Mega lag in expeditions (Dry Tree)

So anyone else experiencing some major lag issuies in the expetitions? :dango: :dash: :dash: like waiting 8 min. for mobs to spawn

tempest has been a nightmare for it on Orofena almost every spot where an instance should occur took longer and then the boss fights some of the mechanics get bugged like here 4 vine pillars that move she was casting them yesterday and just they instantly disappeared or they got stuck in place. its like every patch makes these problems re appear

We waited yesterday for Nereid about 10 minutes (Barri) :upside_down_face:

It has been reported a bunch already. I hear the mobs are quiet quitting and just being lazy.

Dry Tree:

I experience the lag in all zones of aeternum, even mountain passes when try climb up on it, you like “levitate” over it and it takes 10-15sec for it to load.
Not sure if other players experience it…

Havent test expedition yet.

Towns are the worst lags, even in smaller populated towns, is lagging aswell.

The server mergers completed after the official statement of no more server mergers have created server lag and latency that was made worse by the Summer Medleyfaire event.
Hope it goes away alongside the Medleyfare event and maybe even find where the historical territory standing points shown.

There were always periods when mobs were slow spawning in expeditions, same for wolfs at beginning of OPR’s.

What bothers me is that I’m getting freezes for past 2-3 weeks. I’ve sent ticket to Amazon, they asked for stuffs and still waiting their answer xD.

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