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We are creating a weekly thread in order to track feedback that popped up due to the most recent update Update 1.4.5.

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You can find our Update 1.4.5 Bug Megathread here.

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Hey, please find ongoing feedback [Megathread] PvP Missions

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Blunderbuss blunderbuss blunderbuss, had to say it three times because you guys seems to be ignoring this blatantly broken weapon. We know it’s the Devs flavour of the month weapon, but enough is enough.

Nothing in PTR to suggest this is going to change anytime soon :frowning:


Again another patch without any mention of the dreaded intermittent loss of one’s all achievements and titles?!

Aside from the normal response of “we are looking into this…” - how about a mention that a fix has been tried on this patch and let us know or at the very least mention that it is still being worked on and not just NO MENTION at all. Patch after patch and no resolution or attempt of resolving this maddening issue!

Blunderbuss is destroying me in 200 con heavy armor + 5 resilient. I dont know if this intended or not.

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Server - Castle of Steel - Neither boss in Sky Song are spawning - Just an FYI

New meta baby, so STR people don’t even have to reroll stats.

Anyway, that’s for another thread, let’s stick to the new bugs here.

I’ve stopped playing because of this. I had started a thread in the German section of this forum, politely asking for a fix of the bugs and better tuning. Knowing AGS tend to take their time for balancing I suggested doing a hotfix just with numbers to alleviate the issue, but to no avail: Eisstulpen und Donnerbüchse

That was three weeks ago and as far as I am concerned that’s way too long to not show any actual reaction in the game. We got the “looking into it” response there, too, but for a game that still is a lot about PvP it’s very problematic to not apply any kind of countermeasure for so long.

Plus, I probably wouldn’t have stopped for that case in itself, but we had a similar thing with VG when it was introduced. As much as I had been looking forward to Great Sword, I have lost my faith that this weapon won’t be overpowered, too, when introduced. From what I’ve seen, I must assume that we will then again have to wait for a fix too long and have to deal with broken PvP for months.

I just don’t see myself dealing with that kind of up and down every few months all over.

Let me be clear: The process itself is typical of any kind of PvP oriented game and I’m generally fine with that, since PvP balancing is an ever ongoing process and basically never finished. There’s two special problems with New World: If balance is broken it’s by a pretty huge margin and reaction times are FAR TOO LONG!

Great now can we address bb/ss one shot combo? You guys going to nerf healers playing medium and heavy, now they will have to go light no matter what, they will be dying from bb/ss all the time on pvp and probably a lot of healers are going to quick healers from my company and mages,melees are all tired of the one shot combo like please adjust this it just ruins the game experience when you only died to the same combo is just dumb I try going melee 250 con and still getting one shot with 5 pieces of resilience is this something you guys planned to be like???

  • Stamina nerf (light armour’s only defence)
  • BB one shot combo not addressed
  • SnS/Hatchet one shot combo not addressed
  • OPR boxes only drop repair parts
  • Stuttering / desync
  • Server lag.
  • Kills from dots don’t count as killing blows in OPR’s

were is the dislike button?!

It’s called uninstall. You can also leave a nice review on Steam, currently the game is:

And I don’t trust the steam review system any more, it should be already in a lower review state.

trust me, my steam review is all but positive. And I have updated it a couple of times to add more more of the great “features” they constantly add to the game!

At this point we should just respond to these threads with one comment:



The Tempest Replica gear being 597-600 feels really good, and finally rewards Crafters themselves and give a viable alternative to crafting with Timeless Shards.

My only comment regarding this is:

  • Why was it not applied to Genesis and Lazarus Replicas as well?
  • Why was it not applied to non-legendary Patterns as well (i.e. the ones from the Winter event).

Adding it to the above, would make those recipes and patterns actuallyt have value and not just sit in our inventory.

@Shadow_Fox @Centeotl @Luxendra @Zelme

A toggle for combat music plz. it’s severly needed. You have awesome music that is super immersive with the zones and it’s extremely annoying that it gets interrupted by those bloody drums especially with the mob density of your zones. Sometimes you have more drums in your ear than you have music

Also please we need more ways to search for what we want on the tp. Let us choose dex/str/int/focus stats how we want and let us set a price range at a minimum

Detailed Pattern Feedback

  • Legendary pattern drop rate is very very low, it needs to be much higher. It takes an insane amount to complete the aptitude circle once, and you have to complete the circle about 60 times to get a pattern. They are way too rare, and they are not even better than timeless shards from a crafting efficiency point of view.
  • Legendary Patterns are also underpowered, they has higher resource costs and lack the control on timeless shards for a marginally small benefit (i.e. 600 GS guaranteed) - with full crafting gear this is achievable 1 in 5 with timeless shards and having better control, the greatly increased extra resource cost in patterns are not worth the benefit.
  • Non-legendary patterns are in the same bad situation in that thier is little to no benefit to them, when compared to timeless shards. Their needs to be a greater incentive here, other than a different cosmetic looks. Because inherent model cosmetics are largely irrelevant due to the skin system, and definitely not enough of a payoff for using normal patterns.
  • Possible solution (Legendary Patterns): I would suggest greatly increase the drop rate and greatly reduce the material cost required (i would make them the same as the non-legendary pattern material cost).
  • Possible solution (Non-Legendary Patterns): I would suggest that non-legendary patterns have an inherent minimum GS increase +2 for using them. This will make them more viable for new players levelling as well. (This increasr GS +2 was successful with the the Tempest Replica gear in April Patch)
  • TDLR: Basically have the Legendary and non-Legedary pattern both use the nromal material costs, but thier special thing is they increase GS (+2 non-legendary, 600 GS legendary) and change cosmetic look.

Alternative Possible Solution:

  • Allow Patterns to apply 2 crafts mods instead of one, but exclude the selection of Attribute Craft mods completely. This would mean Patterns always randomize attributes, but have higher control of perks. Creating a different use case to Tmeless Shards.
  • Interesting potential here is this could allow Patterns to apply 2 exclusive perks which would create some unique combinations, and bring more interest here. With this allowance of double exclusive perks, the higher cost of Legendary patterns can be maintained as that would actually feel legendary.

Another Major failing of Patterns is that when they were implemened they were done with the same brush. Like each piece was not looked at individually and the same template just applied everywhere.

  • All the patterns use the 50-50 Elemental/Physical Armor Rating split, every single one of them.
  • Some of them should have 60/40 and 40/60 splits, you could even experiment with 70/30. To add more uniqueness to Patterns.
  • One the weapon side, you could experiment with different base crit chances and crit damages, or block stability.
  • Pattterns all also have the same perk buckets as the general crafted versions, if each had a different limited perk bucket set it would be interesting and allow a crafter to apply thier mind (similar to Dungeon Replicas), this could also allow themes to be carried over. E.g. the Winter Pattern weapons could have had all the Chain elements except Chain Ice removed from thier buckets. Some of the other Proc labelled perks could have been removed as well, then chances of rolling Chain Ice would have been greatly improved (to fit the Winter theme of the Weapon). Similarly the Winter Pattern Armors could have done the same to have a higher chance of Elemental Aversion, to represent surviving winter and the elements.

These type of things, even though they may seem small could actually be the incentive to craft these over using timeless shard, especially if a more experimental approach was taked with Patterns. This would be allowable as Patterns are less consistent in crafting, and have high resource costs and lower drop rates (or limitedly available through events). It would also be much more flavourful and unique.

Overall it is just sad that not a lot of effort was put into the design of individual Patterns, other than the cosmetic look. They could have been much much more.

The general one brush approach works for Timeless shards because you have much more control, you can control one Attribute, one craft mod and you can control the armor rating split (50/50, 60/40, 40/60). That is 3 control levers with Timeless Shards compared to Patterns 1 control lever currently. This is really the biggest issue, which is shocking considering the drop rates and material costs between the two systems.

Another potential idea:

Another suggestion is to have some armor patterns than have no weapon ability skill perks at all in it’s rolls (case 1), and ones that just focus on a single weapon only (case 2). Notably Weapon Patterns do not have this problem, as they are already limited to only focus on a single weapons weapon perks… and is a good example of the success case, but i’ll give more reasons below.

Case 1: Armor patterns than have no weapon ability skill perks
Case 2: Armor patterns that just focus on a single weapon only

Here is my reasons, based on current Pattern system:

  • Because you do not have the attribute control of Timeless shards with Patterns which go hand in hand with weapon skill perks, majority of the time you end up with unusable gear. Example: Having an Focus attribute with a Bow weapon perk, etc. The chances of getting something relevant is much much lower than Timeless Shards, and differs between single stat/hybrid stat weapon perks (i.e. Patterns are slightly better for Hybrid weapons).
  • I have recently been trying to craft PvP gear with the new Flame Conditioning perks which has proven to be a massive challenge even when using Timeless Shards, due to them having a unique Exclusive Label and not being natural to any of the perk buckets. The highest chance to do this is you set the timeless attribute to CON and use the craft mod for Conditioning, which leads to the problem… All the skill perks are then something you can hit and outnumber everything else in the perk bucket. So the chances of you ever getting Resilient+Flame Conditioning+ (a generic perk or relevant weapon skill perks) is near zero (0.0218% - Assuming 4 skills viable wapon perks weapons and 7 generic).
  • This boils down to a 1 in 4587 crafts, which is an absurd amount and I think it is the most difficult Perk combo to achieve in the entire game and I was being generous allowing 4 weapon perks and 7 generic as the third roll.
  • Normal PvP Best in Slot with same assumptions, i.e. Resilent+Weapon Skill perk+viable generic - 0.2525%, which is a 1 in 396 crafts. Which is a more than a factor of 10 less, meaning I can craft a full BiS gear set and have still not even come close to reaching that 4587 number.

I understand that things are supposed to be difficult, but they should also be realistically achievable. In the current systems, I do not think that crafting any BiS armor with the new Conditioning mods (i.e. Flame Conditioning, Abyssal Condition, etc), is realistically achievable.

So solve this problem, solutions like the Double craft mod for Patterns (earlier in post), or to use Case 1 and/or Case 2 models presented here will bring this more in line with existing BiS crafting chances.

OPR Patterns

  • Add Rusher (OPR) Item Patterns to faction shop, so people who push influence (i.e. Open world PvP) and do wars have access to it without being forced to non-stop grind Outpost Rush to get Rusher Gear.
  • These Rusher Patterns can use the current Pattern System, but need to use the same limited perk bucket (PvP focussed) of the Rusher Gear rewarded from Outpost Rush.
  • This can also be a test-case or pilot system for redefining patterns to each have designed limited perk buckets, designed around various things/themes.

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