[Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread

I think you just want it all. That game mechanic dont have anything to do with the issue at hand. On top of that, bypassing it would only make the servers power dynamic even more unballanced, thats the reason it exists in the first place. Coz not all but many just rather be on the winning side, regardless of which is it.

I mean you can use that free faction switch. But you’re not going to know what the server population is like on the new server.

@No2 From my understanding you’d still be able to swap to a server dominated by your current faction. You just wouldn’t be able to swap TO that faction if you’re not already a member of the faction that is “Dominating”. Does that make sense?

Yeah, he’s saying that you could faction change on the old server to the new server’s dominating faction, then transfer, circumventing this rule. But my claim was that you likely will not know which faction is dominant on that server, unless you have outside information from that server.

I mean, he literally said he wanta to play with his friends in their company, so i take that as a given that he knows that intel. However, i dont see any reason why not do that change before transfering, it you have the option available by all means do it, no rules are being broken here.

Right and I think that’s fine, we’re not talking about some mass immigration to the majority faction in that case.

I will not be able to go from one server to another in the same world set???

You will be able to. You only cant switch to a world set were you already have another character.

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Oh, did I mess that up? I thought that I was already in a world set I couldn’t transfer to another world in that set. But you’re saying I can, as long as I don’t have a second character there?

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make region transfers a thing the fact that you are blocking people to go to another region is terrible . a multi billion dollar company cant copy the data from one region server to another bro. u expect me to believe that ? many of us went west or east in order to avoid que times in order to go back to the desired location due to you guys promising region transfers at a later date. hence why you have already lost 20%+ of your player base and is now number 8 in twitch views from number 1 in less then a month fix this allow players to server transfer over and force the 2 level 60 zones to flag people automatically for pvp this will solve everybody’s non flagged issue and bring fun to the game listen or don’t i don’t care you can choose to be like blizzard and not listen to its players .

" * You cannot move your character to a world set that you have an existing character in already."

Whoa there. Take a breath you’re gonna pass out from that long-winded run-on sentence.

Agreed they should make every effort to deliver on X-region transfers, since they promised that from the company Twitter account.

Agreed. What I am seeing here is a lot of complaining, they said they are working on it, If you think you can do better, then go Apply to work there and see if you can do better. If not sit down, shut up, and wait like the rest of us. They are doing their best. Getting sick and tired of this “I want everything now” bull crap. If you want it all now, go make your own darn game

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OK so does that mean that the character you’re transferring counts as an existing character? Meaning that I would have to transfer to a world set that I’m not currently in?

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that means you cant move 1 character to another server within the same world set that already has a character in that server you wanna transfer to. your transfering character dont count as an existing character in that matter. simply put, the server you want to move to needs to have all character slots available (if origin and destination share the same world set).

No one is properly answering… I guess I’ll just assume that I’ll be able to transfer to another server in my world set if I want to.

Sometimes its not that easy, there are copyright laws for some codes, and if it even looks similar there are lawsuits upon lawsuits. Functions may look the same but the coding is completely different

Dude sorry, but how proper do you want your answer?
I clearly told you, that you will be able. Than I even quoted you the exact phrase that states you are able to. And finally another user describes to you in a long and clear way, that you are able to switch your character to another server in the same world set.

The text is pretty clear and only refers to the same mechanic you can create new characters.
You cant create a character on a server in a world set you already have an existing character.

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The text as I was reading it was ambiguous. Maybe my understanding of the exact terminology was not as precise as yours; thus I was asking for a more exact explanation. It was about what counts as an “existing character,” since if that includes the character I’m transferring, I wouldn’t be able to. So you see my confusion?

Yes i saw it from the start so I translated it for you as simple as poissible and said clearly “You will be able to transfer your character in the same world set.”