[Megathread] New World 1.3.2 Update Feedback

This game needs to go to 2.0 asap, minor patches dont cut it. And with this minor patch, they actually introduced a new bug where PPL use up their mutation orbs when they try and open a Regular Gen run (its M1), so it was probably for the best not to add patch and add more bugs

I have no clue what purpose the rapier is supposed to fulfill. In it’s pre 1.3.2 state, it has a decent amount of mobility that at best attempts to cover up for an amazing lack of damage and grit.

Post 1.3.2, the mobility is nerfed in an attempt to combat people who swap, burn CDs to run away, and then go back to a main weapon. Unfortunately longer CDs won’t affect this. The functionality is the same, you just cant spam it. It still has terrible damage, little to no grit, and no cc utility.

So the rapier isn’t meant to be a main melee weapon, you just removed all chances of countering cc. You don’t want it to be an escape weapon, yet you hardly touched that aspect of it. It’s not a cc tool, and it’s got no buffs or debuffs. Poor base scaling because of dual stats. Worst melee tracking in the game.

Why would I pick a rapier as a weapon post 1.3.2? It already is a secondary at best due to poor balancing, this just hurts it. The weapon has no identity. I’ve put 800 hours into trying to play it, only to realize that you (the devs) don’t seem to have an idea of what it’s supposed to do. Any feedback on the place or purpose of the rapier in the game would be great.

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Why updates comming on Gaming time and not in the Night?

this was pretty obvious to me the items would be legendary.

Fact 1 - It is an end game version of the Dynasty.

Fact 2 - It has been known by EVERYONE that read previous Dev’s info that the MUTATIONS would be and well… ARE end game type content and for that reason provided END GAME LOOT…

cheers & why?

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Pretty obvious? It could have been any number of scenarios:

A) items are fixed, 600 becomes legendary.

B) items are deleted because they shouldn’t exist at 600 without legendary

C) items stay at purple 600, but now you need to do dungeon again for legendary version

D) items downscaled to 599 because they should be 600 without being legendary

E) not named items, but dungeon specific items (with two perks guaranteed) could be any option in addition to or separate to the above

Etc etc

We had no idea how it was going to be fixed, there has not been a situation where new named items were added and were not correctly applying third perk to compare a bugfix to my knowledge.

All I wanted was communication or even acknowledgement of the issue prior to the patch, which is apparently an insurmountable task


Servers suffering a lot more hiccups/rubberbanding, started occuring after the merges & ‘server stability’ patch. Most noticable in OPR, reported by multiple people in my group

These two downtimes specifically:
Luxendra patch post #1

Luxendra patch post #2

They need way more staff to do that.

Please fix this bug, it’s already 2 weeks old. Items that are in stock are not displayed, neither when trying to sell them at auction, nor when crafting. Sometimes restarting the game helps, but I want to play normally without these problems. Thank you!

once again you have failed with your server merges. we had a med pop server you brought 5 other servers into with enough notice that when they merged in they worked together and we went from a balanced server to 2 factions combined not equaling the 3rd faction numbers and the 3rd fatcion fired war after war after war constantly until they claimed the money territories, geared up with tax money, and proceeded to hold all but 3 territories on the map(given another two weeks would probably have owned them all). our med pop server proceeded to drop in population steadily from 1k players post merge down to under 500 players at max peak. then you proceed to merge us into another server once our numbers were low, but guess what, the same pvpers that drove all those players off our server have come with the merge and now are proceeding to do it again, merge i 3 days old and people are already transferring off the server and quitting your game. we are down 100 logins a night since the second merge already. what you are doing isnt working. its just making people quit, if you continue this train of though you are on, dead game in under a year. sad because it had so much potential.

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Please fix before Feb Update:

Current Tool 19% Quantity / 9.1% Rare find / 38% Durability

Big nodes 7 strikes

Small Medium nodes 6 Strikes

New Tool : 19% Quantity / 9.1% Rare find / 23% Mining Efficiency

Big nodes 7 strikes

Small Medium nodes 6 Strikes

clearly the 23% isnt applying otherwise the Big nodes would be 5 Strikes and the Small/medium nodes 4 Strikes

Perhaps it adds 23% to your total. Seeing as my tool already has over 800%, adding 23% to that is about 3%, so total strikes will hardly ever change.

You’re much better off with eg mining experience than the extra 23%. I’ve mainly switched from rare find entirely on my gathering tools now as you get rare mats in the boxes.

Nope i can confirm its not like that

as my previous took was 821% 590 which is higher than this 817% 595 but the GS of the new item is higher so if that " was" the case it would be 900% maybe ?

but this is AGS so anything is possible . clarification and clear communication is not there strong suit

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