[Megathread] November Monthly Release Update Feedback Megathread

Agreed. Not only is the new crafting situation unfair. I mean we are literally leveling in two different systems which is appalling. There is also the storage issue. We have to make these high tier items, which are not worth all that much exp… but in addition to that, where they could hold like, not real numbers here, 10000 iron to craft the low level garbage items, if we try now, you have the 10000 iron, which then becomes 2500 steel, then 625 starmetal, then 157 orichalcum. Again, not necessarily true numbers, just for a point. They could have made tons of weapons with this storage compared to what we could now do. We literally have to spend days getting the stuff to make… 10 items.


Several things went sour with these new changes.

1: Crafting experience
The changes to crafting were far to drastic to be beneficial in the long run. Changing both experience needed and lowering experience gained was a bad move. It is far too difficult and expensive to level a trade. And most weaponsmithing is not worth leveling due to legendary materials being Bind On Pickup… honestly who thought of that.

2: Bow fluidity
Whatever changes were made to the bow need to be reverted. Being stuck in an animation makes gameplay feel clunky which goes against the claims of the patch. Also the delay between abilities being used has removed a core combo for bow users and further gimps their ability to outplay more simple melee combos while being mobile.

3: Elite farms
Elites are WAY overturned currently. A group of experienced players with average 570GS with elite quest corruption bane weapons shouldn’t be struggling to take down basic myrkguard elites. It’s not even that they are difficult, but on a normal run I could use about 300 or so arrows assuming my aim was decent. Now I need to bring a full stack, plus another, plus corruption tinctures just to survive. Bosses are damage sponges, with one-shot basic attacks. And the runs aren’t even worth the loot anymore.

These changes hurt your most dedicated players. The game is already losing population and this is pushing more and more out.


Where are the Varangian Knights? The patch notes said they were in southeast Aeternum but this “feedback quest” showed up in southwest Aeternum. I was interested long enough to finish it and notice there was nothing else.

Why did you even say those things in the patch notes?

Just went with a small group of 3 level 60s whos average gear score is over 550 to Scorpius. It took us 12 minutes to break down each door. During that time the adds (outside one was a tentacle) respawned. I don’t know why you’d buff a level 50 4 star elite door to the point that 3 people well geared and 10 levels higher can’t kill it in a reasonable amount of time. You have made this game a chore and challenge to play and the honey moon phase is over. You either need to significantly up the amount of damage that is put out against PVE or reduce the health of the mobs.

I understand that you have upcoming patches for further weapon balance, but how did you guys let the current one pass right now? The Great Axe is extremely overtuned, and the warning and feedback was given. Just because you have more balance patches doesn’t mean you use the feedback for those patches, use it for the patch its being used. All of these changes didn’t have to come through.

Bloodlust + Reap + Root…really?

Thank you @NW_Mugsy for talking to us. I am writing this from a place of constructive feedback. I love this game for what it almost is, and definitely has the potential to be. With that said I have some feedback on your statements:

We were led to expect feedback to be considered BEFORE implemented in live servers by your team here: Announcing the Public Test Realm Specifically:

We will do our best to address as much of your feedback as possible before the content update makes its way to our live servers.

And we know the reason why we were ignored:

The problem is:

Unless it is a bugfix, updates should not be hamfisted into the game. If a release isn’t ready, or isn’t being received well, something is wrong and it needs to be delayed. Quality has proven to be the driving factor for lasting games over quantity. Please learn from Shigeru Miyamoto:

A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is bad forever.

With that said I agree wholeheartedly with you here:

Which is why I, personally, am not as concerned about balance changes that can always be tweaked. Other changes that are much harder, if not impossible, to revert that hamfisted into the game, like trade post linking and crafting XP changes are much more concerning.

It was common knowledge by most of us players that jewelcrafting and Cooking we’re not getting bonus XP. Also, the other crafting skills, even with the bonus XP for highest tier, was a net nerf based on effort. Yet Here it is just getting discovered.

All of these issues can be mitigated by taking your time and only releasing updates when they are ready.

TLDR: Quality NEEDS to be prioritized over keeping a schedule EVERY time. Player feedback needs to be addressed before changes made to live servers.


umm i might not be the best at english. but this didn’t answer much or anything at all for me in context of why the changes were made to crafting.


the problem with the economy from what I’ve seen has very little to do with things that can be crafted and a lot more to with the items needed to craft those things in the first place. the fact is the only crafted items of real value were actually the so called “perfect” end tier weps/armour, jewel crafting, bags, and some furniture. let me be clear, that was already what was happening, all the changes did was make it even more likely ppl will want to buy stuff instead of starting an impossible grind, which leads to another econ problem that existed since day 1, “more gold is being spent than its being made”. this issue + the changes just make it feel like you guys actually want casual players and ppl with jobs to quit playing out of pure frustration and lack of time to sink.

in the end, if you really wanted to fix the econ in NW plz do something about how hard it is to generate gold taking into acc the amount spent on avg, which will be even higher now cause of the changes and gold spent on property taxes.
you basically created the 1% in a video game since only certain ppl will be able to make and sell those most sought after items. ppl who had fun crafting, did so and ppl who didnt want to craft didn’t. all you did was make it even more definite ppl will not craft.

again, my english is not the best. so please correct me if i am wrong. but this sounds an awful lot like you are saying “hey, we aren’t going to be listening cause we need a break, but go ahead and keep posting stuff”.

im sorry, i understand we all need breaks… but the community is already insanely frustrated right now and you want to leave the state of affairs as is till next week? this honestly feels like you guys are tired of hearing the player base’s feedback and are attempting to blow us off or hoping to discourage ppl from posting, which will justify those players who been claiming the dev teams don’t listen to feedback

PS: I’m honestly not trying to be disruptive, but these are issues which i honestly can’t make sense of. furthermore, the only reason I’m here at all is because i liked playing this game with a focus on gathering and playing with friends and want to see this game and the community improve/expand.


At this point, I just can’t do it anymore, I have to step away until the development team can get their act together. If anyone in the development team cares to know why I am quitting, I will list my reasons below. If you don’t want to know why I am quitting, move on, keep your overly defensive comments to yourself and enjoy your game, with one less player.

Reasons I am taking a break-

  1. Can you name a weapon in which all of the perks work as intended? I can’t but maybe there is at least one.

  2. The high watermark system is a HUGE turn off. Specifically how it excludes purchased gear, I farmed for who knows how long with the intent to sell the materials in order to purchase some decent pre-legendary gear that would save me from some of the inconsistent watermark grind.

  3. The player’s collisions can be very frustrating when your entire group is trying to get through a doorway to loot three separate chest’s that you could have consolidated into one chest. Seriously, why would three smaller chest’s be better than one larger chest? I mean, you could also place it somewhere ten players could actually fit in without getting stuck in each other’s faces. Or option B: (my personal favorite!) get rid of friendly player collisions, it adds absolutely NOTHING but frustrating to the game.

  4. Luck may have sounded really awesome but in practice it is not so awesome. You don’t have a system to efficiently swap out gear sets. I am tired of clicking every piece of my mining luck set, mining a group of 2 nodes, then spot a chest - swap to mob/chest luck, run in and start clearing the mobs around chest and realize I probably should have used my purchased gear (that had no positive effect on my watermark score) with actual good itemization for my weapons and actual useful perks because FML I’m dead and I wasted an infused health pot just so I could spend more time farming stuff. If you intend to keep the luck system, please add an equipment set manager so we can easily swap between the 5(I think 5?) different types of luck as needed, or just apply generic luck to everything. Honestly, I like the concept and would be fine with it if there was a convenient way to create and swap gear sets.

  5. This is a multifaceted issue regarding storage of items, cost to move items from one location to another, and cost to move yourself from one location to another (by cost I mean currency and/or time invested). The storage system is beyond frustrating. Sure there is some appeal to having multiple unique storage options but when you combine the storage system with the cost of moving items from one location to another any potential benefits quickly dissipate. Combine the storage capacity to equal all available public storage sheds and link the storage for the love of god or at least make it less expensive to move items around. No one wants to farm for a couple hours to sell crap just to make enough gold to move the items you already farmed but then you realize you’re out of azoth so you can’t even get to your stored item quickly even though you were at 2k azoth cap for all of the previous day but now you’ve farmed stuff, maybe crafted some stuff, maybe needed to respec a weapon, or maybe you just like snorting azoth (no judgements here) - so now you are indeed out of the blue vial of ‘UseForEverything.’ I bet if this was an “adult” game and you could spend time with a questionable courtesan, azoth would also be the only effective means of protecting yourself from undesirable diseases that bind on pickup, and equally undesirable offspring that, you guessed it, you also have to farm to support, and they need daily doses of azoth, just because you hate your players (kidding, sort of.) All jokes aside, azoth is nothing but a time sink that is too widely required. Another option to address this multifaceted issue would be to add mounts that can be acquired at level 60, either through questing or crafting, which I’m sure would be the grindiest grind but worth it. The haste on the roads was a nice attempt, but turkeys put me into ‘combat’ when I tried to haste my way past them. Rabbits too, weird though - I’ve never met a turkey or a rabbit in the wild that wanted to fight me, usually they just run away, and while they flee I don’t consider myself as being in a state of combat with them, but what do I know?

  6. Disabling all wealth transfers is punishing all players for the actions of a few players, actions that were only made possible by your mistakes, so it sort of felt like the entire player base was being punished for your mistakes. Yes, ban those using the exploit and remove the items and any currency generated by the exploit from the game. Honestly, I think it would have been better to just take the servers down until you were able to properly find and fix your error(s) that lead to the duplication exploit. Be transparent with us about the mistake and your plans to fix it, I can’t stress this enough. Your players will be happiest if they know exactly what to expect and why it is being done.

  7. Development team doesn’t appear to have a coherent plan, at least not one they have shared, for the future of the game, and this has me concerned the future will be filled with disabled wealth systems and a dwindling player base. Altering in game items, systems, levels, mechanics, or anything that we players interact with daily should not be left out of the patch notes. We come across things and we don’t know if it was an intentional change or it’s a new exploit that shockingly made it past your team into the live game. I.e the wolves dropping massive motes when you hack up their corpses. If you intend to change something like the loot table of a specific mob, you should share that in your patch notes.

  8. If you plan to make a major change such as tuning particular mobs that are actively being utilized for end game progression, put it in the patch notes, explain why you felt the need to make said changes and what you hope to accomplish implementing said changes. This would go a long way in helping players avoid disappointment and resentment that unexpected changes bring.

  9. I also have some feedback regarding the PTR. For characters who select max level, are outfitted with gear, and all set to test high level content, maybe you should eliminate the quest requirement to join a faction. Just present the options the same way you present the level choices. Consider also opening all fast travel locations to players who choose to test level 60 content, this was a deal breaker for me. I wanted to test out a void gauntlet and musket build for PvE, when I saw I had to run to every single fast travel location before I could utilize them I just logged out. I wanted to test the new weapon and how it paired with the musket, not how long it would take me to run around the entire map for fast travel points. It would make sense to allow trading post access to all players who chose to test higher level content. I didn’t bother with the quest to access the trading post but if I had just been given access (along with everyone else who chose higher leveling content testing,) it is very likely we would have found and reported the duplication exploit that resulted from the 1.1 update. In fact, it would be ideal if we could copy our live server character data over to the PTR. PTR should have been able to identify all of the major issues that came with update 1.1 and your team should have fixed all of the reported issues, tested all of your fixes on the PTR to make sure there were no unforeseen consequences, before even considering releasing the update to the live servers.

In summary

Your community of players can be a powerful resource but only if you let them.

  • Give us the PTR environment and time we need to properly test new content.
  • Listen to what the community is saying, even if it’s a duplicate post regarding a hot issue, read it, it may contain some unique insight that you would have otherwise missed.
  • Don’t release content that the PTR community is actively telling you isn’t ready to be released.
  • Create and publicly share a clear roadmap of what the development team envisions for New World, both short term and long term.

Initial thoughts on the new patch:

Void gauntlet is awesome! Love the weapon, but kind of wish the melee ability was a toggle rather than a duration. Either way, great work! Hope to see more weapons in the future.

I would like to point out something that may have been overlooked (or maybe not, who knows) but whenever a new weapon comes out, players will have to re-farm watermark to catch up the new weapon to the rest of their items. I’m personally not affected by that because I haven’t done any hardcore watermark farming, but if that is going to be a “thing” every time a new weapon comes out, it might be best to look into a solution now. I think a lot of players would agree the watermark system could use some improvements in general.

The new areas are awesome too. I love revisiting the older areas and seeing the new stuff. The new enemies were a nice addition and I explored some of the areas and enjoyed the new lore. Love this part of the game and I hope it continues to expand! It would be awesome to have new areas like that in level 60+ zones to explore.

The changes to elites are questionable, if I’m being honest. Especially in lower level (pre-60) zones or elites linked to quests (ie Skysong Crypt), it makes them impossible to solo and extremely difficult to take on even with a full party of 5. I love a challenge, but these enemies have become a lot more tedious than challenging. Giant health bars aren’t enjoyable. In my opinion, I find it more fun to be overwhelmed by a million enemies that die in one or two hits than to be overwhelmed by only a single, giant hp bar enemy.

Some solutions for the elite issue (and these are just ideas): If you don’t want people to zerg through content, make the elite areas instance based! Treat them like dungeons that you don’t need keys for. You only go in with your immediate party and resources nodes are instance based as well. I see why this might not be a desirable solution, but in my opinion it’s WAY better than 10x elite hp mobs that take 10 minutes to kill with a full party. Instance based > Enemies don’t respawn until you reset the instance > chests reset daily. Even better, let these dungeons grant unique pieces of gear that people can farm, like exotics from Destiny. Even add secret, unmarked dungeons that take a sequence to open! This is an easy formula to build off of.

Another, indirect solution for people zerging elite zones would be to give them more desirable options to farm watermark. Make keys to expeditions easier to obtain or even remove keys entirely so people can spam expeditions. If you want people to do it at a slower pace, give them dailies specifically to help increase their watermarks over time. There are tons of solutions to this issue rather than “make hp bar bigger” and slapping flextape on it. The current solutions hurts solo players and casual players more than anyone, and it discourages players like me from continuing the hunt for better gear. Instead of hurting the community, use this opportunity to expand your game and help it grow. There’s so much that can be done that would make this fantastic game even better, but increasing hp bars isn’t one of them…

As a crafter, the new crafting rules make me sad. I’ve put 325+ hours into the game and don’t have a single crafting skill 200. Now the grind is worse, and the need for refinement material is greater. I will power through, but this patch hurts the people that took too long to up their skills, and punishes new players that wanted to give the game time before diving into crafting. I hope this will be remedied in some way. Maybe by crafting quests? This is another opportunity to expand on the game to make it more interesting. Once I’m over the shock of this update, I will probably continue to craft, if I don’t lose heart on the game completely in the meantime.

…That being said, the potion update is fantastic. THANK YOU!!

I absolutely love this game and it breaks my heart to see it in this state. If elite areas aren’t meant to be soloable, I understand the need for change. But this is just too much. I hope you will be more open to us about future updates. If this kind of thing was on the PTR, I’m sure the feedback would have told you it was a bad idea. Currently, I’m taking a break from the game. I was super excited for the update, but now that it’s here, the “bad” changes (crafting exp and elite mobs, mostly) make it feel like I’ve hit a dead end in my progression. I plan on returning soon, especially if there is positive change!

I’m sorry so much of the community is so toxic. I love your game and just want to see it thrive. Thank you for the 325+ hours of entertainment it brought me, and if this stuff is fixed and the game improves, I hope for thousands more.

(Also, if you add mounts, make sure to add a ridable ostrich!)

I’m an asshole for saying this but I’ve dedicated 2 years of my life fully to testing this game in alpha, beta, and playing in live. I love the game, watching as many around me have quit because of changes made in the game and the state of the game. Fellow testers with 3,000 + hours some more. Personally I’m at about 6,000 hours now.

At this point really just fire your whole combat dev team because the buffs to hammer and great axe were so unnecessary, you have created quite possibly the most dog shit combat meta we have seen in this game where 25 hammer/great axe and 25 muskets will dominate any war meta.

Combat is just so bad. At this point just bring stagger back because it is actually funny.

You took stagger out of the game only to NEVER implement diminishing returns on stuns currently, and we are back in a stagger, CC meta, but people with complete lack of skill can just win every fucking melee engagement by spamming left click, and brain dead pressing 3 AoE stun abilities on a Hammer.

Congrats on fundamentally never solving the combat issue in the first place, and creating quite possibly the most watered down form of combat in a Souls like or fighting game on the internet.

I know this is a bit flaming, but just need to get off my chest how I feel about painful changes to combat that make the game completely un-fun and make us question if the combat team even plays their own game.

I’m sorry to say this in such a harsh way, but by god this combat patch with nerfs to mages, and more buffs to the most META weapon combo in the game show a complete disconnect with the devs and how the game is currently being played.

Healers are useless you are better off running more bruisers to counter stun their healers because the amount of burst that great axe and hammer does makes it so you can’t even heal shit tbh.

Would be surprised if this game lasts by fucking Christmas man. And next weeks patch should really fine tune this combat patch and there should be a combat patch every week.


Instead of a once a month heavy handed fix and this seesaw balancing act of a 50% nerf on fire.

You had the most unique combat in any MMORPG and the only fix you needed to do was DIMINISHING RETURNS ON STUNS AND STAGGER, and reducing attack speed on light attacks for certain weapons and actually give a tutorial that teaches people how to play the game.


Scorpius region has too many tentacles now. The very first tentacle placement has a tendency to leash if you try and reposition around the branch that is in the way.

Scorpius is also now not do-able solo, which may be intended? But then we tried as 2 lvl 60s, and still got wiped by double tentacles. If you want players to engage with enemies and not make them just try and skip everything, reduce the spam knockdown attacks.

Revert Covenant faction colour change back to yellow from dark orange (map/minimap).

Reduce road run speed to 5% and remove additional movement buffs like bloodlust from triggering. It’s honestly like playing “doom” because how fast you can move.

The trading post filters feel like watching a movie thorough a straw and need to be better organized, especially now that attribute types are mixed in to the perks.

In the future PTR we should be given boxes of crafting supplies to test crafting bugs and perks. Give us ten of each mod craft item and high tier materials. Let us have all teleports unlocked, and give us a way to test wars and invasions.

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I like most of the changes.
I dislike only bow animation/cd reset thing and factory linking (buying should at least have additional tax).
Balance was well done and armor changes as well.

Game however have a lot worse performance for me.

One of the single worst updates I’ve ever witnessed in 23 years of MMO gaming, it’s like the developers are purposely trying to make people leave the game by exhibiting an insanely masterful degree of incompetence.

I played for about 45 minutes and after clipping and stuttering my way across the map - which started with 1.1- I went back to town to try and sell my hard earned good. Well no sorry, the first thing I had to buy a new chest piece since mine was nowhere to be found when I logged in. I found one I liked but couldn’t buy it because the trading post now defaults to all settlement so I could not buy the item I wanted without traveling. I ended up buying a replacement in my settlement- or trying to since it still said it wasn’t in my trading post even though it clearly was. I exited auction house and on my 3rd try was finally able to buy it.

Then I tried to sell where it said my storage was full… I couldn’t understand it but now know it’s because you hate players who thrive on gathering and selling good (FYI my total storage is much MUCH less than the weight of what I sell but because we have a storage per city and traveling is such a pain in the ass I only used 3-4 of them). I removed stuff from my settlement (left it on the ground since its value is nothing- my server has under 100 players at peak so no one is buying anything) and tried to list, success! I then moved to another settlement to try and list more items but then it kept telling me that the item I was selling was in another settlement- even though it was in my inventory and this error makes NO sense considering I am selling, not buying. I tried over and over but couldn’t get anything else to sell and eventually gave up and decided it was time to take a break from this sad excuse for a broken game.

Lets see here… You make the GRIND even WORSE and LESS rewarding… All while increasing the open world monsters to be even harder?? Are you kidding me? Basically gating gear to those who already have it and saying F-you to all the rest of us who have a life outside of this game and haven’t played for 450+ hours already.

Then theres the fact that chests are completely broken right now. Oh you want something other than ONLY weapons? Armor is almost nonexistent from chests. What is this even???

10% luck for flagging though! Totally worth it to get slaughtered at the 3 or 4 places in the game you’re even able to increase watermark past 510-520, all while getting EVEN LESS drops on HARDER MOBs… AGAIN… are you kidding me here??

The population is literally decreasing everyday… So here… now you need LARGER groups than before! So much for that PVP flagging idea!

Whatever you did to the netcode is terrible. Lag and stuttering CONSTANTLY. I suspect (or at least HOPE this was the idea) that you tried to do something on the backend to detect/prevent duping and this system or whatever is using MASSIVELY too much resources.

Outpost rush disconnecting and booting players for no discernible reason… Oh you were in the match for 42 minutes and our server kicked you? NO REWARD FOR YOU. Well there goes one more thing thats not fun anymore! THANKS.

All of these balance changes literally made firestaff worthless in PVP now. Ice gauntlet faired slightly better, but only marginally so and thats ONLY if you pair it with the correct weapon combination (I’ll give you a hint, its a new weapon that was just added.)

I love the void gauntlet. Its fun and an interesting combination. I will say that for positivity. But its hard to be positive when the decisions being made are actively hurting the game right now.

I suggest you check out Asmongold’s review of the game (Even before the patch) its pretty fair and explains many peoples frustrations with the game as it is.

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There are few good things and a bit more bad things in this patch.

The good:

  • Finally we see some effort to ballance out economy/crating and market in general. Few items that had no value before hav its place now and on crafting field it might look better aswell but it is still long way to go.

  • Void gauntlet brings intrigue and opens up new possibilities for pvp and pve.

  • Musket buff is nice and you can finally feel that there is atleast some ranged dps out there that can not only be annoying but hurt aswell

  • Buffstacking and healer tanks getting nerfed feels so nice. They actually have to start thinking about survivability now although a skilled healer will still survive any small scale pvp encounter.

The bad:

*The thing that me as a MMO veteran hurts the most is the policy of stealh nerfs. It doesent matter what scale are they but the fact that it comes as “you should not know about this” just demotivates to play so much :frowning:

*I had hard time to do the elite chest grind, im stuck aroung 550 or 560, but after seeing that it drops 1-2 items from chest, i wont go any elite zone for sure. And i believe im not the only one.

*Ive stacked some items for future to play and capitalize on market trades, one of them was boar tusks, they increased luck as craft mod. Had in mind to use for future crafts and sales. They all have just dissapeared. Pristine boar tusks have been rendered useless. Jaggal pretty much nerf from 2,6 to 0,5 but the ones i stacked in hundreds are jsut gone without any trace. That doesent feel fair.

*As a bow player from start this patch clunky animations hurt as hell. The biggest struggle for me and many bow players aswell i assume is where to find motivation to reroll musket.

*There is no risk/reward mechanic implemented yet in endgame content. Everything is based on grind and not skill, that pretty much makes everything pve rleated booring af. Maybe i will log on for few outposts but will that keep me tied to game for long? - doubt it.

But i give 10 out of 10 to Amazon for making one of all time best alpha (maybe beta) game sale.

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Working as intended. AGS wanted to slow down and punish the players who didn’t reach cap in the first week, so they added 5x the health on Elites, thus ensuring GS under 550 would take forever to reach 600 GS.

My company had a group of 5 (I know at least 3 were lvl 60 and the others in their 50’s). They were there with a another group. 10 players and they all got wiped fighting in the same area. The report was the health of the enemies were ridiculously high and the one of the bosses killed everyone with 1 to 2 hits whoever it attacked.

Before this update, I was there with one other DPS (we are both lvl 60 and I am a tank). We took it slow but were able to stay alive. I know maybe that might be to easy. I get that. There was no main boss there due to some bug so we explored. That DPS guy is the same who was in the group above. He said there is no doubt that we could not survive a single encounter if we went again after what they experienced yesterday. Why bother if 10 players could not last in an area that was “recommended” to have 5 players. Real crappy planning and implementation, imho.

I can see more players throwing their hands up in the air and walking away than staying if their attitude is to “slow things down”. Guess I am wrong to believe that when you launch a game, it at least has some intelligent design or road map ahead of it. Smh.

If you’re not going to test or review the content or allow useful feedback before you throw it on the live servers, I don’t see the point of the PTR.