put in a 4 or 5 day war cooldown. ive owned territory in the past… i lost it in a server merge and didnt interest me to get it back. felt like every other night was a corruption invasion or a war. just exhausting.


Geez Alec…stop ruining things!!! /sarc


You can bet they are seliing gold on the internet for real cash !


Ive argued for some time on the exclusivity of this game mode. It is suppose to be the end game pvp and entertainment. Poll your server population AGS see how many ppl have done a war, have done 5 war and then see why your product continues to flop. AGS you need to find a solution for this and not rely on players to do it for you. Currently your end game pvp for 90% of players is OPR.

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We have to take all the territory’s. It’s the only way we can declare Alec the Gov of Orun

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the issue is shell companies really, and it’s pervasive throughout the game. The only real solution is to set all war timers as the same period every time there’s a declare

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Each server needs a game mod to intelligently distinguish shell company ownership. It should be enforced to force a company to declare on one single territory. Not to create multiple companies to have separate time windows. Further, prevent players from jumping guilds every four weeks.

The best solution to this and all sort of owpvp issues: Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

But are there anysolutions for this anyway. They made a group of 50-60 players who love pvp they know how to coop, they have been olaying together for a long time. In Dry Tree I see same people I saw in Abaton from game released, so they play very long time for sure they have good/bis eq not even due to owning everfall after 6 month there was no problem to earn 3-6kk. They have a few good shotcallers who take those thing very serious. From the other hand we have a players who dont care about anything, cant organize 5 ppl for dungeon and want party finder, in pvp always q solo for OPRs dont wanna coop and learn how to coop. And you guys complaning about territory and big companies ?

Yes prevent guild changing rapidly + have someone monitor the server for shell companies. It’s not super hard. Create a report option for shell companies. Reiterate that report abuse can = ban or harsh consequences.

I hope soon they will implement an atleast 8hour war cooldown but it could be even 12hour/war. If these kids want to hold multiple zones with 50man then all of them should get another account and gear it up.