Mega companies are destroying the game

yes, the solution it to beat them so they don’t take the whole map :slight_smile: if i had to guess these guys probably didn’t need to push 2 zones at once to beat whoever had the zone before them

This man is huffing so much copium with this comment alone. A former horde of rats member took MD and maxed taxes. Copium only owned WW, Folk ( a group of 60 active members that transferred into oceana) took everfall and reekwater, and former purple transfers (Stinkerz) owned MB and FL was owned by a company that owned it since the beginning of the game. Copium then left the server owning it’s one territory early in march before servers got locked and went to Orun for more competitive wars. We did not take any territories before we left the server we simply handed them over to yellow companies that were staying. No territory was intentionally tanked and the line “we are starting our campaign to kill this server”. The closest thing along these lines to be said on the server was in a Consul/Gov meeting amongst green companies where someone had said “I want to collect the territories like pokemon cards and sweep the map”. So if you gonna come at Copium with these false claims please have receipts or proof rather than being just straight up wrong. :slight_smile:

I wish I had a screenshot of it, but it was said by a copium member in global about 2 weeks before everyone left. That’s a fact. If everyone didn’t quit the game they could attest as we were in discord when it was said. I’m sure apples said some dumb like he wanted to sweep the map. That man killed green then went yellow Not gonna disagree with that one.

Yellow had cutlass in a shell company so it was green, but was actually yellow. Thought up to be copium from what I was told because it was 40/50 yellow on their rosters every single war.

Doesn’t change the fact that a member of copium said it in global. If that’s not what they were about then maybe they shouldn’t have had people saying it in global.

Tell me why I had to start filtering certain territories out my TP because they had 25% tax rate before I left?

The only territory that got taxes maxed was MD and that wasn’t done by Copium.

First, Apples went Purple after green fell apart. Secondly, the French owned Cutlass Keys they were never affiliated with Copium in any way shape or form, and Thirdly, Copium had about half a roster - 35 players on a roster whenever they warred because we went by the standard of use the best 50 man that your faction has available to them, regardless of company affiliation. So when one company has 30 of the best players and another company has 15 and another company has 5 you run the “all star meta” (your best 50 man) and win the war or you slot people for fun and risk losing.

Orun didn’t die because of mega companies it died because the devs locked the server and people began transferring off for either more casual servers. Or because half of their company wasn’t able to come over. If anything Orun being unlocked would have allowed the server to stabilize more and would have allowed for it to be the hub for competitive wars against the sweatiest of the sweatiest companies.

Well when they’re slotting 75% copium and I read a copium guy say they’re on a mission to kill the server, it looks really bad.

If you didn’t support a max tax green company being shit bags, don’t sign up for their wars and support their defense. But they did so… What do you want people to think? From the outside looking in, copium looked like shitbags, regardless of the truth. If they’re actually chill, cool. But most of the server saw them supporting trash. And cutlass and MD were max taxes and whoever owned MD said, “we’re going to let this territory degrade and die and we’ll give it back to you.”

My memory is foggy on what color it was, but it was clear to me, color didn’t matter. Copium supported these territory takeovers by signing up for their wars and let them destroy territories. Whether they were technically copium or not, copium helped them be shitbags. MD was the third home I owned and I had to sell it. Cutlass was just ass and poof. Servers dead.

If copium doesn’t want a bad reputation then tell them to not support shitbags. From what I saw? They support shitbags and were pro server death.

its a good thing all those funds arent being funneled into their war squad… oh wait.

yes normally beating them is the right way to deal with them.

problem is they are at a decent advantage just by defending, then to add to that they are most likely using all those town funds to gear right the hell up which makes it that much harder to push through.

the normal method of double war schedules cant be used because they are abusing shell companies to schedule different time slots.

so you cant spread their best squad thin.

its going to be roughly the same 50 people that war CONSTANTLY. vs your small company that might have never even seen a war let alone know how to run one and succeed.

the only real hope is that a wandering band of server hoppers that are very good at war stops by to shake crap up but thats not a real function of the game.

so this whole shell company issue and the owner class is still a massive issue.

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I’ve advocated for 625 GS servers to serve as the pinnacle of end game PvP wars, but it got 0 attention.

Orun was not locked recently

well to be fair 625 gs is mostly achieved through pve so it doesn’t change that much. (im sure there was more too it but i honestly missed your post on that)

realistically the only real changes that will actually do anything is war fatigue and a massive overhaul to the town bank system. (it breaks shell companies, it severely hurts the super elite exclusivity. if some one wants to own two territories then they will need to get smart and actually counter push open world to try and delay war schedules so a separate day)

that or the war seat system. (completely yank control of the war slot system and let companies that contributed get some slots to at least start getting more war experience. this also lowers coordination on both sides so if you want to win you have to actually work together and get coordinated)

I have been on the discord of some of those big companies. Some (not all) of the people in them are actual psychopaths, who are really out there only to make the game a pain for others. They actually think they are tough doing that, and when talking in game chat with them, they usually come with excuses like: “this is for the server health”, “we are doing it for you, just get good and get the territory from us”, “we are creating content” …

I already pushed the problem in private talk with moderators, with screenshots of those discussions, but as it’s only in discord and not in game chat, there is nothing AGS can or is willing to do. AGS is just being outsmarted by those individuals IMO.


The fucking CLASSIC.

Narcissism at its finest.

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gear is a huge cope, it doesn’t matter. As for experience, they put in the hours, so if you want to beat them do the same. Keep attacking, review your vods, play meta, practice and improve. You’re crying about not being able to effortlessly beat people who are better than you because they practiced.

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youve done what every pvp’er here, or at least most, have tried to do. This is about the mega companies having the single focused aim of killing servers. and before you say git gud or any other garbage. its not “crying” its stating facts, im sorry your life is so horrible that your response is to get belligerent and offensive. quit trying to divert attention to it being about the competition. no one has any issue with companies controlling territories, its about one mega company using shell companies to control the map and kill the server.

do you actually believe that is what im saying or just repeating that mantra to avoid having to discuss the issues with mega companies and the whole town ownership and wealth distribution issue at all.

100% agree same thing happened here and they don’t care about killing the server they raised all taxes to max on there alt accounts granted because 10 people threw their bright wood invasion.

I don’t understand they won windsward and have payed out gold cap to the best pvp from other guilds so they can put together basically the perfect roster of all the guys who play 14 hours a day and then there is everyone just trying to enjoy the game.

People such as my self who won’t ever get into a war because now no guild can afford to give experience to anyone who never been in a war before because of at least three of the territories are untouchable.

A friend has speculated that they do this because they are actually selling the gold which if they are willing to kill the whole server and control the big three on two different servers and make ubserd amounts of gold then it doesn’t sound so ridiculous to me any more as when I was first told this theory


It’s all about the money with these people. However, I suspect AGS gets a cut under the table from RMT sites. Which would expain their very lax handling of such.

True or not something must be done my post on rip open world pvp would at least alleviate and slow their ability to kill the server