[Megathread] Brimstone Sands PTR Feedback

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There has been a lot of heated discussion over this subject. Could you shed some light on whether or not current tools/bags will get additional perk(s) if they meet the required GS when the brimstone sands update goes live?

a. Aversion perks only help you so much vs musket, unless you’re doing a 5 stack.
b. as a musket player, I’d implore you not to use wizened. Anytime you remove any resil from your clothing, muskets get happier.
c. musket v musket isn’t something you wanna do because its always a stalemate.
muskets who target other muskets never contribute anything because of LOS and good positioning being more rewarding, so dont count on it being the deciding factor.

In OPR there are good LOS options, in War muskets can create LOS with seige on offense and defense.

Golden Scarabs are currently bugged and can’t roll Gem Slot unless it is GS600 craft (gem slot is switched with 3rd perk). This makes Golden Scarabs very bad. Please see details here and fix this: BUG: Golden Scarab crafts do not have Gem Slot!


Yup, Also Ngry Earth Wolvese and Angry Earth Bears and Elks, they provide 1-3 resource and GHahtering speed isnt improved with perks and speed efficiency, so they are very slow to mine, and only worth skipping, offcourse unles they provide atleast 2 times more resources.

How rare is golden scarab drop from chest ? Roughlly 1 in x (chests or monsterdops) ?

So I really like the equal scaling of Strength and Dexterity with the Great Sword.

And honestly I wish all the old hybrid weapons scaled like this. Especially the Void Gauntlet and Blunderbuss because there is no natural partners with the same attribute combination as these weapons, but I would recommend that all Hybrid weapons use this equal scaling.

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The lowest fishing spot is terrible, why would you place it out so far without a pier?

Why is there no “ultimate fishing trophy”? Bait for salmon from salvaging this legendary is beyond a joke.

Can you please restore the crafting window to look like it does in live version and instead add a button to skip crafting process for those who are stressed. The PTR version of crafting items really killed the immersion of crafting expensive items.

I mean even if attacking companies are doing it by mercenary force there should be an options that puts the company that held the declare at least financially required to pay out the company coffer like 1k per player not in company and the mercenaries listed are paid or something.

However to say 90% of a defending army should be company based is a bit of a stretch because I understand shell companies are a problem however if this new update to wars is a success at dismantling shell companies then that means companies that are shy the 45 required out of 50 to defend would be always at a disadvantage if they are unable to front that many players to the battlefield on the siege window timer. 70% of the force makes more sense because even if the company running a shell company spreads it’s members out to try and field 70% it would require those company members stay in the shell company at least 35 of them. Which means only 3 territories could be held by a company with shell companies if they did the math and it would take more coordination of the collective not to mention if participating in War has a CD effect as well.

Any way to give us a new backstory that gives us all the legendary heartgems? how are we supposed to test them?

Disagree - we needed more than 12 nodes for tarragon in the game, same for a few other items. Has zero impact to prices because if there’s more supply more will quit farming it and just buy it which will stabilize prices just fine.

Lol the idea was to spread nodes accros the zone instead of packing thightly in the same area near the Town. Taragon is still plenty but you have to pursue it instead of following farming routes.

Farming routes in itself is bad example of game design.


when are we getting updates fo the Great sword ? been over 3 weeks with no updates to the feedback we provided…

Another Build and Still no Gypsum Kiln in Bromstone Sands Capital. Could you please finally add a Gypsum Kiln to the Town? I know they are in the Outposts but there is nothing else to do there besides a Trading Post and Storage. Having everything in Town and not having to go to outlier Outposts would be great. The endgame Zones of Ebonscale and Reekwater have them. So I see no reason not to add it.

Added to my post, really loved the fight and that we finally get some solo PVE content

missão um verdadeiro lider nao esta fucionando

I tested out the Gear Score scaling. It bumps up my attribute stats but when I left the arena my scaled stats didn’t dissappear even after unequipping and reequipping.


The mutator expedition ptr gives updated 625 backstories with legendary heartgems.

Is there an intention behind making this named drop have the exact same perks as ‘Blessing of Forefathers’?