[Megathread] January PTR Feedback

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a thread to track feedback from the January PTR.

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You can find our January PTR Bug Reporting Megathread here.

As a reminder, we are solely looking for feedback for the January PTR, not the Live game. Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the January PTR out of this Megathread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

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I can’t even test the PTR because you guys issued me a 24 hour ban for making new characters to reroll gear needed for mutations. How am I supposed to test your features if you guys aren’t giving us the proper tools to test? This was only character #4 for this to occur.


I would Just like to point out our inability to test the Umbra shards via Crafting 600 gearscore items due to the lack of Trophy Materials and the amount of grind required to purchase a house.

As a suggestion Trophy materials packs, Crafting armor sets, Motes, buff food as well as Starting all territory standings starting at 10 would at least allow us to test these.

I can imagine that these being tested would be very crucial as previously crafted things and then duping has caused a market shutdown before.

Until the ability to test crafting and its affect on umbra is tested i would suggest not releasing this aspect of umbra(the parts that can currently be tested are fine.)


Shield currently counts towards your average Expertise… I never intend to use a shield.

Average Expertise should only count weapons you have equipped. This allows players who only play ~1-3 weapons and pump those expertise up to 600, why am I being punished for not having shield expertise, Ill never use a shield.


With Umbral Shards ONLY affecting GS600 items, any item that is below that is now useless as it will be way worse than GS625. Before We could live with 2 good perks on GS 595 as it was only 5GS away from ‘legendary’ and it had great perks. But now it will be 30GS away from top, making it useless for real content and competetive PvP.

FIX: Umbral Shards should affect gear from GS 580 - this is minimal GS that drops when we have expertise of 590. it is also in line with the 590-600GS crafting capabilities of crafters.

Without this fix, again EF + WW owners that have tons of money will have advantage over normal players as they can buy whatever GS600 item they want. With GS580 purple items we could at least somehow fight them, but now it will be GG.


mutations must be available for each dungeon during the week. Old dungeons do not have amrine, depths, starstone mutations. Please add them too and instead of spamming one dungeon every week, we’ll have 6 types of dungeons.


I like how we get resources in the ptr now but:

We need storage for all these resources as well as Arcana Quintessences for crafting.



This is what I came to post. Completely invalidating our current gear for being a few gearscore away from 600 is a slap in the face and will lead to people becoming frustrated and quitting. I just dropped 50k on a 598 gearscore ring because to get the same ring with a decent 3rd perk would be 150k+ and im fine without that for now. But now my ring instead of being only slightly worse will now become trash. You guys had to backtrack hard on the expertise gimping our power level on gear hard last month, and now you want to come back and do the same thing the month after. Are you serious?


Hi Devs,

Firstly, Happy New Year to the team n appreciate all updates / contents done.

With mutators in the next patch, faction gears wud b rendered useless. Any plans to make these gears viable? A way to upgrade perhaps?

These faction gears have been bread n butter for alot players, esp those late comers. It’s acts as 'in-between" gears while grinding to expertise 600 and it being capped at GS 520 - 525 makes it quite useless with mutators and probably cant even meet it’s pre-requirements.

Futhermore, with most servers being populated with top heavy (GS600) players, these players wont b interested to run normal expeditions with those working to raise their expertise. Faction gears used to be the most sought after gears for the poor / budget players especially it is still viable in the current end-game content. My average GS is currently 540 yet I’m still using mostly faction armors n weapons. I could still tank Genesis n Lazarus albeit more challenging, heck thats fun to me!!!

And finally, how about gear set swap function?

These are just from the top of my head n hope things change for the better for New World.


This happened to me too. Trying to reroll gear so i can adequately test the mutated dungeons. Axes and Hammers kept rolling hated on 3/5 of them.

SUGGESTION: Give us skeleton gear and weapons that allow us to pick which perks we want to test with. Give us the same five pieces of each so we can set up tanks and healers with their ideal setup to really test things.

Have a vendor available to get more gear if we wish.
Have a vendor available that gives materials to craft.

We are here to test the changes, not to try and roll RNG loot, Not to grind materials. I cannot help test until tomorrow evening. I cannot provide useful feedback outside of the above mentioned suggestions.

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With the addition of Dynasty to the Mutators, can you also change the Dynasty Crafted Replicas to allow us to craft them 500-600, currently they are limited to 400-500. This does not make sense if Dynasty is now an endgame expidition.

Also the perk buckets of all the Replica gear of all the endgame expiditions could do with an update. Both last patch (Dec) and this one, you have added new perks but then the replica perk buckets were never updated with any new options (I am not expecting all of the new perks, but 1 or 2 additions would have been nice). A progression path here would be nice, as all of these are BoP i.e. craft X Replicas to do Y Expiditions, etc and have the perks focused around that.

In general Replica crafting should get some love with the Mutator patch, they were made a lot less relevant when Timeless Shards were introduced (outside of Dryad gear to get Resilient). They are Bind on Pickup, thus there is very little insentive to craft these over Timeless Shards. If they were maybe cheaper to craft, or had so other incentive it would be great.

TLDR: The Replica Crafting System needs some love, has almost been invalidated by last few patchs.


Adding tier 5 crafting stations and giving us material was very nice this time around, but can you please add a crafting bag with the armor pieces and trophies?

This right here!

I know lots of players who paid 10k gold or more for each slot, buying epic 590-599 items with the desired attribute and 2 perks, farming their asses off for months in the process. Invalidating this gear by making it non-upgradeable will be a huge slap to the face.

Don’t do this. Allow upgrades from a lower gearscore, e.g. 560 or 580. This will of course take more mats, because more levels need to be upgraded.


'We need the mutations for all available dungeons please. 2 or 3 dungeons are not enough. You have very cool low level dungeons. Just scale and use them :slight_smile:


As this PTR has been released quite early in the month i am wondering if this is just the start of the changes and there might be more added to the PTR over the next couple weeks?
i.e details regarding the scaling system for expertise vs your gear score and new weapon?

I have to say that from playing the mutators last night, they are fun and definately provide a new challenge in PVE.
How this will affect PVP is a concern, i feel like these could break some pvp but at the same time i welcome the new challenge.

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Not being able to use abilities while my weapon is sheathed is very unnecessary and only make things more clunky. A lot of the time when I’m running I wanna use abilities like charge to move faster. Now I have to press “x” and THEN “f” to charge.

I, like many others, also use sheathe/unsheathe for dodge animation cancelling. This is now 10x more clunky especially when using this in combat because half of the time when I press my abilities my weapon will be sheathed and the ability won’t cast.

Can you please reconsider this change?


You miss-understand, it is not to your average expertise it is the expertise for that item

if i have a sword expertise of 580 and i have a 600 Sword on then the game will scale it to 590 - halfway between you actual and your expertise.
if your average expertise across all gear is 550 then this makes no difference.

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Please do not limit the umbral shard to 600 or higher. Many of us players spent thousands of gold & hours grinding to get enough near BiS items at 595-599 gs along with only a couple 600 gs to reach 500 attribute points total then stopped to enjoy the game without worrying too much about the grind. If it stays the way it is, I will most likely move on like many others who feel the same way. It’s the same feeling after reading that our gear’s GS would be based on our watermark in a similar big patch.


Mutations MUST be available for each and every expedition, starting from Amrine, absolutely!!! Don’t make a mistake AGS.

Also, it’s WAY too early to increase max expertise level to 625 now, it’s seems like a very odd move to do now and is not necessary at all. You need to save it for later.


I think i understand it in another way, where new gear is only scaled down in base that specifically item type expertise:

If you have all your gear at expertise 590 but your shield at expertise 550 and your overall expertise 580, you got an effective 570 shield from 590 purchased shield.
550+((590-550)/2) = 570 effective shield.

Another example:
Overall expertise to 560 and you buy a new weapon 600 but your expertise for that weapon is 530, your resultant weapon lvl will be 565.
530+((600-530)/2)= 565 effective weapon.

Anyways, to calm your fear, take in mind shield stills bumping up expertise just but looting it, you dont need to equip or use it…