[Megathread] New World 1.3.4 Update Feedback

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a weekly thread in order to track feedback that popped up due to the most recent update Weekly 1.3.4 Update.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

You can find our Weekly Update Bug Megathread here.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the 1.3.4 Update out of this Megathread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

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I’m out. latest patch not addressing severe lag / desync / stuttering at all. GL ladies and gents.

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What’s the reason @Luxendra ? You didn’t even put the gypsum false news from the last patch into the Known Issues list. Like you are ignoring the complains from the community in discord and in a lot of threads about the not changed gypsum cooldown? Why should I care about find bugs for you if you ignore us?!


This isn’t an airport, you don’t have to announce your departure


This patch is great but. Someone had to do something becuase yesterday besides lags and server desyncs I have caped my fps at 60 and always had 60 no matter what happend in OPR.
Today im barely hitting constant 45 fps in opr. Its plainly annoying having that on top of the usual lags.

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Is there any talk of more transfer tokens before the next patch? I’m asking for 2 reasons.
firstly with there being new content released surely there is going to be new interest from players that have left game so an influx of returning players is going to cause massive Q’s.
Secondly I have been split from my friends online as during us moving from a dead server to Barri I was the only one that got to move before server closed so all my friends moved to Vega so I have lost a lot of love for the game I enjoy playing the most due to being split from all my friends.

Any AGS help with this would be greatly appreciated from a day 1 player that loves the game you have created!

Many thanks

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The input buffering is still doing the same thing as before. Getting interrupted somehow and I’ll see the animations of my abilities start but nothing happens, or I won’t even see the animation but the ability is now on CD.


Good evening, the new ability queue system works in a strange way. Sometimes my fireball will go out when I don’t want to, or a light attack instead of a heavy attack or the other way around. Neither of them never, ever, happened to me before february’s patch.

In a fight we usually change our mind about our next attack, as we see opponents move or use their abilities. I hope the team consider changing the new system so it feels more responsive to that “change of mind” and the flow of combat, as it used to do with the old system.

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New que system is broken, patch notes state that the accidental misfiring of skills when you weapon swap was fixed but it is not, played one opr today since last patch to test how things have come along and the overall gameplay has become so janky it’s a million times worse than closed beta. I mean closed beta was amazing in comparison to the game we have today.

  • skills not firing and or misfiring
  • weird jitter movement constantly happening
  • major de sync causing hits not to register and players to teleport around
  • lots of vg issues also, blade not working, forced walk when you pull out blade etc

@Luxendra Input buffering seems just as bad as before and in some cases worse:

  • How is better that my opponent can cancel my weapons swaps with staggers and stuns?
  • Abilities still missfire, animation goes off with no effect or damage
  • Abilities can be cancelled mid cast, I had a melee bruiser cancel my entomb 5 times in a row (it is supossed to be a defensive ability, what is the point if i cannot cast it with a melee person on me, i am not going to be entombing when no-one is attacking me)
  • Without GRIT as mage, half the time my weaponswap does not go through due to stuns and stagger, so i still end up casting the incorrect ability because I thought I had swapped (because i pressed the button). I cannot keep looking ay my bar to confirm if the swap actually went through, cause god there are a lot fo staggers and stun spam going on. (My opponent hitting me the face, while i cam checking my weapon bar to see if i have the correct weapon on, feels bad)

The queue issues had its problems, but this cancelling is so much worse.

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New world combat and movement used to be fluid, responsive and skillful. This new patch introduced heavy desync issues and a broken queueing system that makes gameplay unreliable and clunky.

When I chase people with Voidblade and theyre simple moving in the opposite direction, I only land about 20% of my melee attacks even though Im ontop of the other player due to desync, this makes certain specs almost unplayable and has lead to GA/WH being so dominant because it barely suffers from desync.

The spell queue system needs to be reworked, and removed in the mean-time, it doesnt add any value. The combat before was responsive enough the only problem was sometimes the weapon you had equipped wouldnt swap while under CC.

At the moment If I press shockwave just as I am stunned, sit in a 2s stun, then come out of stun it will shockwave instantly because I queued it as I was stunned. I dont want abilities to buffer and queue, I want them to be quick and responsive, If Im stunned as I cast something I dont want it to just buffer the command and cast it later.

For example in WoW the spell queue window system queues commands to a default of 400ms, you can edit it down to what you want but for me I use 120ms, if I queue a command within the 120ms window before the end of a cast, it WILL queue that ability, if I queue a command BEFORE that window, eg > 120ms before the end of a cast, it will NOT cast that ability. This is how NW queueing should work.

Also the recent fix to queueing hasnt improved any of the problems I noticed since the new update. Every time I VG Scream → swap to IG it automatically Ice Walls, or if I oblivion it automatically queues up Ice Storm.

So in a situation where I want to oblivion → Ice wall a group of enemies, it will queue up ice storm and I have to cancel my player trying to cast ice storm to then be able to ice wall.

I love the combat in NW but this new patch seriously destroyed a lot of my enjoyment.


Character Name: Red Osha
Sever: El Dorado
Description of issue: After last update can not able to create camp anywhere in New World. Every time that press the Y key message show up: Camping not unlocked yet. I do not know if is a Bug or not. Yes is Affect my gameplay greatly specially at higher levels in Aternum. I know that is more players with the same issue. Can you please address this issue as soon as possible so we can continue enjoying the game. Thank you for your time. RESPECTFULLY YOUR

Voidblade itself is extremely underpowered right now. AGS needs to understand that 300 strength grit needs to be changed or magic needs to get a better 300 perk. I would buff magic if great axe/hammer is so powerful right now to help balance the two.

I 100% agree, 300 Strength GRIT is so overpowered and they don’t get half the issues with weapon queue and input buffering. Then they also added a special DMG perk that is better than all other for only 300 Strength GRIT user, i.e. Thwarting Strikes. Then because that was not enough they buffed Gravity Well.

They should swap the 300 STR and 300 CON perks around. The 200 STR perk already works with stuns and slow, so this would be better in Strength.

Most Mutation debuffs affect mostly ranged and magic in this game. Magic resistance for mobs in expedition mostly hit magi players - for example, Fire dmg resistant on destiny shipyard mutation. It fore all magic players to play void gauntlet only because fire staff dealing lower dmg and corrupted mobs have their own big ice resistance.
Melee players have no problems with that, they have a lot of weapons depending on STR only and switching it is not a problem for them and don’t even need magic crystal on it, even if they use it can just boost their dmg vs mob type.

@Luxendra @Kay @Willard Both of these changes still not implemented in LIVE from patch notes, it has been reported multiple times and we have had multiple patches. The change was made on PTR, and on future PTR (march)… but for some reason nerfs to Great Axe and Warhammer never seem to stick to LIVE. It makes is to much worse that Gravity Well also got buffed, but the nerfs never went through… there is no balance right now, worst patch ever.




These changes also didn’t make it into LIVE


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EVERY MONTH NEEDS TO BE A BALANCE PATCH, until there is actual balance in the game. You cannot do one attempt (FEB patch) that makes it worse balance wise and then leave it like that until 3 months for you next balance patch.

When are you going to nerf Great Axe: Gravity Well and Maelstrom? How many months are we going to have to go through this unbarable oppression?

Same with Heavy Armor, it has always been overpowered (unkillable healers and SnS users). Now light armor is just as overpowered with extra invulnerable slide after roll, and extra distance. Medium is as bad as it was before, actually worse and has more stuttering that the other armour types and much much less fluid.

And the crafting system in this game is terrible, you spend literal months crafting up 2-3 pieces of BiS gear (wasting 10000s of resourses) and then one patch makes all your gear irrelevant? Balance is PARAMOUNT to this game because gear is not easy to come by, if named armors dropped all the time then you can be loose with game balance as it will be easy for people to jump on the new hotness. That is not possible in the game, for me it feels super bad that I spent all this time crafting BiS medium VG gear, only for medium to be made irrelevant, constant stuttering with VG, and then VG nerfed into the ground with more nerfs on PTR.

There are no changes on PTR addressing any of these isses. My comment that the absence of balance and changes addressing the MAJOR ISSUES on LIVE is VERY RELEVANT. If not in this patch, then we have to wait another month for the stuttering and balanced to be addressed? Two months of this shit, with unplayable gear and broken classes? If this goes on for long people will get over it, I am already getting depressed in Wars and OPR, half the time my spells misfire and weapons don’t swap causes of stagger and Gravity Wells.

The new dungeons and stuff is cool, BUT MORE IMPORTANT IS FIXING ISSUES AND BALANCE


I told my friend to come play New World again, because my world is unlocked and transfers are back up. This was is response after playing for a bit: