Mega companies, is this a thing now

My server Midgard…

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is that new for u ? Lol that basically started in December/January i believe on most Server

Not at all, you seem ok with it…

It definitely has been a thing for a while. There are multiple servers like this. It sucks for sure. I am not sure how AGS can really fix it either except not allowing people to be able to participate in multiple wars within 24 hrs or a certain amount of time. I mean, they could just change their other companies names to something completely different and different logos but still all operate together etc.

how u assume that ? lol

Sadly this has been a common occurrence on many servers, as mentioned above. I used to play on Hellheim since launch, and a big part of why it died and no longer exists is because of one of these companies. They take all the territories (usually abusing some bugs/exploits in the process), and deliberately only keep EF/WW in a developed/upgraded state and every other territory becomes uninhabitable and deserted. It is really sad and toxic to the game.

I was very happy to come on Midgard about a month ago and see that it was not the case on this server. It has such as lively and balanced war stage. Recent developments raise concerns though and if the existing companies don’t come together to stop such mega/tyrant companies, it will mean the death of the server.

Amazon also needs to do more to prevent this situation. There is cooldown/timegate on everything, how come is there nothing on peple leaving/joining companies, participating in wars etc

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