[Megathread] November Monthly Release Update Feedback Megathread

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We are creating a weekly thread in order to track feedback that popped up due to the November Monthly Release. You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

You can find our [Bug Megathread] November Monthly Release (1.1) here.

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Let me start by saying, I have only been playing for just over a month and have already put 300 hours into this game. I’ve fallen in love with it and been planning what I’m going to do etc, as an eex-OSRS player I knew I wanted to max my professions, and I knew I wanted to farm a set of faction gear before WM Farming (for pvp and to make life easier). Even with no real end game atm I’ve been having so much fun on my (very low population) server just running around farming and refining and crafting to push 200 armouring, It felt great to finally achieve that.

Crafting Changes
But now, I can not carry on enjoying myself. The crafting “Change”(nerf) is horrible, effectively you’ve made a large chunk of players feel like they have missed out, this is not a good thing, knowing that because of no real good reason AGS have decided to nerf crafting and cause anyone whos not already max to have to farm at a minimum an extra 30% Coin/Materials to achieve the same level I could of farmed with reduced grind 24 hours before. This feels TERRIBLE from a player PoV. The grind (although I enjoyed it) was already very long (especially on a dead server where you need to farm everything yourself and manage storage limited crafting stations high level etc) before the update but now its just worse, and it makes it feel even worse from knowing what it was before/what others used to max.

Faction PvP Quests
This is again a change that just adds to and makes an already long grind even worse, this gear is for PvP players and to start people on there end game journey (end game soon. TM). This grind has now also been made a lot longer, more interactive, but just as brainless and boring. This again is a terrible decision and as a player who has only just swapped factions and started farming faction gear I again feel like I’m being forced to do a longer/worse/more boring/whatever grind than I would of had to do a day before.

The Good
On the bright-side we have a great team of Devs who keep in communication with the community really well, and clearly care a lot about the game, the void gauntlet is very sick and I love the idea of being able to play a full support build with the life staff. And I understand theyre getting a lot of backlash and hate when they have had to rush a game out and deal with a lot of other set backs/issues. This is no hate to the devs all the other changes are great, but I really think you should re think the new PvP quests and Crafting changes, I’m more than happy to sit around for months and wait for some real end game like a raid or arena or whatever while just skilling and gathering. But this update has really put me off the game, I’ve reinstalled WoW which has been off my PC since I started playing New World, but at this point I don’t see the point of playing, I’m, already on a dead server waiting for merges, but now the only things I can actually do on my server have been made into a wayyy worse experience.

Hopefully the dev team sees the issues and reverts this change and works on a better way of encouraging PvP and whatever they wanted to do with crafting (which I don’t even quite understand what they wanted to do with it or why) and implements it at a later date once the kinks have been worked out.



Are you seriously thinking, that increasing the exp you need to get to 200, then requiring the additional work of getting all the low tier stuff to higher tier stuff, is not going to cripple the crafters that did not already take advantage of your loop hole to get to 200? They need to be nerfed down with the rest of us. If you do not want them to be the only people crafting. They got there on the lowest tier items, in what will without a doubt now, be far less time than anyone else will have to put in. And while the rest of us will just give up because of the vault you put between us and them, they will reap the rewards.

While they are at the top, having taken advantage of your mistake here, the rest of us have no hope of catching up. You have officially created your own 1% in New World. Is that your goal?

track how much exp they would have gotten in the current system… lower them to that point. Otherwise, you are killing the crafting system in this game. It is already in a bad state. Leave it like this and it is dead other than the people that already got there without the effort you say it “should” require.


Hello, When using the void gauntlets and and you are using the oblivion ability and we get the damage increase buff, can we have a cd timer for how long it will last.


Sorry, a point I forgot to include in my original posting.

Honestly, either cut them down to where their exp would put them, or realize your new mistake. If you made changes… it should have been to make the rewards for farming up the higher items to craft better things reward far more. Not increasing the exp needed and the time that will take by forcing the rest of us to use a system they did not have to. Put us all on the same system. That is all we ask. You raise the exp up for higher tier items, then no one is punished, they got there, and they would have gotten there in the same manner if they did what they did. If we do what they did now, we would not be anywhere near 200. So why are they?


I come back after the patch and I can’t list anything on auction house due to my bank is full I try to take some stuff out and I cannot move I take half and walk to auction house and my bank is still overweight so I cannot list these items if I take everything out of the Bank I’m so overweight I can’t move how am I supposed to list everything this is a bunch of crap I am so upset right now I could care less I’m seriously thinking of leaving this game uninstalling iuninstalling it I am so upset!!!


what on earth happened to elite zones, used to be able to 5 man them, just tried to 7 man malevolence and it was beyond horrible. nobody did any damage, despite having the same damage numbers. as before the patch. the mobs have been scaled into high heaven and are almost unkillable now.

with loot being best as a 5 man group, elite zone loot is dead. to beat this i expect atleast a 20+ group fully kitted out will be needed




Firstly im a big pvper and know a bunch of pvpers, all 10+ bow players I’ve spoke to since testing this change in PTR have said they are respeccing and changing from bow, including myself due to this one simple change:

We are now stuck in a long animation after firing a shot, you used to be able to light attack then use an ability straight away (double shot) and/or roll/dodge away instantly, now you have to wait 1 whole second no matter what you shoot, before shooting or using another ability. This makes the bow now feel useless, predictable and clunky as were are always locked into an animation without being able to do anything. Bow was already a mid tier or lower but its only saving grace was that it felt fun to use if you were good with it, now it is terrible and feels terrible.

The wort part is hitting with a light attack then cancelling the recovery with another ability is an option on countless weapons and wasn’t nerfed, the only one weapons that has this mechanic removed were bow and fire staff with pillar of fire cancel, to my knowledge and bow wasn’t op or anything because of this mechanic.

Animation cancelling (when not op) is usually great for pvp and creates a higher skill ceiling, so why remove it? the pvp in this game already has a very limited skill ceiling.

Please revert, dont just put buff the bow in replacement because it will still feel clunky. Thanks


Can we have One-Time 1 house refund please? Or like let us able to just sell 1 house one time. I already bought houses in WW, Everfall, and Brightswood mainly for the trading post. Now trading post are linked. I’d like to help out my faction which they don’t own these three town. It is not worth it to teleport to my faction’s town with full weight at 300+ azoth cost. So I still forced to sell in where my houses are located. I’m sure most ppl bought houses in WW or EF already. Thanks


I’ve been told feedback threads are not taken care by devs to introduce or not introduce new stuff every update, sorry if I’m wrong, but anyway I will submit my opinion on one point. Crafting XP.

Crafting XP update is the reason me and my group of friends have left the game. I mean, we have actually left the game, it’s not some kind of 24h rage quit. We’ve talked a couple hours about it and it feels the right choice for us.

It felt terrible, like an unfair shadow update. It’s not like you told us a month ago than next big update gonna change things that big, no way. Even worse, after disabling auction house a couple of days…

You said on patch notes

“Once players unlock a new tier of recipes (e.g. Iron > Steel), the XP requirements to continue progressing by just crafting things at the previous tier will be significantly diminished. However, it should still take the same amount of effort to progress the crafting skill if you craft items in the highest tier you are capable of crafting.”

Which isn’t true. Crafting with higher tier materials it’s expensive than before but that could be ok if the xp gained would be the same as before… which isn’t!. So patch notes are wrong or… pants on fire!.

Worst part of it is not warning players of that big, superlative, massive change. Not even a week before… So players like me (cause this is not a rage quit of a 140-150 skill craft player) with a few 200’s on my bag (I have arcana, engineering and armoring) have a HUGE UNFAIR advantage over players who had no time to react, who didn’t knew what were coming. Not talking about new players…

So we have a combo here. Unfair vs full community and unfair player progression vs another player. Do we need to talk about people with life (job, family, etc)?. Now the game is fully guild or no life oriented (which is my case). But you should want to create a community here, a full coloured community with all kind of player, with all kind of people. If the goal is “just the tryhard will survive” then game is the one not surviving on the long run, and that is depressing cause me, and many like me love this game. It’s awesome, but these kind of stuff is ruining all the fun, all the hype to playing it.

As I said before, best wishes, I hope better decisions come into play in the future to fulfill NW potential and long life everyone!


You brought in a delay between a light shot and a penetrating shot with a bow in the recent patch that wasn’t in notes that has ruined the kill potential of the weapon in pvp and I’ll be quitting the game if this was intentional and permanent just wondering if it is or if its a mistake


This patch has a few nice changes.
However the amount of bugs and nerfs introduced which I won’t list here, just read the forum for that, make this game fundamentally broken in more ways that one.
Your internal testing is broken and worthless, your QA couldn’t catch a bug even if their lives depended on it.
Balance is broken,
Crafting is broken, those who had time and resources to fully level up their trade skills (often sponsored by their companies) have a huge advantage over those who are half way there.
Endgame PVE is broken.
Wars are broken (insane lag).
Communication with your players is still broken, our feedback is ignored.
Many bugs which have been reported in closed beta are still not fixed.

I write this here because I still care a little for this game, but you, devs, seem to not care at all.
My prediction is that by March 2022 this game will be mostly dead.


Why all the ninja nerfs to watermark increasing?

Also, the team must not be great at math because the effort to level crafting is not the same after the changes.

Terrible update.


You made it nearly impossible to max out the crafting skills. I realize you didn’t want people doing it in a week but this change is outrageous. I am at 150 engineering and getting those last 50 levels solo would take a lifetime. Many of my other skills are 150 as well or at least 100. All gathering at 200. You’ve simply made it for those of us who didn’t have 10 people help us to max our skills nearly impossible without making it a full time job.

Won’t ever be able to craft those 600gs legendary weapons or armor because of this change. Bad enough I got to 60 leveling up engineering and armorsmithing just by gathering the required items and still cannot craft gear appropriate for my level. 150 engineering and I can only craft junk. Useless waste of time at this point.


The bank being overweight has stopped many players from being able to post items on the auction house this has been a horrible mistake! devastating to the population of new world


So over the course of the last month+, my /played says 703 hours.
Play time is not make my opinion more or less valid than other’s, but I would like to just simply state that I am not just making knee jerk responses to this patch.

So for the good. There are quite a few changes that I’ve seen that have been suggested by the community here which tells me that the community manager is either listening and passing on some of the suggestions or the devs are were already working on the changes. Considering the time taken to enact said changes, I would think the credit goes to the community managers. So kudos to you.

Since I am not a network engineer nor am I a coder, I cannot speak on how to improve some of the lag or duping issues that are popping up. These are obvious items that need to be addressed but I cannot speak on them.

As a gamer since the 90s, I can comment on game mechanics that I feel are either unbalanced, unfair, or just bad in my opinion. Now these are my personal opinions and do not reflect others whether vocal minority or other.

  • pvp flag luck
    I made a joke that when I hit 60, it was time to turn off pvp flag because there was 0 incentive to be flagged. Adding a luck aspect to flagging is a great idea and I support it. I think the numbers might be a bit high considering that if you look at the other luck improving aspects of the game ( gear, trophies, territory control, food buff ) there are no single points where you can get that much luck in 1 go. While supporting the change, I think the numbers should be tuned down.

-inventory management minigame/job
I believe i understand what the team was trying to accomplish by limiting storage space in New World. I believe you wanted an economy where people sold their extras on the trading post and not hoard massive stashes of resources to make sure that people engage in the trading post and constantly go out to do different things. While I think this was your goal, the current method of implementation of achieving this goal is massively hindering my personal enjoyment of the game. if I wish to do anything, I have to play a minigame of trying to balance my storage before I do anything and even then I have very little space to work with. This is all the more exacerbated by the fact that you weight system is limited to .01 as the lightest item. While .01 may seem insignificant, when you have stacks of crafting items stacking to 10,000 and some of the crafting requirements to require a ridiculous amount… it all adds up to be a rather unenjoyable experience.

Now to avoid playing this minigame, I and a few other players that I know of have utilized a 2nd account to use as a “mule” account. This was recently “fixed” in the most recent patch and caused those accounts to be useless. They will now be used for withdrawls ( if we use them at all ) and after they are emptied, they will be retired.
Now the 2nd account may be an edge case, but the pain of dealing with the storage minigame is not an uncommon complaint on these forums. There are plenty of people who have been using the trading post as storage as well and that has been changed as well.

Now please understand the reason that people go through lengths to find storage solutions. The current storage solution is very bad. It is very limiting and the benefits of gaining a house and orichalcum chests are tiny compared to the amount of resources that are needed to accomplish anything. To add insult to injury, +25 storage weight per territory perk card is a slap to the face.

My humble suggestions are as follows:

-increase base capacity of storage shed to 2000
-increase amount of storage per perk card to 250 per card or increase by 5 per card obtained.
-increase amount of storage chests allowed in houses
-increase capacity increase of storage chests by x10

in the meantime, revert changes to trading when character is overweight and revert the trading post posting limitation while shed is full.

At maximum perks and chests, it should be perfectly viable to achieve 10,000 to 15,000 storage capacity in a shed.


After this update, which is by far easily one of the worst updates I’ve had the displeasure of experiencing first hand out of pretty much every MMO game I’ve played, I’m not sure how I’ll find the effort tomorrow enough to launch the game, let alone join the world, and that’s not even considering actually finding something fun to do… Like really. The most fun I can think of right now is decorating my house, which considering the state of the game, I’ll probably end up being unable to end up paying for due to taxes and my methods of making money now being completely ruined.

I was having so much fun the past few days after finally having hit 60, running around, doing elite runs, and enjoying elite content in general. I was having fun working on grinding out my watermark with other people.

Today when I joined the game, pretty stoked to see what the new update would bring, initially I was excited to see the void gauntlet, but 3 hours later, I think the only thing that was actually added this update is utter disappointment pretty much all around. I can’t tell if some of the things added in this update is an awful attempt at an extremely early April Fools joke, or if somehow these things were something people actually sat down and thought about. In fact I’m struggling to think of an instance where someone wouldn’t be disappointed this update.

There’s now pretty much no one looking to do elite runs because of the horrible PvE changes, the marketplace is messed up and a nightmare to use.

The only thing untainted? Skilling and resource farming. Oh, wait, I forgot, that was affected too.

I guess the only remotely fun thing for me to do in this game now is to run around completely naked farming resources so I can jump in and out of having feelings of depression when I see how little XP those hours of resource farming now yield. I mean, I can’t do a lot of DPS since I’m a healer, when I go to an elite area to give it a go, pretty much no one is interested, and it’s now a major struggle for me to take an insignificant elite mob solo. There’s no incentive for me to run around with gear on me flagged to farm resources because it’s just another cost (especially with higher tier gear), so I can just strip off thanks to the new broken flagged luck and run around naked completely avoiding having to spend any more coins than absolutely necessary to do so when I inevitably die to a large PvP group.

If my sarcasm above hasn’t already made it clear, I’ll put it more plainly; this update sucks.


My feedback is to play the game for 4 hours each day of the week, and report back here what you liked and disliked about it.

Than improve what you disliked about it, and expand what you liked about it.

Game will improve in no time if every person working at AGS does this.