[Megathread] New World 2.0 - A comprehensive list of changes & features

Updated several key points as they’re getting adressed with the Brimstone update. Going to update the list further once we receive the updated Roadmap in the next developer update.

Imagine what this game could be. I really really hope that alot of these changes & features will be implemented and they continue to improve New World.

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Even though a couple major features have been announced, I really hope the roadmap will reveal some more surprises to adress some of the core gameplay loop issues regarding things like Open World PvP.

But now with a (hopefully) larger playerbase longterm, they might be more active hiring staff again and we might see larger content updates in the next year. Fingers crossed.

I have to agree with this. Inspecting people and dps meters. No thx.

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I definitely understand that there are two camps of people for this. One camp really enjoys information being public while the other camp likes to keep things hidden, either so nobody can copy their builds or to not feel embarrassed when performing poorly with a DPS meter in play.

I’m not sure what Amazon’s stance is on this, but I personally believe that dps meters are a little more controversial than inspecting people. As a middle ground an Inspecting would be fine, but to reduce toxicity in expedition runs etc. to a minimum, they maybe shouldn’t implement a DPS meter. I guess we’ll see what they do.

That is why this thread is not productive and divisive.

All that is not productive here is your comment. Going through the forums and posting the exact same comment under every active or big thread doesn’t add any value to any of those conversations.

So what’s the purpose? Feeling a little loose after work and looking for an opportunity to vent?