[Megathread] New World Feedback 1.5.3

And make it appear in the upcoming wars tab to advertise in game.

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PvP mission exp changes has killed open world PvP and login numbers has dropped. People in my Company are saying that there is no end-game for PvP anymore, 90% of PvPs dnt want to grind Arenas. People are looking to play other games now, and just log in for Wars.

How is this better for the game?

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Additonal to this OPR is 90% bowmen, so no-one want to play that anymore either. If you don’t do something, the lack of end game PvP will kill new world.

Your changes are making things worse not better.


I appreciate you bringing this up.

As someone who mostly can only play from 4:30 - 6:30 am, these recent changes are TERRIBLE.

Off peak, OPR basically doesn’t pop. Arenas take 10 - 30 minutes at times and it’s almost always against premades just farming exp.

The Great Cleave farm was amazing. It was never empty. I could both progress my PvP track AND actually fight people in the open world.

I can’t believe they hotfixed their game to be worse.

Patch 1.5.3: play at prime time or don’t play at all.


Patch 1.5.3: Don’t play at all.




This is the problem with OPR, archers just play for own score/exp and throw OPR intentionally to get Exp fast.

Server: Abaton

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I actually really like this idea.

Pair it with comparable xp for opr and arenas though since we want them available to play frequently.

People fixing and throwing wars/OPR was a reason I quit.

Would be nice if they had to play in good faith.

Scaling OPR xp to length of game and participation towards Victory would be nice

Get enough of the server on board for hourly world faction pvp events / tournaments could be another option instead of wasting time in bowper.

if you are flagged for 1h you give away like 1500 exp or whatever. + 350 for eradicate.

its sad we have to make the game for AGS but there it is.

until they fuck that up too.

its not real openworld pvp but a 5v5 with one full wipe is 7500 exp. all you really need is an enemy faction company to agree and your whole company could be getting 7500 an hour (majority of it being wait time so go opr or chest run or whatever)

it aint win trading if its a tournament.

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Hi Luxendra, thank you for everything you do <3 I think having more things to fight over in a condensed area would help. You all have done an amazing job so far while having 1 hand tied behind your back. Something to fight over that gives specific varying tiers of high quality perks. The next update should help with so much. More builds will be viable, more justification to go do expeditions and get usefull pvp gear, and the new resource to craft named items!

I’m going to try my best to get the community to start having some patience and realize NW isn’t even a year old yet. If we look at league of legends year 1 to now, it had just as big of a mountain to climb(although much less work required to climb it) Please pass on my love and appreciaton to everyone at AGS <3

Now that Great Cleave is nerfed, locked Fort are killing the open world PvP. Faction are split across the map doing PvP mission where thjey have the fort locked or where they can push influence. There is no incentive to push in an area where the fort is locked to the enemy. This makes open world fight much much less often that it was when Great Cleave was around.

Remove Fort Locking to create more opportunity for Open World PvP between factions.

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Revert bow changes. Its ruining any type of fun that was had in OPR.

Needs to be a severe look at weapon balance

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I agree. it needs nerf…

This is what happens when they skip a patch, i.e. No june patch. They should go back to the every second month balance patch idea, was much better for them.

Make OPR consumables Health Potions, Food, etc… infinite.

Why can an Archer infinitely spam me with Infinite Arrows, but I have to use my hard earned gold to potion up all the time.


Please make Dynasty and Depths Replica gear craftable at 600 GS?

Also can you please add a single Replica weapon set that has Keen in the Perk Pool, as a possible outcome.

Possible reason why Refreshing Divine Embrace is not working:

Divine Embrace Shared Struggle abiliity (currently works):

Divine Embrace Rebound abiliity (currently works):

Now lets look at Refreshing Divine Embrace (currently not working):

You will notice that this has the additional statement: “TargetComparisonType”: “LessThan” which my guess is conflicting somehow as the other abilities that also work on low life targets lack this additional statement.

@Aenwyn @Centeotl @MinerTarv

When you die and respawn the musket “zoom” function stop working for some time.

250 CON passive needs to be reworked. It needs a lower cooldown 60 seconds is a lot if it triggers on a random DoT tick, or it needs a migitation threshold to no be wasted on a small damage proc.

Too many small damage proc and small DoT ticks take this passive away, so it is not up when you need it vs burst like Blunderbuss.