Mega companies are destroying the game

You can bet they are seliing gold on the internet for real cash !


Ive argued for some time on the exclusivity of this game mode. It is suppose to be the end game pvp and entertainment. Poll your server population AGS see how many ppl have done a war, have done 5 war and then see why your product continues to flop. AGS you need to find a solution for this and not rely on players to do it for you. Currently your end game pvp for 90% of players is OPR.

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We have to take all the territory’s. It’s the only way we can declare Alec the Gov of Orun

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the issue is shell companies really, and it’s pervasive throughout the game. The only real solution is to set all war timers as the same period every time there’s a declare

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Each server needs a game mod to intelligently distinguish shell company ownership. It should be enforced to force a company to declare on one single territory. Not to create multiple companies to have separate time windows. Further, prevent players from jumping guilds every four weeks.

The best solution to this and all sort of owpvp issues: Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

But are there anysolutions for this anyway. They made a group of 50-60 players who love pvp they know how to coop, they have been olaying together for a long time. In Dry Tree I see same people I saw in Abaton from game released, so they play very long time for sure they have good/bis eq not even due to owning everfall after 6 month there was no problem to earn 3-6kk. They have a few good shotcallers who take those thing very serious. From the other hand we have a players who dont care about anything, cant organize 5 ppl for dungeon and want party finder, in pvp always q solo for OPRs dont wanna coop and learn how to coop. And you guys complaning about territory and big companies ?

Yes prevent guild changing rapidly + have someone monitor the server for shell companies. It’s not super hard. Create a report option for shell companies. Reiterate that report abuse can = ban or harsh consequences.

I hope soon they will implement an atleast 8hour war cooldown but it could be even 12hour/war. If these kids want to hold multiple zones with 50man then all of them should get another account and gear it up.


I have better solution and more fair create your own company and fight against them there will be always 50v50.

Mostly those companies in real counts over 100-150ppl… only thing which change is company’s name by adding 1 or beta, gamma. But what is a problem to fight with them they are not immortal, they mostly play really good and other companies are not as good organized

I think its pretty crappy that guilds do this to servers. However, I think this comment is funny as hell.

that would still mean that they couldn’t hold more than 2-3 zones max. That would mean the underdog factions can atleast coordinate attacks together and attacking cities in the same time. To beat them this way.


A this is fair ? If we cant beat them in fair fight we should not have this terry in Dry Tree Yellow’s lost almost everything and I am ok with that.

You from COS?

Fair or not, its not healthy for the game. This is the type of thing that drives players away. Not everyone can be a great player or have a guild full of them. This is the same type of reason why full PVP MMOs never work long term.



Albion works, and more over is full loot PvP so bad example. Only handicap for owning to many territories is -% on fame and drop. So if u dont wanna be a good pvp player, stop thinking about territories :sunglasses: The most important cities which give the highest profit you will vant take anyway. Adding those system is really unfair to best pvpers and if someone quits cuz of his company cant own territory then it means MMOs are not for him. You must accept loses and that there always someone will be better.

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What is COS ? If company in Dry Tree, then no I am member of small yellow company we dont care about wars we play casual in OPRs and OW from time to time, we have maybe 10 people in total.

The game with 7k peak players? Come on man do better. This isn’t healthy for the game. This is what happens… One big mega corp takes map. Players cant beat them. Players get tired of not being able to do anything about it and eventually just quit. Big mega corp has no one to pick on anymore and then gets bored and quits too.

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