[Megathread] New World Update 1.6.6 Feedback

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a weekly thread in order to track feedback that popped up due to the most recent update, 1.6.6.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

You can find our Update 1.6.6 Bug Megathread here.

Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the 1.6.6 Update out of this Megathread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!

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Up EU server please, i wanna play, that is my drug :smiley:

In regard to Update 1.6.6 hurry tf up. Thank You.

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**I am having to talk to my Family during this update…please make it stop!!! I need to game they annoy me and want to know how my day was…:slight_smile: **

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For reference.

1.6.6 scheduled 1.5hr (+1hr extended so total of 2.5hr) downtime is taking 3.5hrs now.

Tried looking at my achievements this morning. Got a page of " < Uninitialized >" where achievements and categories should be. (spaces not there on the screen, just to avoid messing with the forum code.

About your fix for being placed in queue when server has ample space. This occurred at 6:10 AM on 9/24/22 when NWDB showed about 755 players logged in to Castle of Steel.

Also, about your fix to achievements not showing…

On the bright side, titles now show when achievements do not.