Mega Guilds and Rmt Farms. Ags intervene now!

True, but AGS will never be able to control faction balance. Ever. Not sure why folks keep suggesting they do. Only the playerbase can do what OP is asking AGS to do.


You cannot create a balance in-game where a person with real-life and family can play 2 hours a day at best, versus 2% of those who have no friends, life, and have all the time in the world.

I don’t praise one or the other, but I talk about the design flaws of the game and why it will never work and most probably fail very soon.

The problem with New World is that you literally buy your entire BiS gear with gold. There is absolutely no item in this game you have to look for other than on the TP (Auction House). Due to this sad and the most idiotic fact, any half-brain scrub can have all the best things in-game, all you need is gold.

If there was literally a single feature in this game to which you can work towards with any progression in mind, and where you can acquire loot by being good at something, then how much those towns make wouldn’t make much difference. Sadly, NW is all about farming coins, and due to that, this game has absolutely no chance of succeeding.


Just change the currency earned by guilds to something else so it can only be spent on ownership upgrades and wars etc keep it separate from actual money earned from leveling and crafting etc


Plenty of better stuff is bind on pickup from dungeons - especially when the new tier system comes out. It’s the same as any game. Can purchase good stuff, best is kept for actual difficult challenges.

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Plenty of better stuff is bind on pickup from dungeons

First and foremost, don’t lie. There are some items in Gen/Laz with Keen, Vicious, and Fortified/Empowered and those same items can be crafted or found as a random roll.

It’s the same as any game

It’s absolutely not even similar to any game. RNG in Diablo isn’t as bad as in this game.

best is kept for actual difficult challenges.

If you find Lazarus and Genesis challenging, you are either a complete noob or you’ve never played a game in your life. Either way, that’s pretty sad to be honest.


So many issues with the Settlement system and RMT is now probably the biggest one. RMT sellers are probably making more IRL tax free money than AGS. By not handling this, AGS is enabling tax evasion. You seriously think exploiters who sell coin through RMT will report their IRL income?

The best way to deal with this and all other problems and exploits related to the Settlement system is to just completely remove all player influence over Settlement control.


Imagine a guild single-handedly controlling Everfall, Winsdward, and Brigtwood. And you know that you don’t give money to its members, you were once a member. Pray that you earn an average of 5,000,000 gold per week. What happens to this money? He usually turns into shouting gold dealers. All taxes of Ags should be reduced as house taxes are now, and the money from the city should not be spent, but should be used only for the city. Or the city should be distributed to people automatically with a weekly payout system. Only to members who hold the magic. In this case, though, they can collect this money by using the authoritarian structure. If people react and prevent this, a healthier city, money and market situation will occur. @Luxendra @Kay Do not look far for gold dealers. Only follow the big companies.


Taxes are oppressive, promote toxic gameplay like exploiting war to hold or gain territory, creates market manipulation, unfair advantage to 1% of the player base… Wake up players… This is not inclusive game play… We farm the coin and it should not be taken away…


Oof. Being called a noob. Have you hit puberty yet?

I said when the different challenges come out. When there’s 10 tiers of them. I’m hoping some of them will be difficult.

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This is Franky disgusting to look at this amount and very unfair… 1% of the player base has an unfair advantage from the coin, WE earned not them. I’d really appreciate a full refund from all taxes paid. This is oppression, market manipulation, you give the opportunity to RMT… And the list goes on

I don’t even have a set of void yet, I pay taxes up the wazoo… Let me que for any war, as I’m part of a faction, and gain rewards based on my personal performance

Tune taxation down, reward the entire faction, limit the damn amount a company can earn…

@Kay @TrevzorFTW @Luxendra @


to be fair there is zero accountability in the first place. it is entirely possible that some companies are in fact selling coin and there isnt much that can be done about it in the current setup.

honestly all that needs to happen is locking town money to the towns them selves for the use of maintain and upgrading the town as well as funds for wars. with a reasonable daily allowance going back to the company it self.

don’t know why a town full of its own people would give ALL of the taxes to effectively what is an invader.

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I’m not denying some companies do that on daily basis but I hate it when people accuse someone without having any proof just on “oh, I’m sure they do that because I’m sure”


Humans will do anything for money and done much worse for less.

When your handed the opportunity to make over $1,000 a week off of coin… Please…

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So why are you here? Just go and make it then, 1000$ not that bad instead of sitting here :laughing:

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Wait that’s all they have?.. Bro I got news for you there are Companies with way more

Agreed it should 100% be separate from coin. Players should not be taxed on coin they took hours, days, months gathering etc.

If you must reward coin have it reward from the game system not the players. Like when winning an OPR it rewards you coin NOT from players.

If taxation must be kept have it go into the town itself NOT players… I think those 1% have earn enough coin for a lifetime in this game…

I am… Doing this at work getting paid… Lul

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So form a group, war them and take the city. There are methods in this game designed to stop this


So you admit you are a part of rmt, mkay.

I’m at work posting on the forums… I got no coin too many taxes