[Megathread] New World Update 1.6.0 Feedback

It works for me when not in combat but it failed to completely pop off 10 times in a row while in combat running down the road. It’s not a visual bug either as there is no dmg taken after a short time like it normally is. I waited it out to see with mob beating on me.

Did you aim your cursor on the mob for the grav well so it hits the mob? I’ve gotten it to pretty consistently work doing that and it consistently misses when I aim at the ground, in the air, or anyone that isn’t exactly on an enemy mob.

This was true before the patch, and will still be true even if the remove Keen and Vicious.

There is a fundamental problem here:

  • Basically you need Blessed + Refreshing Move (because Refreshing/Refreshing Evasion is not in the bucket), and the Last perk you want to be the Skill perk you need. So nothing else is workwhile, and if you get a epic Blessed + Refreshing Move, then Will of the Ancients is just better. So it comes down to you either get 3 perk BiS or Will of the Ancients.

The problem is not Keen/Vicious (though that is dumb as well, and should be removed), but they need to add Refreshing and Refreshing Evasion to the Lifestaff perk Bucket, and give them a high chance to occur.

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New World Summer Medleyfaire Update has a lot of items that I do find fun and interesting, as well as addressing some much needed tweaks to improve rewards etc. I definitely commend the devs for these adjustments. However, while i understand the need for a competitive environment in the game I don’t follow the current parasitic system that has been created with the Mauddlinbug Swarms. The Maudlinbug Swarm harvesting activity is not a competitively driven activity. You have established a system where 1 or a team of people provide the efforts to harvest the Maudlinbugs and dust, only to allow others to harvest the outcome of theirs skills/labors. You are essentially teaching people how to be parasitical and leeching off the efforts of others in the game. I think this is most likely one of the poorest examples of a destructive social experiment that I have currently seen in a gaming environment. Not only do the individuals participating in the parasitical audience get to harvest the additional “dust” produced from there efforts but the player/players get locked into a set of reward screens to be able to watch has other players take the additional spoils. I do understand that there are greater potential for rewards by doing the activity. I have talked to as well as have participated in this event and basically feel like I have been held behind a wall while someone robs me. You are essentially teaching people to be sneaky while they lurk on the cusp of the activity field and then thieves as they take the spoils of others efforts. While I have no problem with competition I do not find parasitical or the employment of it as a method in a gaming system ethical or constructive and would rather see in a game that in its intent is to be competitive but not destructive. If your intent was to create and encourage this type of behavior and environment I think you are going to be very successful, if not I highly suggested finding another solution.


Imagine the shitshow if they disable performances.


Honestly for the Length of the PTR, it is sad how many bugs there are. Some things flat out don’t work anymore. It just shows that you (AGS) cannot do content and balance in the same patch. Instead of doing nothing on June PTR, you should have done the perk changes then as a balance patch, and left the Summer stuff solo for July. Now you didn’t have time to look at even 20% of the bugs reported and just shipped the terrible patch to LIVE. Look at PTR 4-6, barely any changes and you spent so much time trying to fixed the Group Finder and didnt even ship that.


Also don’t understand the purpose of Expedition Replica crafting now that you have destroyed all the unique perk buckets they had. Why would anyone craft with a Replica over using a Stopwatch or Timeless Shard. Even Patterns are better than Replicas now.

Replicas are Bind on Pickup, but there is no incentive to craft them, nothing special at all.

Nah I rolled life staff right before patch and after. The rolls for physical attack perks are significantly higher than prior to patch. While it is true it was always an issue, it was made much worse with this patch as the game is prioritizing things such as keen, vicious, etc.

If you set Blessed you negate Vicious.

If i could afford the slivers :[

Not all have all items from dungeons. I have seen ppl returning to the game still asking for smooth bone ring.

That has nothing to do with Replicas. That is Materia crafting it is a different thing to what I was talking about.

I understand that the naming is actually very confusing, cause Fabricating is actually more like Replicating than the actual Replicas are.

Ahh srry i did not understand it properly then, my bad.

Gold and Perfect Salvage banner to big and in the middle of the screen, I can’t Quick Salvage items, I need to wait till banner goes away to see if I want to salvage next item


Is it intended or a bug that the expertise bumps are not increased?

There are greatsword bugs listed in the known issues thread for patch 1.6.



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That’s not how grav well works. It’s not popping off. There is no aiming to do or anything.

My brother, I pray for you. You determine where the grav well ends up based off where you aim your cursor. It doesn’t just randomly show up next to you.


Life staffs abilities that interact with the map are also bugged. If you throw Beacon or Orb at ground it will just disappear. I think if you hit grav well directly at the target it might work, but yeah it sucks. Even more because this bug was reported on PTR… pretty sad they didn’t fix it before live.

Another thing I didn’t understood is the reagents. I didn’t play the PTR so I though they would unify the tiers of the reagents. Why keep 3 different tiers of items if now they function exactly the same? It’s really confusing for a new player.

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