[MegaBOTthread] keep posting bots till devs handle them (devs DONT move this post or lock it)

Just for a rundown!
I cant record them all but there are a bunch on olympus, ive given you the evidence you need yet they still run around in the game!

Its apparent to me that amazon just doesn’t care, I can understand yeah they cant get them all when people report them whatever, I have video footage of the bots, even sent a message to the devs i could tag, yet they dont ban these players. They are ruining and it seems like more each day!

Here is Bot #1

Here is me killing bot #1 (only caught the end of the kill)

Here is me killing bot #2

Here is bot #3

Here is me rezing bot #3

Here is me killing bot #4

while following bot #4 ran into bot #1 still playing the game 2 days after the devs saw the clip

And here is bot #5 i wasn’t able to kill for a bonus clip you can even spot bot # 2 in this clip near the end

What do you know another one, here is bot #6

I have an absolute treat for you guys today found bot #7 and happen to find bot #4 running the same path. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE TREAT hope you enjoy!

While waiting for the video to load on youtube i ran into Bot #1 again to confirm amazon and the devs just dont give a fuck.

Here is bot #6 again


They must bee to much busy to ban real people that got banned trying to avoid bug abuse ban for ban all these bots!

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Here is a farming bot more information new world bot tutorial - YouTube

They are legit everywhere all they gotta do is log in to olympus and i bet they could run into a few bots. Game gonna end up having more bots online thn real players at this rate.

How are you able to determine a bot from a real player? Plenty of times people were found racist towards actual Chinese players who have similar names to the bot accounts, and it was an innocent person the whole time.

I cant believe all the shit these bots can do. They gonna end up having bots to level there charaters.

If you watch the videos you can clearly tell they are bots. If you dont think they’re bots idk what to tell you.

I’ve seen the videos you posted and tbh most of them could be real players too, I think you need to leave the community justice aside and let AGS handle it.

thats rich coming from someone who lingers in the forums to just constantly disagree with people.

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You must be using a bot yourself :joy: you can CLEARLY see these are bots. Ill advise you to rewatch them.

Its crazy i get backlash for pointing out bots, it almost seems like they bot themself and dont want amazon to get rid of them.

You can’t prove that any of them are bots, who care if someone does the same action multiple times? It’s literally a gathering and crafting game.

I think you need to relax on accusing people of bots who might be innocent.

Youre too far gone bud. I dont need to convince you :joy:

There’s been cases of innocent people getting accused of being bots too, I think imo AGS should suspend posters like you and threads like this as all it does is lead to baseless witch hunts.

Nah they should be paying me to find these bots for them so they can get them off my server.

They should also delete your charater for defending these bots.

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You haven’t found any bots though? Seems like you took videos of innocent gatherers and harassing them.

You can troll all you want bud. These are bots and if you dont think so oh well im not here to convince you they are bot. Im waiting for the devs to take action and look at logs and get them off my server.

Well good thing I reported your post then for trolling, these aren’t bots and your street justice won’t help. Wait for AGS to make a move, you’re not helping the cause at all by framing innocent people.

Youre implying that youve seen bots in the game? If so id really like to see what you think a bot looks like and thn compare to the videos i shared.

I’ve seen bots, yes but i’ve seen players who act like bots too. Both can exist, what’s your point?