[Megathread] New World Update 1.4.1 Feedback

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We are creating a weekly thread in order to track feedback that popped up due to the most recent update Update 1.4.1.

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This patch was the start of great changes for the game. Now we need to focus on key balance issues around armor bonus’s and mitigations, some perk ajustments and some changes to the influence, war, and faction systems.

Key Feedback
The changes to the buffering data sizes are producing issues on planet life in places like opr. act fast to help save the rainforest of aeterum.

A big thank you for all your hard work


Pls reset the tempest’s heart’s main quest line for everyone so we can open again the crate that was bugged!


The state of Tanking in the game rn.
With the newest stamina damage changes its pretty much pointless to be a Tank and there’s a shortage everywhere. Having your block almost one shot while blocking with a Tower Shield is questionable. ~stamina dmg with Ga, Wh.
I’m afraid Tanking is becoming obsolete, especially with SnS.

SnS desperately needing that you fix the attribute points situation that you already addressed a while ago. Those 15 points that allow us to hit that 300 or 200 mark with the secondary weapon.

SnS needs a rework.

Whirling Blade is almost never used at any endgame situation. The weird angle at how its executed plus the range make it fairly useless.
A lot of little nodes in SnS should already be applied to the weapon or abilities and we should get something creative and fun.
Remove 10% more magic resistance and things like that, just give it to the Shield.
For defender tree rather give us Thorns or something similar.
Shield rush is in a desperate state, the wind up and execution is atrocious. Many reworks have been suggested that you rework it into a charge like the Ga has, but its more of a accelerated march where at the end we can knockdown targets. When thinking of it just imagine a big buff rugby guy, thats what tanks would love.
Defender Tree compared to WH CC tree doesn’t provide enough utility. Which is crucial to a Tank.
Defensive Formation absolutely needs buffing or a change.
There’s no point in giving it damage reduction in a very narrow circle while blocking, when now our block is broken almost immediately.
Its really unrewarading for a passive ability.
Watching your teammates while you cower behind a shield convincing yourself you’re doing something. “Yeah i have my shield up, im helping 100%, i wonder why so little tanks are taken into war…”

Hatchet Hit Box, something feels a little bit different but its still unusable against anyone that moves even slightly.
Absolutely a nightmare trying to hit someone that changes their angle in relation to you. Can’t get to Spriggan unless i wanna face tank it.

Hatchet Throwing Tree
Why is this not a viable option? Has someone made this just to be a meme? Will it ever see usage or are you fine with how it is?

Overall i think you should let us use Shields with more weapons. A shield should have its own talent tree with offense and defense.
Give SnS dual wielding or something.


after the last patch, the quest boxes referring to the new dungeon are leaving high GS items, players who had already done the missions before and opened the boxes with low GS, will be able to do the missions again to earn this reward with correct GS ?


Heavy armor as it is is useless, there is no viable build with heavy armor not tank not heal not dps. Also AGS plz don’t listen to some people that only advocate for the game going their way, ligh armor is overpowered, it needs a nerf not a up, make them tankier if you want but take their damage away also plz.

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Heavy is useful in wars

Heavy armour is not useless. It good for heavy tanks especially with healer support. It one of the best ways to take points, heavy armour s/s to keep people scrambling to kill you while dps has a field day.

yes you have less mobility but the hatchet and S/S, solo pve is a breeze.

It’s same thing with light armour users moaning about GA damage, doh!

The blunderbuss Epic quest is very buggy chaps. It breaks very easily (allows you to craft objects before the quests asks you to do so.). If you quite the chain you cannot restart. just needs a a little tweak to check for existing items inv inventory when quest objective changes, also if you cancel the quest, the quest chain starter reappears.

I my issue was that I had iron wood in bank and the hardened Iron wood recipe was active before the quest was ready to update that part. So crafted hardened wood no update when quest was asking for it.

The problem with heavy/medium/light imbalance is that huge powercreep of damage and CC everywhere.

Everything and everyone hits so hard that hit avoidance (light dodge) has become more valuable than hit mitigation (heavy armor) since:

  • hit avoidance reduces damage to 0, and prevents from being CC, which is the killer factor now.
  • hit mitigation reduces damage only by a certain %, but doesn’t prevent CC, leading to death anyway.

The game needs a damage, CC, and healing reduction across the board. Both for players and AI mobs.
Otherwise avoidance will remain more valuable to prevent kill-combos.

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Need to be easier to get bis, cc is not that bad if you have full freedom

Hatchet hit detection got a bit better with desync fixed, but it’s true that its hitbox is still insufficient to hit moving enemies. Could use a hitbox and lunge improvement like Spear got.


If CC is bearable when you stack X% reduction thru Freedom perks, then it is a sign that CC should be reduced by X% across the board.

It’s not sustainable for a game with hundreds of gear perks that aims to have a variety of builds, if the meta is making one or two of those absolutely must have just because CC is overtuned.

No you choose to be cc for less or get your cooldowns up faster with refreshing or take less dmg from mages/ranged. Don’t need to reduce cc you have the answer with freedom.

see post

please reset main quest line for the new dungeon so we can get correct loot from chests after todays patch Soldiers cache did NOT award correct items

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GIVE BACK THE CHESTS ; we are not responsible for your mistakes but we are paying the consequences !!


It’s a repeatable quest. Just keep doing them

Stop nerfing healing. It has been done enough. Healers have switched to pocketing builds to increase their healing output vs the aoe builds. That doesn’t mean NERF it.

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Nope the repeatable quest only gives a gypsum orb or umbral shards.

I was asking to nerf damage, CC, and healing at the same time. Because if you nerf damage and you don’t nerf healing, then you are buffing healing, which is not the desired outcome.