[Megathread] New World Feedback 1.5.2

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a weekly thread in order to track feedback that popped up due to the most recent update, 1.5.2.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

You can find our Update 1.5.2 Bug Megathread here.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the Update 1.5.2 out of this Megathread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

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Ruby Gypsum is the worst reward ever to put in the PvP reward track, it does not even make sense when you could also set a Gypsum Orb instead in the track. Please remove Rubyu Gypsum from reward track, it is pointless and make it Gypsum Orb instead.

@Aenwyn @MinerTarv

Please increase High Priest Oseguera (currently Lv. 60) in Great Cleave to Level 66.

Current the Named Legendary drops here: Decayed Spirit, Goldband of the High Herald, Mangled Heart, Fearless Spy’s Gloves, Avenging Head Cage, etc. cannot drop above 590 GS and are therefore not upgradable to Legendary.

These are sought after items for PvE and PvP due to perks on them, but is dissappointing due to not dropping above 550 GS, even though it is a lvl 60 mob boss.

I waste 800 to 1400 gold every day becuase of respecing attributes. This is far worse than the old housing tax, it is nt sustainable. My overall balance is slowly going down every day, even with the Hidden Stashes, 3x bonus gold on first 3 faction misson, and PvP track gold I am still going down every day due to Respecing all the time.

There’s a slight issue with TEXT in game, when creating a CAMPSITE, when you press “T” the text isn’t alligned with the box…it’s out the box by about 2-3 pixels…it just doesn’t look right :slight_smile:

I’m Dogmonk and here are some suggestions to improve gameplay.

Suggestion 1
currently there is not enough storage space throughout atherium.
i recomend the ability to add 1-3 chest slots to towns with and without a house. The cost would be gold or materials or both.

Suggestion 2
currently there is not enough town xp avalable to the players. for most servers the only way to get town xp is through the town board. and for the most part they are only up for buffs.
i recomend increasing the xp amount of all creatures for town xp by 300% currently, this would match nicely with the current xp at town lvl 100.

Suggestion 3
Allow players to buy xp boosts for all types of xp earned.
players would turn in materials to a new “material vendor” that would accept materials and give a boost with there respected materials.
EX: ore - mining - fiber - harvesting - weapons - scrap

Suggestion 4
Instanced gatherable’s
with the growing longeveity of the game, many players are wondering “whats next with prestige”
i present instanced "gathering troves"
the troves open at 25 prestige in any respective gatherable and go up to 100 prestige unlocking orichalcum.

now you might be wondering “what about bots?” well every 15 minutes the area is locked and a boss spawns, all nodes are ungatherable until the boss is killed. the boss drops a small amount of gatherables in your respective area as well as nearby town xp.

if you are unable to kill the boss within the time limit ex 5 minutes you are kicked from the instance and are unable to join back for an hour.

The node count for the area will start off small with the option to upgrade your instance’s as you level your prestige similar to the town faction system.

all instances are accessable through-out your leveling.

Suggestion 5
everyone loves a good minigame whats not to like about a game within a game!
Presenting " Aternem Island"
Located south east of reekwater
this minigame allows players with any skill past 200 to play a game to help earn faction influence in a new player vs crafting event that has them craft varius amounts of items and gear to turn into a new npc named “Men’reta.” turning in items based on prestige starting at 20 up to 100 the players are able to compete for dominance on the island that gives a global bonus to the holding faction. expected to change every week, the bonuses would include "increased all yeild, luck, double crafting and gathering procks, and a varius of other options!
keep in mind these would not stack.

thats all for today hope you enjoyed my ideas

good afternoon! but I like the game! it’s a beautiful world! nice to play! but I want to ask you to do one very important thing. every time I’m going to do something, I need to change the character’s clothes, which is not easy. because you need to pick up special things, and look for them from everything that is in a bag in a mess. if you made a wardrobe where everything you need is collected for every occasion and you could change clothes in one click !!! and most importantly, anywhere and anytime…
thank you very much for your understanding!!!

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Please bump Genesis and Lazarus Replica crafting gear up to 597-600 GS, the same as Tempest Replicas.

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