[Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread

Yes. And you can’t make a new character on the same server, you’d have to delete your old one, which they didn’t do.

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Sorry if this has been answered already I’m not reading 2k+ posts. Do the transfer tokens have a time limit?

I know you can change your faction once before the 120 day timer starts. I changed my faction week ago. It isnt free tho costs some amount of azoth or gold dont remember which anymore. You can easily check that from your bio ingame left side where you can see the faction banner there is button at the bottom that says “change faction”


You’re right!! Thank you so much. I had no idea - someone else confirmed it as well, and even though it says 120 days must pass, you can still click on it and select a faction and pay 100 azoth.

Thanks guys! :laughing: :man_facepalming:

Some guy said it was 3 am when it was noon lol.

They made close to 40 million from this game. I can say whatever I want about the terrible process we’ve had to endure.


I love how mods repply on other threads but are completely ghosting this one. One shows up only every 4-5 days to drop some “we will come with answers soon” and then dodge-roll/swap-weapon :tornado:


Why did this one get removed from the top of the forums stickies?

True. And they said the transfer is ready to launch, so it should be absolutly no problem to tell people if it launches tomorrow, wednesday etc.

But they say nothing, so Im almost sure they have NOT finished the work on the transfer and it was just a lie to excuse another delay.


Will the full server status impede players transferring to them?
My question more specifically is that Atvatabar is marked full but I believe this is due to some of the issues we’ve been having on the server as I’ve checked and this server’s active connected players are typically smaller than other servers that aren’t marked full. Will this prevent characters from transferring to Atvatabar?

Yea, timezones and stuff but … It’s 9:45PM here …

Maybe another Monday…

I will quote from main topic:

“Unfortunately the original information provided was incorrect.”

Edit: i dont know how you guys do that link the quote stuff thats cool


Hello. Will it be possible by migrating server to be able to change faction without conditions? Let me explain, I believe that we cannot join the dominant faction, the one which currently has the most territory on our server. My friends are covenants, and I am marauders. But the Covenant has the most territory in my server and in the server where I want to join my friends. If the system does not change, then I will not be able to join my friends’ company. Thank you in advance for your answer. Have a good evening.

Will we be able to transfer from low pop server to high pop server in same region? With that transfer can we change our faction if we have the 120 day cool down on our character?

I honestly dont think they will change or make exceptions for that mechanic, and i believe they shouldn’t. However, having you move to your friends server that’ll be 90% of the way already, then you just have to wait (or create) a window of oportunity within your server political dynamic to allow yourself to change factions, i mean, territory change hands all the time. At leas you will be able to play with them to some extent.

Faction change has nothing to do with these server transfers. You stay the same faction as you were initially. And yes you can change from low pop to high pop in your region, as long as it isn’t in the same world set you’re in currently.

Why shouldn’t they change this mechanic? This is absurd, since people will be able to join a server in the dominant faction if that faction does not dominate the server where they are currently playing. @Labbin @McFresh

Well first of all the server population statistics are not found anywhere, to my knowledge. You’d have to get that from an outside source such as people on that server posting the composition of the top companies.

I dont see the link, just asked to be able to switch factions so I could play with my friends. Don’t you think it’s unfair that a player currently playing in a green dominated server can switch to purple and when the server changes will be up join a purple dominated server while another player on a currently purple dominated server won’t be able to join the same server in purple, and so play with his friends ?