[Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread

Just remember this… you are the ones killing this game for not being ready… not the community.

Tons of people gonna quit now


Just finished reading the update, disappointed to see that there are large amounts of restrictions being put on transfers after original statements claimed ANY server, not ‘some servers under some conditions’,

My question though is can I transfer to a ‘full’ server that I have a character on by having that character deleted and replaced? I have a large group of friends on Adiri (AP Southeast) and have been playing on Heorot (AP Southeast), so I could enjoy the game without most of my playtime going to queues?


My Question is, servers that are currently locked and not able to make new characters - if people and community’s move from said server that is locked will you then unlock them to allow people to go there to stop the server from dying? Thanks

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Also you guys wrote “in the next couple of weeks”… It has been a couple of weeks already…
this is just the same as prime delivery service, never on time.


Except 2 worlds, all EU spanish worlds are full. I erased allready 2 characters 2 be able to play with no queue or a queue acceptable.

I moved from Kor to Kvenland then to Larissa. All my guild is in Kvenland with most of my friends. A full world. Im alone in Larissa with some friends.

I lost all the eaely game, all the speed for getting a territory. All the beginning experiencie. I preordered the game one year and a half before. Your force me to play in a diferent server cause queues where more than 6 hours first days. And more than 3 hours in peak hours. With my job i would not be able to play with my guild and friends.

I choosed to move since you said múltiple times that we would be able to move to any server to play with our friends.

Now reading the update, you say we can only join servers not full. You expect a guild of 100 players plus my friends to move from their server and lose 2 territorys to join me? You completely destroyed my game experience and you dont give a real solution?

What do you expect me to do? I really hope something is changing cause you started the first day with only 2 spanish severs with 2k cap for more than 23k players. I hope its a joke and yo give me a solution to this. Ive been paying also amazon prime for years. This is a really bad joke. I want to join MY GUILD, the one with I prepared the start of the game for 2 months.

The one which we made a speedrun in Kor to get a territory to after have to move to another server all erasing all PJ cause hald of the guild would not be able to play in the same world. And you force me to move to another server again to be able to play cause arriving at home at 18:00 was the same as waiting more than 3 hours to play.

Ive been waiting this 2 weeks. Mostly lvl 60 to join all my friends and guild. And now you say O cant join a full server when all spanish servers except 2 are full. And when all of this is YOUR fault.

Whats your answer to that?


Maybe tweeting “unofficial” things you couldn’t actually give us was a bad move. Really hope you are able to give us what you promised us. You first tell us to just join some random servers! It’s okay, we’ll be able to transfer later! Now we’re just stuck on the regions we don’t want to play on based off of what you told us.

Answer the question, will we or will we not able to transfer through regions yes or no?


All my friends are on the same server which is currently locked.

I want to play with them, transfer option without giving me option to join them have no sense at all !!!


How are you going to fix it for people that started on new server waiting to come to a big server because of this??? This is YOUR problem, this where YOU have to do something.


Your team communicated that players would be able to transfer to any other server and now have restricted that greatly by locking it to a region.

This poor communication has put a lot of people in a bind. Own it and rectify this situation please.

Additionally, work on your ability to share information amongst each other. I understand the week was hectic but this was NOT something you could afford to miscommunicate about.


We are going to do our best to answer questions as they come up. Please be patient with our community team as we are gathering answers as quickly as possible.

Everyone will get one token per account. Each transfer requires a transfer token As per our post here our team will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free.

Transfers are only available within your region

We understand the frustration from this, unfortunately the original messaging provided was incorrect.

The restriction is going to be in place at this time

They are not permanent and will be updated over time.

Very carefully, I would imagine.

This statement is correct, you cannot have two characters in the same world set let alone in the same world.


Raging pretty hard here and about to just drop the game. Been playing since launch on a different server than my friends in us east which was our planned region but due to ping we decided to go to us west since I had already started and played a bunch during beta I didn’t want to create a character for a 3rd time so I decided to wait for transfers to transfer to us west…… now I just feel like I wasted a whole fucking week of my life due to false advertising. Wish they would have just said regions are locked for transfers at the get go this is infuriating


We only made a character in another world beucase u said that we could change between regions and now u say this…


If I cannot join my friends what’s the point of playing this game at all…


So no transfers to other regions, this will be the fact that will essentially kill your own game. Was a good run, 147 hours in on US West, I am not restarting on EU Central because your Twitter people lied to us. I am uninstalling now, and I know atleast a ten, eleven other people on the back of my head that will follow.

Back to World of Warcraft, adios.


Yeah I think this is gonna be the end of several of my friends, including myself, playing this game.


It says you may only transfer once and any more transfers will require a token

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Following this as I would like to know about new servers too.


I bought this game for a friend that won’t be able to transfer to my “locked” world. I expect two refunds.


Good Evening,

Additional question for you:

Once we receive the token is there a time limit on using it or can we save it forever until we use it?

Thank you.


Do you have regional transfers planned in the future or not?