[Megathread] Inability to Transfer Servers

    Haven't tried changing server, but the free change doesn't appear

Character name: WillieFistrButt
Server/World Name: Valhalla
No I have not tried using a transfer token. However there is no option for me to try to buy one in the store or use a free one. The store is just empty.

Name: Mooshanka
World: Barzakh
Haven’t tried changing server, but the free change doesn’t appear, nothing appears in the store under world transfer, just a blank page

Character Name: JohnLawless
World Name: Vingolf
Transferred before: Have not transferred before. Can not transfer due to buy/sell orders but I have no active buy/sell orders.
Thank you!

The world all my friends transferred too and the world ive been trying to transfer to (Calgonor) now has transfers disabled at this time. Can I be transferred there manually since I’ve been trying to go there from the start? Thank you.

My server is now merging and I am unable to transfer. Good luck with the stuck auction I suppose. This was the most unprofessional response that I have received from the support team and from the people managing the issues for which ones should be prioritized over adding new skins to the game. This made me stop playing. I would never recommend this game to anyone because of this issue. I waited over 2 weeks while my whole company changed servers and now I will never be able to play with them again. Horrible, absolutely horrible.

  • Character Name
  • Server/World Name
  • Have you tried to transfer before? If so, please provide the date
    Yes, I also contacted support about 12 days ago asking to transfer and was told to wait. The store page is blank. I am willing to buy a token or whatever is needed. Please contact me if you have any questions.

OK, so now what? The bugged company invite that kept me from transferring servers with my company is finally gone and I can transfer but the world they moved to is now locked out due to the mergers. Are the transfer tokens going to still be available after the merges are complete?

Is there any updates on server transfers?

This has been utterly ridiculous. Transfers are disabled but we are stuck after merges?? My entire company moved and I cant?? This game has disappointed me at every turn.

The moment after all my buds transferred I log on to do so… The transfers are disabled for the world? Why is this? Why disable transfers to certain worlds so close to the merges? Youre just marooning people. How many ppl are gonna continue to play once theyre left behind on a different server than their company? Its a MMO not a Single player game. The whole crew I play with is on a DIFFERENT SERVER. Just makes no sense.

Character Name: Borgus
Server: Difu
Hi, I have tried since the start to be able to transfer because i picked the wrong server but have never received my transfer token from the start of me playing the game to now, I heard this was the post to go to for help to be able to transfer servers.

Character Name: Aphiraa
Server/World Name: Amano Iwato
Have you tried to transfer before? If so, please provide the date: Yes, have been trying multiple times daily since 10/29/21. It has now been ALMOST 2 MONTHS AND I STILL CAN’T TRANSFER, even after the server merges happened!

Character: Weefiii
Server/World Name: Dominora
Have you tried to transfer before? Yes multiple times since 12/1/2021 and it has yet to allow me. Even after merges I still can’t

I haven’t tried transferring ever

When I click the World Transfer tab it doesn’t show anything the the little x with the line through it.

After 3 weeks of no real response from the facade that is AGS support, my server got merged. After it was merged I was able to finally transfer and rejoin my company.

    Character Name  ( DeGooL )
    Server/World Name ( Eurytheia )
    Have you tried to transfer before? If so, please provide the date ( No, Im tring but world transfer page shows nothing !! this is the bug )
  • Character Name - Vxxy
  • Server/World Name - Pleroma
  • Have you tried to transfer before? If so, please provide the date - I haven’t transferred at all, I stopped playing for a while and started playing recently and didn’t get a transfer token in my shop

Because the server I am on has the NPC invisible that i need to turn quest into, i was going to switch worlds, but guess what, like everything else in this game. The world transfer option isnt even there. Like 3 days I have had the game, and more things dont work than do. I waited 2 months after launch to give the game a chance to iron some shit out, but it seems like this game is in a death spiral, i only see level 60 people and havent ran into a handfull of people not already at 60. The game itself is beautiful, and I enjoy playing it. But Its sorta a joke the state the game is in from someone who has only been here 3 days.

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  • Character Name - Zhao L

  • Server/World Name - Lagado

  • Have you tried to transfer before? If so, please provide the date - I haven’t transferred at all,I didn’t get a transfer token in my shop, but my friend got it, i buy this game in the same day, he’s got transfer token in shop, but not in my account shot :sob:

can you make this bug fixed on my shop? i want to play with my circle friend