[Megathread] New World 2.0 - A comprehensive list of changes & features

Oh this looks neat, going to bookmark it and add to my Miro board

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I love your mega thread I read over it several times I think all your ideas are great and would absolutely improve the game ten fold I hope to read many more of your comprehensive ideas.

Really good job, Mounts and barber is a must tbh!

You forgot to add sailing and boats where you can fish some insane hotspots, or even more some Sea boss that drop insane loot.

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Probably already mentioned but I would like to see dynamic weather effects.

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I think a naval system could be awesome at some point, but I think at this point, they’re probably focused on increasing the landmass on the island that we’re on first.

For sure. I also think they should take a look at the new seasonal system from Ashes of Creation and see if they can make the world itself a little more dynamic.

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Oh yeah that was very impressive to see for sure.

I’ve created this thread requesting a WARDROBE for GEAR PRESETS as a Feature:


As they teased in the update video they’re actively working on gear management. Let’s hope they’re showing it soon.


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on the Diminishing Returns comment, their system they implemented is pretty terrible overall.

Most of the time it barely works, such as 1v1 or small group fights like a 3v3/5v5, and the very function it was designed for (CC spam on a point) doesn’t even work. The system needs a proper resolve system where getting hit by too many CCs in a short time window will result in the victim gaining an immunity to CC for a limited duration, as to punish CC spam and put a more engaging fight.

HOWEVER, CC needs a serious buff if this is the case, and that buff needs to change stuns into proper stuns. Right now they operate as sleep spells, and mechanically makes them god awful for Tanks to interact with threats and help peel for their team, which means Tanks can’t even do their primary function.

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Yea I totally agree, their current system doesn’t feel like it solved any of the issues for CC spam.

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You hired. Come to AGS Headquarters.

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Hmm. Is this confirmed “2.0”??? Seems like a big patch but still in the 1.X vein…

Edit: Oh … is this thread a wishlist and just less-than-ideally named? My bad!

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True and real.

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don’t know where my reply will fall, but i hope it bumps this post.

what is sad (or funny) about this post is that this game is basically about a year old, and all of the non-combat stuff you are asking for is pretty much expected and is in any other major MMO. WoW, ESO, FFXIV, etc all have these systems you are talking about.

i keep telling anybody who asks me about this game that i am a beta tester who is playing to play the game and that it will be ready in about 2 or 3 years.

and the combat stuff, i don’t really know enough about those systems to comment on. but all the rest is great, but even if they decide to do these type of things again it is like 2-3 years away.

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Sadly the game still has a long way to go until it is in a really good spot. Obviously we’re seeing a lot of growth at the moment, which is excellent, and I really hope the next roadmap is going to be extremely comprehensive and convincing right from the start to encourage people to stick around after the hype has died down a bit.

They’ve made some massive improvements over the past year, nobody can deny that, but there are still too many dysfunctional systems, too many bugs and a lot of very basic features are also still missing.

Played since closed beta,My answer to armor weight issue plaguing the forums: I say make all rolls the light roll version, but add a different modifier to each armor type, light 10% dmg bonus, medium 5% dmg bonus/ 5% dmg reduction, heavy 10% dmg reduction/negative 30% heals… that way medium is balanced, heavy counters light dmg, light dmg still does extra dmg vs mid armor enemies and no heavy healers. Any dmg bonus would also apply to heals. This also fixes lights from being able to escape just based on armor roll and more now due to skills on weapons/perks. Ez balance, actually makes heavy and medium viable again cus the shits useless atm, also reduces differwnce between light and heavy dmg so heavy armor could be viable in pve, a 30% dmg difference as of now is ludacris. Also remove shields weight so maxed light sns can be a thing


yea i am just trying to hang in there. kind of difficult to stay with it when peeps are making posts of 100+ things that need to be fixed and they are all just common things that nobody can even argue with. and if the game moves in a direction that i don’t like but it survives that is ok too. not all games are for all people - just wanted to give this one a shot.