[Megathread] New World Update 1.4.2 Feedback

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a weekly thread in order to track feedback that popped up due to the most recent update Update 1.4.2.

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You can find our Update 1.4.2 Bug Megathread here.

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First Reply! I was wondering could there be some super difficult items to get that would almost make it a player unique skill like in Sword Art Online? That would be epic.

  1. Reply they are now 37 minutes over the given time. How many minutes more should we wait now? …

Touch grass

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Corrupted rabbits ate server cables, please fix it!


Servers still down, any idea when they’ll be up?


Is there an eta on the servers coming back up?

Unrelated but am looking forward to hunting wabbits in the wabbit event. Now in terms of the unrelated part…remove orbs from expeditions, also add a repeatable quest for Genesis/Lazarus to match the Repeatable Quest of Tempest Heart so that there is further incentive to re-run those.

The cache’s could contain 3-5 items from the expedition loot table as well as 250 Umbral Shards and a Gypsum Orb, add this change to Tempest Heart so that instead of just a Gypsum Orb, you also get 250 Umbral Shards and 3-5 items from the expedition.

This will make expedition repeatable quests worth doing and also encourage us to do additional runs and be reward in the process.


I liked the winter event better.

This event is annoying because:

  • as a chef that hunts/gathers my own ingredients, replacing the regular rabbit spawns that I can always find windows of opportunity where a spawn area is untouched, has made my search for rabbit meat much much more time consuming because of the perma-camping spawn areas

  • the main “good” reward being a storage chest that is one of the best in game that is also not bind-on-pickup (bc furnishings), appear to be able to be acquired multiple times, and with an RNG based drop rate means that the rabbit spawns are likely to be perma-camped for the duration of the event.

  • The daily diamond gypsum is now linked to only rabbit drops means you can only get them through earning the actual kill credit on a rabbit; took 5x as long today to get those gypsum as it normally does with the gathering bag drops or even with the previous juniper berry drops. Also, the daily coin bonus is not included.

The winter event had a mix of ways to get the resources needed for the rewards (gleamite, gathering gifts, daily from up to 3 trees in towns, a small number of missions) and the rewards were purchased with those resources instead of being an RNG-based drop. Some of the resources could be obtained without worrying that other players were competing for them, so one player’s experience in getting rewards/resources wasn’t 100% affected by every other player in the area.

One way to improve future events would be to base them in participating in instances (OPR-like pvp instances, dungeon like pve instances).

Another way to improve future events is that if they’re going to involve world spawns that need killing/skinning for the rewards would be to make them spawn at random locations over the entirety of the map without being based on static spawn areas. This would encourage exploration and also hinder the more basic combat/hunting bots.


So far loving the game! However it would be amazing if we got skins that looked more “natural”. Like fur armor sets (yes I know you can craft some via armoring- but I’m talking actual skins), maybe hunter/naturalist themed? I personally have a survivalist styled character and finding skins that work with that theme are very hard. The skins I’ve seen since launch are aimed at the loud, colorful, wild styles some (not all) people enjoy. Sure they are cool to look at- but why not mix it up and have themed skins for those who don’t like the colorful whimsical look.

Lots of good ideas here! I like that this event encourages exploration and gets people out in the world – that’s really nice. Hearing of people killing literally thousands of rabbits to get the main “reward” from this event… ehh that’s not fun. It’s just frustrating to hunt down rabbits that everyone is hunting for now and maybe you get it in 3 kills, maybe after 3000 kills… good lord.

Another fun idea for a future iteration of this could be - instead of replacing all rabbits with corrupted rabbits without any explanation (even on the dev video this month, the open world lead laughed at the fact that the corrupted rabbits are just… there)… why not tie them into corrupted breaches. They could use some excitement anyway. Maybe you create a new type of breach that’s rabbit-oriented and there’s a chance the cache from those drops this chest or something. (and then increase the chance so you don’t have to do 1000s of breaches, or drop tokens and then let people buy the chest with those tokens to put a ceiling on the time-spend).

Congratulation on actually being more retarded than blizzard in the chest debacle you have made!

I enjoy the game, but I now have to consider if I should waste my time if you continue down this path of doing what blizzard did and just piss off people for making event items impossible by adding the terrible idea of RNG element to it, it is not the 1990’s MMO for Christ sake!

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Why u want everything here and now ? What is OP in this chest that you need it so much ? This chest costs 9k there are a lot of more interesting activities which allow u to buy this chest for gold. I like this kind of RNG, mostly I got nothing but who cares about chests it gives nothing …

What a silly comment, really silly and it shows how little you understand the bigger picture.
You might be ok with less than single digit % of players owning this item.

At what point do you say enough endless grinding is acceptable?

At what point so you say RNG is acceptable on that endless farming?

And finally at what point do you put fun in this equation for when people farm endless and walk away empty handed?

This is typical elite wow player mentality and fully endorsed by blizzard over the years.

This is a 2 week event item which adds 1050KG storage to your HOUSE.
That is in effect the major reason why people want it, and to actually make it so difficult for the vast majority of players will miss out and frustrate them for no reason other than elite bullshit crap which does nothing for the game other than a who of a keyboard warrior

Only silly is demanding items for free, only things you deserve are that what you bought, this chest gives you nothing special u can buy it for 9k gold from other players and save bunch of time. RNG is RNG this is how MMO are made one people earn money cuz they are luckier than other rest will have to pay or can just skip this kind of events. If you are frustrated of your bad luck so… stop doing this, go do something else, time you spend droping this chest execpt time you go to drop 5x food and 3 gyps will be wasted in 4-5 hours you can earn gold to buy 2 chests from players who did it after killing 3-4 rabbits.

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