[Megathread] New World Update 1.5.5 Feedback

change to OPR Gypsum

What do you mean? There were only changes in the PvP arena.

OPR gypsum is 1 gypsum for 1 cast now. Not in notes.

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Glad to hear that!

Great change to arenas. Feel rewarded with the right amount of xp now. Please look at opr next. I believe 500xp if u lose, not worth it. Why would I do that for 25 minutes when I can get so much more in arenas.


@Luxendra Why is the change with the OPR Gypsum not in the changelog?

im pretty sure its 2k xp for loss and 2.5k for win…

Did they change it then? Last time I played I only got 500xp for losing and quit after that lol

you need 3k points.

basically if you afk and do nothing or the game ends WAY to quickly you wont get full value.

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The perfect example why pvp needs to be again reworked

Man the ffing poison shot at the beginning annoys the F outta me.
This should not be possible, especially if u have a pre-made doing ice shower on the left and poison shot on the right.

100% agree here. I decided to try 3v3 with the new gypsum, and honestly was the worse experience I have ever had in New World. At least in BowPR you has a small chance, as a solo in 3v3 you have zero chance.

Basically just kept playing to randomly roll that 50% change at gypsum with 3 losses.

Terrible game mode.

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This is related to XP Extravaganza.
I primarily dabble in the market and grinds trade skills, these are what brings me the most joy in this game. I’m very disappointed that, as a tradeskill grandmaster, I do not get to participate in the XP Extravaganza. I get no xp bonus for any of my skilling. I wish there was something that skillers mains could get excited about for this event.

Better rewards for arena/opr is appreciated.

fcking stun game

At this rate I have more salt then I will ever be able to spend.

Camping Not Unlocked Yet

This bug is still in the game. Please fix it.

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You need bigger servers, this game is doomed while the servers are capped at 2k.

this game requires instanced realms.

Despite having low player numbers, I’m still stuck in a queue to play with the few players left. This just means I will go play something else, this will continue until numbers drop until people can log in without queues, at this point you have lost even more players…

Can’t increase server cap without more territories/land. I play on capped server, and resource gathering is a nightmare.

Every Ironwood Tree, Lodestone, etc is basically camped.

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