[Megathread] PTR: Bug Reporting

Greetings Adventurers,

If you encounter a bug while playtesting the PTR, please post it here in this thread using the template below so we can get as much information possible to provide to the team:

  • What is your character name in the PTR:
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:
  • Is this a bug or an exploit:
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:
  • When did you experience it? (Date and Relative Time - include your timezone)

We thank you for helping us improve New World and for helping us keep this thread focused solely on the bugs and exploits you are experiencing in the PTR!


200 STR threshold passive, is not working with Ice Storm or Gravity Well slows.

There are 2 broken side quests in Everfall that are not game breaking but they certainly stop progress. They hand been like this since the last patch.

The first is called Miner’s Keepers and is on the way to the Zane quest line in North Everfall and the other is Salting the Earth, the 2nd part.

Salting the Earth blocks many side quests

Nowhere else to post this… is there going to be a thread for feedback around combat and weapon changes? I don’t see any. The current changes around one certain weapon are absolutely not working as you intended and deserve a place to discuss?

If I missed the thread intended for this, I apologise.

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  • What is your character name in the PTR: 330 ping minus

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Musket falloff damage changes not working properly and instead increasing damage in most situations.

  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug, unless intended. In the most recent dev talk, the devs specifically mentioned intending to nerf the long-range musket damage in PvP, so unless there was a complete change of mind on the topic that wasn’t communicated, this seems unintended.

  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Muskets deal more damage than intended.

  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: No, my bones still hurt from all the bullets stuck in them :frowning:

  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced: My video about the topic was already linked above, @MixedNuts also further detailed a lot of the number changes here: Musket PTR - Real Numbers As easily visible from the graphs, non-crit damage for muskets with int gems or Runeglass gems is increased across the board (the same is true for pure dex builds). The intended damage decrease only becomes significant at extremely long ranges and only on headshots. It is almost irrelevant since at the range this happens (100m+), players don’t go for headshots, but bodyshots, especially against moving targets in PvP.

  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Use musket at long range with Ballistic Advantage and Hit Your Mark Passive active and shoot another player. To get clean base data for the difference, don’t use any attributes or armor. To further skew the result, include int gems or runeglass gems.

  • When did you experience it? (Date and Relative Time - include your timezone): Can be recreated on PTR right now.

  • Important additional note: There are multiple factors at play here that will likely need to be balanced against each other. Not all of them are included in these calculations and some could skew the results of the changes even more:

    • The actual dropoff values may not be working as intended/have been changed.
    • Hit Your Mark now affects base damage instead of crit damage, meaning it likely buffs additional damage effects like Keenly Jagged, Runeglass DoTs and Attunement (all frequently used by musket players)
    • All DoT effects now affect Runeglass stacks, which is a further indirect buff to the musket.
    • Int gems seem to possibly ignore damage falloff entirely?
    • Mortal Empowerment

Bow projectile size note working as indented in patch notes. The patch notes clearly indicate certain projectile size changes for bow but are not scaling as the notes suggest.

Penetrating shot from notes: Unchanged hit box suspected to be around .33 → .45
PTR: .15

Poison shot notes: unchanged .25
PTR: .15

Evade shot notes: increased to .33 from .25 (suspected)
PTR: .15

Heavy shot notes: .33
PTR: .15

Explosive arrow notes: from .15 to .33
Live: .05
PTR: .15

Rapid shot recovery: just don’t do it. The skill is fine as it is. especially with what is happening with explosive arrow on live and PTR its not a good change.

I play bow and yeah hit box changes are good as noted. Not as they are implemented right now in PTR although arrow projectile speed increased by a little bit would be great with the smaller hit box.

What I think the final outcome for projectile sizes that would be good.
penetrating shot: as is .4-.5 whatever the size is in live.
all other abilities and heavies .33 including explosive arrow!
light attack .15-.20 but increase projectile speed. it should take skill not blind luck to hit targets at certain ranges.
Heavy attack .33 as noted in the ptr patch notes,

I am not against the change except I think light attack travel speed should be higher, and the recovery off of rapid shot should stay the same as live, but the changes should be as noted to meet the actual values listed in the notes. The Bow is not working in PTR as the patch notes have explained it.
Video showing projectile sizes from DeityVengy


Drinking mana potions with Healthy toast earring perk enabled is somehow considered as an outgoing healing. As a result, all the outgoing healing bonuses affect drinking mana pots.

For example, healers in light armor may get 2000+ HP from every mana potion every 10 seconds, while heavy armor damage dealers may get just 600- HP.

This bug is one of the reasons why there are so many immortal arena healers.
This bug is one of the reasons why heavy armor is so unpopular. The perk becomes just useless when you wear heavy armor, while light armor users abuse it getting 3 times more HP.

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Very glad I am not the only person confused by the difference between what the patch notes say and what is actually happening.

Now all primary arrow shots will have a radius of 0.15 and all changed shots will have a radius of 0.33.

Is “changed” shots supposed to be charged shots? Because light and heavy attacks have the same hitbox on the PTR. Explosive arrow definitely feels better, but it appears to have the same hitbox as a light attack, which would put it at .15 not .33. Are heavy attacks supposed to have a bigger hitbox? because they definitely don’t right now. Could someone please clarify?

  • Allowed the loading of both power shot and powder burn to be performed while moving.

Game-Breaking Bug for Musket on PTR: Loading Either Power Shot or Powder Burn while Aiming Down Sights renders your character incapable of Shooting the Loaded Bullet, Dodging, Switching Weapons, Unable to Jump, and Use Consumables. When bugged in this way, Crouching can make Your Character Dodge Backwards(?!?!?) while Shooter’s Stance somehow reenables you to shoot.

This bug takes hold of your character if you manually reload a shot and then loading an overload shot, immediately reload an overload shot, or load an overload shot after another overload shot has been loaded, all while Aiming Down Sights. This absolutely needs to get addressed before the patch goes live.


Dummies can’t get headshot (at least the Valor Hold dummies). Really needs to be fixed, cumbersome and annoying. Backstabs work, Headshots don’t for whatever reason. Also, remove the “Immortal” from dummies after 10k damage has been inflicted on them.


Essence Rupture’s Overflowing Essence is not proccing on enemy death if the damage from Essence Rupture was the finishing blow.

Needs to be corrected as you are punished (no heal and skill goes on cooldown) for inadvertently killing a mob, player, etc with it. It is greatly appreciated that killing a mob after applying the ER debuff finally makes the Overflowing Essence passive proc, but target death in all occasions should proc that Overflowing Essence heal. Thank you.

Is this going to be addressed?

The patch notes are completely wrong regarding the bow “fix”. All bow skills, light attacks, and heavy attacks are now 0.15


The notes dont match what is in the PTR. Or aiming slightly off target some arrows would hit and others wouldnt. Heavy attacks are supposed to have 2x the hit box of light attacks.

For example on just the basic attacks.

Patch notes: light attack = .15 hit box
Heavy attack = .33 hit box

PTR live: both heavy and light and most skills =.15

It looked like there was a typo in the Patch Notes that might have caused some confusion. It should be “charged” instead of “changed”.

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect arrow projectile sizes when using the Bow passive Arrow Range. Now all primary arrow shots will have a radius of 0.15 and all charged shots will have a radius of 0.33.
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Punishing & Sighted Runeglass
“AbilityID”: “Runeglass_Just_Melee_Armor”,
“AbilityID”: “Runeglass_Just_Melee_Weapon”,
“AbilityID”: “Runeglass_Just_Ranged_Weapon”,
“AbilityID”: “Runeglass_Just_Ranged_Armor”,
stiill have
“ActivationCooldown”: 1,
they still proc on 1 attack per second. unlike the elemental Gems. [Affix_Runeglass_WildSub_VoidDamage]
which have
“ActivationCooldown”: Null,


Nasty Bug on PTR and Live: Runeglass Gems with DoTs are bugging out Fortifying Shield Rush. You are able to reach fortify cap with Fortifying Shield Rush if you hit an individual target.

The Fortify from Fortifying Shield Rush is somehow capping (at x3) while hitting one mob, player, dummy, etc. and this is because the DoT (3 ticks) is counting as additional “instances” of damage while somehow refreshing the duration to 6 seconds (without buff duration multipliers of course) until the DoT eventually ends.

^^^ EDIT: The above is happening to Fortifying Whirlwind as well.

This bug needs to be handled quickly and accordingly. Thank you.

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But that’s the thing. Charged shots are still 0.15 according to tests.
Explosive Arrow’s projectile size is 0.15 as well, not 0.33

Edit: It looks like this was fixed in the last PTR patch. Everything is correct now. Thanks!


Valor hold dummies are facing the wall, so a headshot is also a backstab.

Can headshot them perfectly fine on Live right now. Not working in PTR. Bugged.