Mega companies are destroying the game

This is happening on every server SHELL companies should not be a thing bring a war timer with the new update. F these people your losing thousands of good players to make sure a a couple hundred can run the entire game. BRING IN A WAR TIMER NEXT UPDATE there is no reason the same 50 people should own a entire server. 1 war a day is more then enough fun for everyone on the entire server.

AGS is in on it!

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Companies selling gold is old news.

Dominant company brags about selling WW/EF gold for real money - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Except with paid transfers, now AGS has even less reason to actually stop it since some of that RMT gold is basically flowing back to AGS.

But PvPers always tout that PvP is the unending endgame. whereas PvE gets boring. So there you go. Your unending endgame of dealing with cheaters and exploiters ruining the game (specifically, PvP) every possible way they can.

Separate player influence from Settlements. Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Or better yet, just delete PvP entirely.

DG on westcoast has demolished (FARMED) every company there is get better is a very easy thing to say, But when they have recruited the best 50 in a entire region its almost impossible to beat. 1 war a day is more then enough fun for everyone.

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that is what you’re saying, because “mega companies” are just companies with good players and good coordination. You see them as an issue because you are not good at all, while good players see it as fun competition

mega companies are ones that abuse shell companies to bypass a key function of siege windows to to allow the same people to fight in more wars than normally allowed while neglecting more people from actually playing the game.

that is what i am saying.


no one is neglected, anyone can push influence and declare war. And it isn’t stated anywhere that it is abuse either.

then what is the purpose of having siege timer limits.

it’s purpose is to let defenders choose when they want to be attacked.

its only one time for multiple zones. if it didnt matter why would mega corps use multiple shell companies to get multiple siege windows.

its a pretty ridiculous stance to say shell companies isnt abuse.


It wouldnt be such a big deal if it wasn’t the only way to make the gold nesessary in order to craft good gear

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the prices of gear wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt being driven up by the rich ether.

that would have a knock on effect on the prices of basic materials too.

but naa.

(not that crafting isnt horse shit ether)

@NotMadness Then once again we arrive at the root of most of the issues that plague New World.

GEAR MATTERS SO MUCH that people are willing to stoop to dirty means to get it. And to maintain their gear supremacy on the playerbase.

Imagine if gear in this game was like GW2. Where the difference between 500 and 625 was only 5% after everything is calculated.

This will go down as another example of a failed Gear to Win PvP scene. I don’t think a single exclusive gear to win PvP MMO. Manage to maintain it’s PvP scene more than 6 months after release. Yet we still a increase in growth for the ones that offers equalized PvP venues.

you are completely delusional, what do you actually think the difference is between a 10k resilient + weapon perk and a 500k piece that has an extra refreshing? it does not matter whatsoever. People go for bis gear because they have nothing else to do, also a quick reminder individual people are making more gold than main zones.

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Times six plus whatever other accessories and weapons perks. All that adds up drastically. But I guess I should be expecting a dishonest answer from a cheater.

lmao keep coping man, you’re only losing cause of gear diff yep !
most of us use purple items, and we took ww and ef on midgard and vega until we left, so yeah lol

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experience (being the biggest one)

faction unity

faction moral

server health

sure its just skill.

nope, anyone who has more than 200 hours should have good enough gear

yes, thats part of skill

faction unity

faction moral

server health
uhhh what

you are crazy on the copium my guy

So much this.

So much cope.

So disconnected from reality this thread is :frog:

:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

id love to see the 5-10 man squads full push any territory by them selves before a mega company zergs it all down to zero.

you need a shit ton of people working together to even try and knock through a owner class push.

then let alone after that knowing how to shot call knowing the strats and builds needed to win wars without actually going into a war. to build up the experience to actually win.

there is only soo much you can do with vods. meanwhile the owning territory can basicly defend without talking to each other because of the shear volume of experience they already have.

you are putting an excessive burden on the majority of players while giving every exceptions to mega companies.