[Megathread] January PTR Testing Suggestions

Greetings Adventurers,

Unable to utilize the Umbral Shard system due to the lack of upgraded crafting stations in settlements? Unable to travel to certain testing locations due to lack of unlocked travel points? This thread is for that!

If you have a suggestion that would enable you and your fellow players to better help test our Public Test Realm, please leave those here!

Thank you for your help!


I believe that we are missing the trophies/food/earrings/clothes to craft 600 weapons and armor (there might be some way to get them that I just dont know but I couldnt find a way)


a Cache with the Gypsum Cores in them would be really helpfull


a box of the refining components (obsidian sandpaper, obsidian flux, etc) are missing from the aptitude boxes. can’t refine any of the refining raw ores with out them.


Arcane materials are also missing for trying out crafting, for example motes, quintessences and so on :slight_smile: the trophies and the gear to be able to craft 600 and above is needed i think


Change the amount of azoth the vials give to be MUCH higher, OR remove azoth travel costs entirely.


I agree with the Azoth cost removal, but they are testing the new rates for this patch also. Maybe next time.

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Shards should be used as part of a composite item to increase the use of items that the current version does not use

Seconded - We can’t test the 600-625 crafting without em…

How many hours do you think it would take to get from 500 expertise to 600 in order to test actual end game on PTR? 300-400 hours maybe? Time-gated of course, so probably at least 20 days? More?

Do you actually expect us to log that much time on PTR to be able to test your new systems? You’ll go live before then.

Edit: mentioned before, real PTR testing is more adequately achieved by allowing players to copy their current characters over to PTR at their current levels that way they have a familiar starting point and they can actually test what they know rather than having to RNG to get an good testing point


Not sure, if it’s different for other factions, though for Syndicat, the faction vendor is not fully unlocked. Considering that the Mutation Keys can be bought on the highest faction level, it would be ideal if we had direct access to this.


Crafter bundles like the weapons’ or armor, put in a food crat (with recopies and ingredients), weapon and armor box’s (burden regulation) with planks and ingots ETC. Then we can test all the changes.

Also not just for the PTR but maybe a dismantle select. (aka like what we do to lock gear so we cant scrap it but do shift+T to mark for trash then a tab to dismantle all Trash locked. (just an idea)

i found easy way to do it was make some cooking stuff

Crafting clothes and crafting recipes would be appreciated.

@Newp Have you logged on yet? We start at 600 expertise in every slot.


What is missing most: 1. Azoth, 2. Refining components, 3. Motes etc. 4. Faction standing, 5. Realm standing in order to buy houses. What is too much: almost everything else, which can easily create weight problems. - Easiest solution: if you opened a create with too much stuff, just discard it - there are mostly 99 others if you need it again. I must say… you guys are not exactly making new friends this way, lol… how about you hire at least one person who specialized in customer care? Yes, that is actually a profession, Amazon has scores of these guys, they could tell you such things.


This right here. Until that happens, real viable testing not going to happen in any serious fashion.

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remove the characters creation limit please, as the items in the boxes are really crap to test new dungeons, i´ve created 3 characters cause of empowered fireball, sacred ground etc. on sodlier gear and can’t go further now for 24 hours, i wasn’t able to even set up a character with str/constitution even if i wanna do play light/medium/heavy mixed up.

PvP damage formula update

  • We adjusted the way armor mitigation is calculated to use enemies gear score value instead of your average gear score.
  • To adjust for the difference in armor mitigation, we increased the damage low level players do to higher level players and reduced the damage the higher level players due to lower level players.

Maybe also give people 500 GS gear? That is what fresh 60s usually have before trying PvP…

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