[Megathread] Seasons PTR Feedback

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a thread to track feedback from the Seasons PTR.

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As a reminder, we are solely looking for feedback for the upcoming PTR, not the Live game. Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the Seasons PTR out of this Megathread is much appreciated!

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No EU Server once again? So disappointing.

It’s one of, if not the biggest balance patch we’ve gotten since launch and we can’t properly test yet again. Honestly just sh*t.


First impression of the new balance changes is good.

Finally we will get some changes and a new meta.


first impressions, change the strength crap back as well as refreshing move. second, musket went a lil too far, that change looks worse the nerfing the damage. 3rd greatsword is completely gutted.

recommended changes
-return attributes to the way they were
-return muskets to the way it was, but make it have extreme fall off after 40 meters
-return greatsword to its previous state. Only nerf the homing on the auto attacks and maybe the some of the damage values can stay tuned down a little less
-Tune down the damage of Bows (yes you have done it a bit, but realistically by nerfing the protections of light armor loads you have inherently buffed it)

End goal
Make smaller changes more frequently rather than extremely heavy handed nerfs every 4 months.
Try and incentivise attackers side of Meta


PVP balancing sucks.
people complain about musket and bow. but you are nerfing bow and musket very lightly. Can’t even call it a nerf.
And as if that wasn’t enough, you kill all the melees
GA is dead. because 300 str grit bonus was deleted
Wh is dead. because 300 str grit bonus was deleted

GS is dead because Path Of Onslaught Quick Charge Bonus - Increased the time it takes to charge a heavy attack while in the Path Of Onslaught stance to be only 50% faster instead of twice as fast.


Still no words on providing decent umbral shards for all endgame activities/players!
Its about time now! (Have been for a very loong time)

PvP players (OPR, 3v3 arena)
Tradeskillers (Gathering, crafting, aptitude)
PvE players (Faction quests, expeditions/mutations)

All of the above should have somewhat equal umbral shard rewards.

It would make the game much more enjoyable for ALL TYPES OF PLAYERS.

It’s so incredibly stupid that only expeditions are a good way of getting umbral shards.

“Play the way you want” doesn’t exist until balanced rewards become a thing!


Musket players are crying. Ga wh gs crying Stop crying and play other weapons. Meta changes again in the future.


Changes look good so far, good job on following through on stuff some people may get upset about e.g. WH/GA/GS/Hatchet and also ME perk.

Some points that you should actually think about is when you remove the stagger from flourish and finish then the ability is kinda dead because the first slash is well telegraphed and takes time for the finish to be activated and hit. So I dont know how somebody would ever land that ability again on a player. The player just needs to dodge after flourish and will never be hit by finish. So skill needs to be faster if you remove the stagger.

Why give the most potent skill (perforate) of the spear even more utility in form of weaken. The ability itself has already rend. Please somebody correct me, but I don´t think there is any other skill in the game that applies 2 debuffs in its own skill tree without needing additional wep/armor perks. Just wondering about that decision.

Let´s keep testing


First look: Changing gearsets should also change attribute points :blush:


Gear Set Review ONLY:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

This is a very clean and simple set up. Including potions was right on. I love the naming ability and the ability to upload what we’re currently wearing. This is obviously well thought out.

Quick Request: Can we get a hotkey for “add to gearset”? I’d recommend “G+Click” to open the gearset window

The obvious criticism is that 2 (or 3) is far too low. It’s not even enough for quick change in all current expeditions. Consider that any player using ward gear will need AT LEAST 6 gear sets:

  1. Corrupted
  2. Ancient
  3. Angry Earth
  4. Lost
  5. Human
  6. PvP

If you then want to have more gear sets as part of the season pass, this still creates a lot of value.

  1. Corrupted - Tank
  2. Corrupted - Healer
  3. Corrupted - Dex Melee
  4. Corrupted - Range
  5. Corrupted - Ennead
  6. Ancient - Ennead
  7. Ancient - Tank
  8. Ancient - Healer
  9. Ancient - Hammer
  10. Ancient - Light/Dex
  11. Angry Earth - Arena
  12. Angry Earth - Tank
  13. Angry Earth - Dex/Melee
  14. Angry Earth - Magic
  15. Human - Tank
  16. Lost - Starstone
  17. Ancient - Starstone
  18. Lost - BnB
  19. PvP - Heavy/Bruser
  20. PvP - Magic
  21. PvP - DiveTeam

You see how easy it is to get nuts with this. Giving us 6 as a base, still ensures most players have a VERY good reason to want to get more out of season passes.


Defy Death hasn’t been sucesfully nerfed, you have instead buffed it.

The new version of Defy Death is much stronger than the past version.

This is how it works:

  • Normal Player - > Died - > Dead

  • Hatchet User - > Died - > Immortal for 0.5 - > Get 50% of your health + 500 HP - > Drink 1 potion - > Back to 100% health - > Can repeat every 60 seconds now

You didn’t realize how DD was used by top players, it is mostly used to gain CC immunity, survive, cancel berserk dodge and then drink potions while you are still immortal, now it will become easier as you simply have to switch to hatchet and BOOM 50% + 500 HP back and you can switch back to GS, if you were escaping drinking a single potion will get you back to 100%.

This cannot go live like this, everyone will still use hatchet on every build, ranged players will now have access to a 50% + 500 HP INSTANT heal.

The best way to balance Defy Death is to either create a 20 minute cooldown for PvP or reduce it to 0.5 seconds and just give them back 500 HP, that’s already an S tier passive, for the cost of one point you have a second life, it’s just not fair for everyone else not using an hatchet even with those nerfs I’m mentioning, this passive shouldn’t exist to begin with.

I will not say my entire opinion here on the GS “nerfs” until I fully test a few builds, but the main issues weren’t addressed on the patch notes which are:

  • Greatsword has access to all buffs in the game

  • Greatsword heavy attacks hit too hard 4.000-7.000 damage

I have played with GS/HA a lot, I’m sure you can check this somehow.


Consumables can be stored in the Gearset. Okay, that can be quite nice.
But why are the slots set to -empty- if you don’t have anything equipped in the gearset?


So, devs make a new nerf to bleed rapier, thx @Fenne

FnF has lost stagger, but do not get any bonuses to in payback. In description said Flourish push enemies back, but in fact it does nothing.
Dmg still trash, 90%, but no stagger…
Flourish still bugged and do not aim at all. make it like Skewer or Leaping strike for the f* sake…
Flurry last per rewok is good, but Flurry still a trash.
VERY SLOW start, NO TRACKING, ULTRA LOW DMG. This is almost impossible to land more than 2-3 hits from Flurry…
Cmon, is it a joke?

How the hell FnF and Flurry can be used nowdays?

In same time Flamethrower still cost 0.5 mana per second and dealing 50% dmg per 0.5 sec


I like the idea of seasons and there’s a lot of cool stuff coming down the pipe, my only concerns are the “zone rework” for the expansion. With the addition of mounts additional land is preferred and I think you’ll get massive negative feedback if you just rework a zone. While expeditions are nice I don’t think you need to invest so much time pumping so many new ones out, I think that time would be better spent on the pvp side of the game specifically opr (new maps modes ranked play etc) and more new weapons. Just my 2 cents.


Few points of feedback:

  • Please make it so that, gathering, crafting, fighting mobs in the world reward some form of seasonal XP… It doesn’t need to be much, but this would be really nice to have the game reward the player for what they’re doing in game, beyond just the other progression methods.

  • Please let us right click and track the seasonal objectives, challenges, card activities like a quest on the right-hand side so we can see how we’re progressing.

  • Please let us see our seasonal progress on the main UI / give us the option to turn that on/off.


season pass sucks, geting only 7500 marks back seems like a joke, this games lacks of everything and you want us to spend 20k marks every 3 months? Just no, hard pass.


Totally agree! IMO, they should nerf the dmg instead of removing the stagger. Even to non bleed builds, I’m a evade ligth attack offensive rapier user, and the stagger of FnF is the CORE of combo, to reliabily evade into LA. So, with one nerf they successfully throw away the only two ways of playing rapier offensive…


nerf dmg? ) FnF do not have dmg…it is a joke skill, not dmg…

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I agree, but they are on “nerf dmg or remove stagger” mode so, let they nerf dmg on FnF, instead of removing stagger

Season pass needs better free rewards in my opinion. The game needs a playerbase and the majority will likely not be paying.

I say this as someone who will likely get the paid version of the season pass and I’m sure Amazon can check my in game account to see that I have purchased a skin here or there that I have liked.

I think the overall rewards on the free and paid side need to be looked at. There are opportunities to increase/lower to strike a better balance. For example maybe more umbral shards on the free side or instead of 3 corrupted ward pots the player gets 20 or something so it’s more useful.

That’s all. It just feels like “guaranteed legendary” every 10-15 tracks for the paid side is going to really turn off the free player.