[Megathread] New World Heart of Madness Update Feedback

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a weekly thread in order to track feedback that popped up due to the most recent update Heart of Madness Update.

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You can find our Heart of Madness Update Bug Megathread here.

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Thanks for all the work you guys do, lux.


Feedback on Tempest
Tempest is amazing. I have seen a lot of people complaining. I expect a dungeon to be hard, but it took 11 wipes to get it down. after that it was cake. I think the issue is that some of the circles popup randomly. I’d recommend some alterations to the circle boss by reducing circles to 3.

I also want to mention the aesthetics of tempest are amazing. I highly recommend conversions of shatter to that purple/red theme. Its so good.

Stability Improvements
Stability is much better, thanks lots of that. Please keep working on it, there is still a few things here or there. The biggest thing that i noticed was that the resistence was gone. My company members thought i was just crazy when i mentioned it to them and now they understand what i ment. They were so happy now that they understood what i ment they were really impressed with this improvement.

There is a few things here or there, but i have not seen anything to serious.

I am still upset with pylon, windchill and meteor not being good. I also would like you guys to think about either changing the melee perks to impact range, or shifting the primary stat of blunderbuss to int and secondary to dex. Str Pips do not impact blundebuss, which means str really unattractive as a main for bb. At the minimum, shift int to the primary of bb.

Special notes
Most importantly thanks for the box/chest rewards for orbs. Big high five on that one.

All around
All around the progress made is great and is taking the game is a really good direction. I cant wait for the upcoming PvP/Faction/War Changes next patch.

Big thanks for all the hard work


Thanks for the update. Patch 1.4 initial impressions

The Greats

  • -Moving while inventory open
  • -Outofcombat HP regen is very nice
  • -OPR changes are a plus
  • -Elite Arena loot rework woohoo

Tempest Heart

  • -Neishatun dropped 2x infused potions for loot? General loot from this expedition feels off? Too many Infused potions with no equipment from most of the bosses (ran dungeon x4)


    • Allow 1 person to summon the group, just like expeditions
  • -While moving in inventory, please make CTRL+C (quick salvage) NOT make your character walk
  • -Medium equipload dodge doesn’t feel good compared to Light armor and Heavy armor


  • -Mutation didn’t change this week, it was dynasty with 1 day left, now its dynasty 5 days
  • -Debuff bar STILL dropping off & hidding buffs or debuffs when you have more then 5
  • -Daily faction bonus still shows 3/3 on vedor instead of 5/5
  • -Cannot sign up for an Invasion from the World Map
  • -You cannot equip a weapon in this slot (Weapon into weapon slot)
  • -Plagued Crits perk on BlunderBuss is only 10% (tooltip)

Now with the new storages update, it would be nice to rework the UI for it, especially to allow search for a item in all storages, or just show it in a unique “all storages” tab.

Any way, I’m already looking forward to new updates as good as this last one. Good job all!

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Ice Gauntlet QoL:

  • Swap Frozen Touch and Empowered Frost in the IG Builder Tree. Often you want to take Entombed with 2 abilities from the Ice Tempest Tree, but are forced to take Empowered Frost along the way even though you will not have the frost fields to trigger it, Frozen touch would be more generic here are better fit the defensive theme of dipping into tree to get Entombed.
  • Swap the 2nd and 3rd abilities in the Entomb tree, due to the negative interaction with Healing Entomb. So basically if you break out (2nd Perk) it costs you mana, and therefore you can never trigger Healing Entomb. But as a Healing Entomb user you do want the cleanse (3rd Perk). If the cleanse was changed to the 2nd perk, then a Healing Entomb user can do 2 points deep to get what they need without wasting points on an ability they can never benefit from. Similarly a Break out (Strengthening Entomb) user who is obviously not using Healing Entomb can take all 3 perks and not be punished either.

Void Gauntlet QoL Feedback:

  • Extending Suffering is very unreliable, as you have to land a Heavy auto attack and the target has to have been affected by a non-CC debuff that you have applied. With that situational unreliability, the payoff is not even much. 10% is nothing, you can even see this as Burning/Bleeding duration perks in the March PTR are being buffed to 30%. Extending Suffering needs to affect all non-CC debuff (not just ones you own), and it needs to have the percentage increased to at least 20-30%.
  • Similarly Fervent Thirst, needs to trigger on any debuff, not just those you own. It is not like the Void Gauntlet creates that many debuffs, many are situational and close range. No other weapon that triggers off debuffs specifies that they need to be the owners debuffs, so why apply the unnecessary restriction on the Void Gauntlet (it is part of what is killing this whole tree).
  • Essence Rupture needs to do proper damage when it connects, it cannot be a utility with little to no damage ability as the utility is very situational (your allies have to target that player) if no-one is targeting that player then this ability literally does nothing, because it does not even apply DoT dmg. If your opponent just dodges away then this ability has zero effect.
  • Similarly Baleful Tether needs to do more damage (it has a 10% damage, which is useless can can also be dodged away). Both of these abilities do not make up for their lack of damage. The utility of these two don’t even come close to the utility of Gravity Well (pull, root, heal, fortify, 2 burst) or Shockwave (rend/weaken/stun), and those abilities do amazing damage as well.
  • Slowing Tether is a terrible perk, and does not make sense. Why does it only apply for a few seconds, and not for the duration the tether is held. Everything other object based debuff/buff abilities e.g. Ice Storm, Ice Shower, Sacred Ground, Gravity Well, etc last for the object/field is maintained. So the Slowing Tether needs to be maintained as long as the Tether is mained… The slow also needs a massive buff, compare it to the slow of Gravity Well (that also roots and pulls) or just the majority of the slows in the game. As it is now the current Slowing Tether ability has no impact in game, if you land it on an opponent they are basically ignoring the slow due to duration and weak effect.
  • Empowering Rupture is just as terrible, on Kill triggering perks on a support weapon and a support ability that does almost no damage is a joke. It should at the very least trigger on the end of ability, the same as its heal trigger. Or trigger on an assist, because you don’t have the damage to kill with the VG because it is now a support weapon.
  • You cannot keep nerfing this weapon without buffing other aspects of it, it is already falling in popularity to Fire Staff / Ice Gauntlet (and FIre Staff is getting another buff in PTR).
  • The Scream nerf to 1 sec, is too much… is has basically no effect… people can move before you recover to do you next attack. It is also useless as a disengage tool now, because Melee can just lunge to get close again. As a support weapon the VG now has no disengage or escape tool.
  • The only usable build for VG now is to use Void Blade. You keep saying you want to push it to become a range support weapon, and utilize the second tree but there is no design changes to support it. The ranged build was more affected by the nerfs to Scream and Orb, than any other build was.

Broken “DoT” vs “Dot” code references:

The Bow Passive - Battle Precision:

“AbilityID”: “Passive_Bow_Skirmish_DebuffDur”

“TargetStatusEffectDurationCats”: “Debilitate,DoT”

This references “StatusEffectCategoriesList”: “DoT” where all the actual debuffs use “Dot” so this needs to be fixed.

Here is are examples of working abilities, where you can clearly see the use of “Dot”:

Vigor i.e. “AbilityID”: “Global_Armor_DurDot”,

“StatusEffectCategories”: “Dot”

250 INT Passive i.e. “AbilityID”: “Int_Bonus_250_1”

“TargetStatusEffectDurationCats”: “Dot”

Vigor vs Bloodletting/Bleeding

With the buffs to Bloodletting/Bleeding to 10-30% (which I think is good btw), you need to buff Vigor as well to maintain it as an option for counterplay.

Before it would take 2 pieces of Vigor to counteract 1 Ring perk (i.e. Bloodletting/Bleeding), now it will take 4 pieces of Vigor to counteract 1 ring perk. Vigor is already one of the weakest (most underused) debuff duration perks, so it needs to maintain it’s 2:1 counterplay.

Perks need to feel like they have impact, both offensively and defensively. This is why I think the changes to BLoodletting/bleeding is good, but the same philosophy needs to be applied to VIgor.

Fix: Double the current bonus of VIgor.


Your programmers couldn’t wipe their own butts, even if the directions to do so were printed on the toilet paper!!!
I am so so so so so sosos sososososoosososos friggen tired of your dumbbutts messing up this game!!! You can do nothing friggen right! I hope you all get fired!

Blunderbuss suffers from the same bugs like musket 1:1

  • Blind shots where shots appear but deal no damage
  • Autoattack queuing - When I hit mousebutton 2 times and instead of just firing once and ignoring the second click as it didnt happen before the animation of the first attack but instead it just fires twice in a row forcing me to reload
  • when the target is too close you fire through the modell even if the weapon is inside them

Some QoL Changes that would benefit the BB

  • an automatic range sensor on the crosshair - When the crosshair is red when going over a target you arent in range yet. If it turns white as you walk towards it or it towards you, you are already in range and can hit the target.

Blunderbuss motar might have gotten too much of a nerf in PTR

imo either bring back the stacking damage from the streak passive or increase the weapon damage the motar did back to the 126%

Love new dungeon boss especially the snake boss. Hands down the best boss in the game and it’s difficulty feels perfect.

Blast shot rend being reduced to 10% also feels too much in my opinion, should be increased to 15% rend atleast and also it’s cooldown reduced to maybe 20 seconds because 30 seconds feels too long currently

I think it did.

I also think that bb should not have a str affinity. The pips do not compliment the weapon. Either change it to dex/int, or int only.

negative comments don’t help anyone. if you’re upset, take a breath and re-think your objective. communicate efficiently if you want your feedback to be productive.

Two big suggestions about Tempest Heart item rewards.


The item rewards from Tempestuous Cache, in addition to respecting the player’s expertise should probably have Chain Arcane and not lightning. Or any other perk besides a chain perk. Because you can’t socket an arcane gem in them which would be effective vs. Corrupted.


All the weapons dropping within Tempest’s Heart currently have the same item model as existing items. For example Blackguard’s Warhammer is the same as Fury. They should probably use the models from the Tempestuous items at the very least if you don’t have unique art ready.

No this nerf was correct, the BB provides too much utility for the damage it was dealing. It can apply multiple Debuffs, can loads of CC and knockbacks, has disengage and engage tools. It is only really lacks healing otherwise it would do everything.

I actually have a different critique and that’s how the percentage duration perks act as step functions. Having 14% longer duration will do nothing for a 7s bleed/burn, but 15% will add one tick. This makes the percentages at higher gear score useless unless it overcomes the next step, e.g. Burning is helpful at 17% (6s burn from Firestaff trees, + 1s) and then would be useful again at 34%, but nothing in between is helpful. Similarly, bleeding from Keenly Jagged is a 6s debuff and gets a buff effect at 17%, but then nothing after that. Bleeding Sweep is totally unaffected until you hit 25% bleed duration.

I do agree with you regarding Vigor buff, but would like them to take a larger look at debuff duration scaling as a whole. Specifically, Vigor is actually more powerful than 2:1 because if it can bring a debuff under a whole second threshold, it removes a whole second. For example, if I have 17% bleeding duration increase and hit you with a keenly jagged weapon, you only need 1% of vigor to counteract my 17% improvement (brings it under the 17% threshold).

Why is the named legendary INT and FOCUS gear never Heavy or Medium? You get Mage Knights/ Spellswords and Paladins/Druids.

Not everyone wants to play INT/FOCUS in light, but it seems like the devs only see INT and FOCUS users as light armor wearers.

Every patch so far is has been the same. WIth 2 more dungeons coming this year, can we break this trend. There needs to be diversity.

@Willard @Luxendra @Shadow_Fox

New dungeon does not have Replica gear in game… why? Why are crafting system always ignored…

No new replicas, we have not had any new patterns with any events lately. Nothing…

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I think we need to be able to dodge while in Mortar mode. It’s a bit ridiculous that there is stamina recovery in the skill tree, but no ability to dodge.

Honestly this update has smoothed out the game alot desync is still there but u guys at AGS are giving me hope that arenas in may are gonna be awesome :+1:

Tell them to kick rocks and use the crafting system in place (Or enhance the crafting systems so that 2 perk choices can be crafted, potentially with a dungeon, or pvp dropped item). Dropping perfect BiS gear everywhere makes crafting useless. A few pieces that people can build gear sets around is useful but dropping perfect gear sets, and multiple of them only eliminates the necessity of crafting.