[Megathread] New World Update 1.5.0 Feedback

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a weekly thread in order to track feedback that popped up due to the most recent update Arenas.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

You can find our Update 1.5.0 Bug Megathread here.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the Update 1.5.0 out of this Megathread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

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I like the update to the crafting UI! Somethign I think could also be implemented and improved is by adding the ability to sort based off of stat on the Trading Post!

I would also like to bring to your attention that a lot of players think removing RNG from the crafting system would greatly improve it.

I love the game you all made and look forward to playing it for years to come!

Going for a heavy freeze hardly seems worth it anymore now that the root changes are live. It used to be a reliable set-up for ice spike and allowed for IG users to not rely entirely on ice shower for CC, but now I see no other option.

For starters, there’s way too many conditions that need to be met with a very miniscule reward. You need to 1. apply a status effect 2. charge a heavy attack that is easily interruptible and i-frameable 3. land the shot within a 3 second window (1s in storm on average and 2 secs unending thaw). All for a single target, 1 second root, that takes 1 dodge to be immune during it’s entire duration, not accounting for diminishing returns.

Please change it to a 1 second stun rather than a root. So many weapons have more CC at the press of a single button that can hit more people and last longer. Skilled gameplay should be rewarded instead of punished.

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Where to begin? Mind you I’m a stark defender of this game and I quite enjoy it. But how in the hell did you manage to make OPR awful? Building up forts is a blast, but that also means that you can build the command tent and use the explosives to kill the baroness in seconds without having to leave the comfort of your fort. You can also build the doors up on the two far outside forts so that you only end up fighting over the middle fort. This in turn forces everyone to fight in a small space and whoever is inside first will consistently win because the healers can’t heal over the walls. Essentially becoming a stalemate and boring af.

I get that you guys want to balance the game but healers have only ever been nerfed since launch and the last nerf kinda feels like the last straw. Why have healers anyway when you can just play a bruiser and survive by dodging or drinking pots? Healers have zero safety because they are now forced to wear light armor (not even medium will do), and be right next to the action in order to heal.

In a patch that I was very much looking forward to coming back and playing this feels like a slap in the face to OPR and healers. I still stand by my comments that maybe you guys should stop releasing patches every month so that you can take the time to make sure everything is good. Maybe the desperation to save the game is getting to be too much?

I’m starting to hope that maybe you just take the game offline and put it back in the oven for another year to see if you can fix all the issues that have been created. Tell your parent company, Amazon, to give you more money.


Stamina nerf is a turn in the wrong direction for pvp. It makes the game slow and clunky. Kind of like intentionally rooting yourself so you regain stamina. Please revert back to old stamina regen to 1 second. Majority of New World heavily dislikes this change.


This patch is overall great, it is the most fun I have had in this game since launch. OPR feels more balance, the CC diminish return changes makes you feel like you can actually play the game now with a variety of weapons. Healers feel so good now, not in a too overpowered way, but in a usability way. Even when I don’t have a healer in my group, I can feel heals coming in OPR. This was needed.

That said there are some issues that need to be addressed:

  • Firstly, you need to remove the cost of Attribute Respecing or change it from Gold to Azoth. I respec’d 5 times yesterday (patch launch day) between playing Arena, OPR and dungeons and back again. This is due to Arena not providing Split Attribute food. It feels bad spending 1000g on respecting. Weapons are respec’d with Azoth, why not Attributes as well. No-one is really crafting single stat food (with legendary fish) to play their OPR, cause split stat food is much cheaper. So this clash between Arena food and OPR food is always going to be an issue.

  • I am finding it impossibly hard to get access to the new PvP perk mods, you need to increase the number of craft mods in a single potion pack. Realistically it will take me multiple rolls to craft a BiS 600 item, and I only got 1 craft mod in my Potion Pack yesterday. Now I have no idea when that same pack type is going to come around again, and it is Bind of Pickup so I cannot get from others. Also there is a cap on PvP exp so I cannot keep going thorough the Levels to try and roll into the correct Potion pack. I am stuck at my 1 craft mod. Realistically I am going to need like 15-30 craft mods of the same type to stand a chance of getting a good item. Please add the Potion Packs to the Faction Vendor to be able to be purchased with Faction tokens or greatly increase the number of craft mods in the Potion Packs (5 per pack would be good - basically 1 round of crafting, cause it might be a week before I get the same pack to appear in the reward rotation again).


  • first intrigued by the stamina change, it’s actually a good change to avoid this constant roll fest that we had previously. People will say it’s dumb decision for comfort, not balance.

  • the heal nerf is what was needed for balance. No more immortal players who rush in every CC knowing he won’t die because his pocket healer was behind. People will say it’s dumb decision for comfort, not balance.

  • haven’t tested the bow yet but having them as opponent is a bit more challenging than before.

  • a bit more of open world pvp has been created with this patch, but for how long…

  • people already abusing mechanics. Those who pretend to like pvp and spend their time doing pvp quest without fighting or switching fort to obtain the maximum lvl. Consider the players won’t play by the rules when you design such things.

  • arena needs separate queue for premades and solo. No fun for both sides when it happens.

  • economy is yet to evolve with the new ori/starmetal veins.

  • last but not least : be careful to QA properly your patches, especially when you create systems that affect others.
    We can forgive minor bugs, but the “N” bug in OPR is a bit too big to be for forgiven, knowing the patch is one month in PTR/testing.
    Looks like you developed only considering the scope of the arenas, whereas other systems depend on what you modified to achieve it.


I play mainly solo heavy armour paladin with life staff and hammer…thks for ruining my game play with this heavy nerf on healing… that’s it…I’m gone.


You wont miss anyone. you sneaky player tank wanabe healer and never die.

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Arenas are a lot of fun, but they suffer from the same problems as OPR… randoms should not be matched against premades - it’s not fun. It’s trivial and not challenging for the premades, and its horrifically demoralizing and boring to be dominated as the randoms.

It’s equally not fun to have no control over the types of people going into the matches. Multiple healers being the big example.

These 2 areas have a strong impact on the overall fun you can get out of these PVP game modes. Premades should be separated unless their queue time reaches some threshold, at which point randoms should be matched (because SOMEthing is better than nothing).

But we really need to be able to specify roles - and dps needs to be broken out by weapons or damage type or ranged vs melee or whatever.

Please dear god… when the expedition finder comes… role definitions MUST be fixed and SHOULD be implemented back into these other game modes.



You just need to be able to have a editable description for the group in a group Finder. For instance Gen M10, DD,Tank, Healer.

When you get the healer edit.

Gen M10, DD,Tank,

GW2 group finder works like this. works well.

a group finder may make it harder to find a group believe it or not though :slight_smile:

But I suppose we should have one.

All in all This was a good addition. The 3V3 arena’s do heavily favour organised company groups but no much you can do about that.

Perhaps in the future expand on PVP arena’s have 5v5, cap points, and other objectives. May open it up a bit to general play. You will still have a big adv if you have comms etc. But that’s just the way it is.

PVP reward track another good idea, got me doing OPR more. Perhaps fix the XP cheeses though :stuck_out_tongue:

If you on about random match making which is something completely different by the way, that may be difficult to auto sought, unless they add a way of marking your role somewhere when you join a random queue.

It’s toxic, goodbye

Remove the Azoth Salt and PvP exp rewards from the PvP missions in Neutral Zones (Great Cleave, Shattered Mountain and Edengrove). It is incentivizing all the faction running the missions together with no-one attacking each other becasue there is no drawback. This would not happen in Territory controlled zones, because the people who own the town would not be happy with it.

The current behavior is against the spirit of PvP, and is basically similair to the Fort Exploit (just a cheat for fast PvP rewrds).

Fort cap time increase was a good change, incentivizes more open world PvP.

But please stop making the faction vendor give you the Fort Capture mission when the fort is locked to the enemy. Or just remove the Fort Locked Mechanic entirely.

You need to add free Gemstone Dust and Oakflesh Balm to Arena to help assist Melee Bruisers against Range Mages/Archer/Musklets. It is what they would use normally outside of Arena.

After a number of large scale opev world PvP and OPRs in the new system, I do think we need more sources of Disease for Mass Healers and Heavy Zergs.

With the fix to “Nullifying Oblivion” you cannot stop Fortified Sacred Ground healing in big zerg fights.

Possible Fix: Remove the 50% HP requirement of Plagues Crits and increase the disease from Plagued Splitting Grenade to a highe percentage. More new perks or sources that apply disease would also help.

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The rewards for losing a match of arena feel very disappointing when losing. I am not saying to give free handouts for getting stomped or even going afk.

My suggestion would be that the reward scales with the amount of wins you gained. So if you lose 0:3 you get the same reward as you do now but when you lose 2:3 you will gain 2/3 of the rewards for a win.


You have completely broken the balance in PVP. Ranged users are weak foxes waiting to be hunted down by the overpowered melees. Specially spears, they are deleting every class out of the game. And you buffed then again and again because you wanted it to be played, but people didn’t use them because they didn’t have the utility of great axe in wars. But it was pretty strong in 1vs1. You kept buffing it, and now we have an insanely overpowered spear in arenas, thanks to your negligence.