[Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread

"You cannot move your character to a world set that you have an existing character in already."

This is the single most depressing sentence in the whole update.
I wont be able to join any of my friends permanently, we all have lv35+ characters with trade skills far past lv100. We always bargained on being able to change servers due to us being on the same Region.

But because we joined up unbeknownst to each other at different times on the same WORLD SET we cant transfer our characters, nor can we create a new one on each others servers.

Such a slap in the face, im am saddened it has turned into such a mess.



Not taking it lightly is far from “We’ll correct the biggest mistake we could have made with the launch of our game.” Not taking it lightly doesn’t benefit anyone or resolve anything. Sorry.

Hey guys,
Firstly Thank you for the time and Effort that has gone into the game so far. It is definitely showing.

I have a couple of questions.

First question - When servers transfers go live, will the “locked/ full” servers update frequently (maybe every hour) to allow more people in if people transfer out?

Second question - if that is not the case, how are you going to look after the players on that locked server? As the population is going to a big hit and may “die” off. Is ther going to be server/ world “merg”

Third question - can you open the window of when you can transfer for longer so that if you do unlock the locked servers it gives people chance to get in

Last question - are you still looking at increasing the server cap for those locked servers or even all popular severs??
More the merrier right?

Thanks for taking the time to read! :relaxed:

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Damn!, this is just like a slap in the ass

There is no evidence we were lied to, but we were given a statement of fact. A statement that many people trusted and based their actions off of.

Not a good start for this team, people have no reason to trust your word anymore, and for good reason.

If region transfers are “impossible” (which I find extremely difficult to believe) than this team needs to make it right. Refunds etc. Some type of compensation for the problem that your misinformation created.

A multi billion dollar company… get it together.

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We understand there have been a lot of challenges with servers and the team is working around the clock to make improvements. We have added a large volume of new worlds, we are working to increase server capacity, we have added the full server functionality to prevent new players from creating characters on over-populated servers, we’re going to provide character transfers and we’ll continue to work with the community to solve any outstanding issues.
If you want a refund please contact the place you purchased the game.

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This isn’t the only miscommunication that has come from your team, at this point it’s more of a habit than a 1 off.


create a stone for a 50 lvl pal with 400gs items and 50lvl professions so that people can make clones and play with friends where they need to
You screwed up, so take responsibility and solve the problem

The team is working around the clock to improve the situation with servers in a variety of ways. But unfortunately, we aren’t able to transfer characters region to region.

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I appreciate owning up to the miscommunication and trying to figure out what is technically possible with the team.

Is there a possibility of an EXP boost, or even creating a new character at the same level as our old one (should we choose to delete our old character) in order to make up for it?

Like, if we sacrifice our old character and create a new one on another region, we might be able to catch up faster.


I understand that it must be frustrating for you guys, it’s your job and I truly believe that everyone is trying their best. But I also believe that a company of this size have the knowledge to fix this or at least offer some sort of compensation for thousands of players that were affected by this mistake.

So you think we should wait for some future updates on this? Or you’ll guys just accepted that it’s impossible and nothing will be done?

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exactly, i don’t understand why they’re impossible when other mmos can do it. People have previously posted in this thread saying ffxiv and WoW can both do it.

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Could you very very very please see what can be done for same World Set transfers? This really screwed my whole community over as we had people start new characters on various of the new servers when they launched and now we cant move to the same server within our world set?

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And since you have promised it you need to try to fix it. and don’t just move away saying its a “MISSCOMMUICATION”

Think of it…whose fault is it? Ours? You guys told to move to another server, and when we asked if it is possible with Region Transfer you said “YES!” and now your saying its a NO… this is toooo crazy ssly. I’m about level 32 and you say I need to restart playing it again from scratch!

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Amazon has the capability to (almost) put a man in space, but can’t manage databases properly. How does that make sense?


Where can I request my refund?

@NW_Mugsy - I appreciate the like of my message, but can I get answers? :wink:
I’m sure a few people also have similar questions! And would help relax people a little

Why aren’t locked servers being opened when there are no queues and the servers are medium/low population?

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Where ever you bought the game. Like steam support etc

Full server status is measured by total daily active players day over day. We review the status of these servers multiple times a day.