[Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread

Really amazon have cornered themselves into resolving this issue that allows region transfers. If they want any future multi region games (mmo) to succeed then they need to resolve this else they might as well just chuck the money into the ocean, nobody will trust them.

1… they said that server transfers would be happening soon and that REGIONAL transfers would be possible.

2… THEY then advised people to create characters on other servers to avoid the queues, also saying you would be able to transfer servers to play with your friends.

I’m not sure how this would work in the US but in the UK they could find themselves on sticky ground with Trading Standards and maybe the advertising standards authority, though I’m not so sure of the second one


The reason I say Trading Standards is they gave advice and guidance to players to carry on playing the game. They also knew the Steam refund policy of 2 hours. By advising their clients to carry on playing based on their published commitment that regional server transfers would be possible, encouraged people to play beyond the 2 hour time limit for steams refund policy, which in turn ensures no refund could be requested…this is bad…very very bad. Trading Standards do not take kindly to this practice, no matter what company you are.


Yep. I sunk 65 hours into the game thinking I’d be able to move my character to the same region as my brother. That’s a lot of wasted time.


I would like to know how server transfers and server availability will be managed on the Faction Population front.

What will be put in place/if anything to stop a server transfer resulting in skewed populations between the different factions? Obviously some skew is allowed, but what will the threshold be?

I very much doubt there will be any threshold as there isnt currently when a new person creates a character on a server.

Why are there still locked servers that have no queue and only 1000 people online at peak weekend time?

Hey everyone, I wanted to just confirm that we’re continuing to monitor this thread, collect your questions and feedback, and will provide answers as soon as possible.


Because, the amount of players registered to play on that server is at it’s limit based on data for average player count over a certain period.

This is what was advised a lot earlier in the thread.

Any news on server unlocks, some servers are not making much sense to be locked not even reaching 2/3 of cap during peaks

Hi I just want clarification on this line “You cannot move your character to a world set that you have an existing character in already.”

I have 1 character total in the game. I made it on another server within the same World Set as my friends with the intention of transferring to the world my friends are on. The wording on this is a bit confusing so will I not be able to transfer my character to the desired world because I made it within the same world set and the game will consider there to already be a character in the world set or am I misreading and because I’m just moving the one character between worlds in the world set I’m still in the clear?

Any clarification would be great on this cuz I’ve already invested a decent chunk of hours into this character and would prefer not to have to delete them and start over if it can be helped. Thanks!

Will what you provide be accurate this time around?


Zaos that was raised at the beginning of the thread - someone suggested people in that situation should get two transfer tokens, one to transfer the character you don’t want to play to a different world set, and one to transfer the character you do want to play to the right server within the same world set. NW_Mugsy said they would take that suggestion back to the dev team. So they’re aware of the issue.

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Awesome thanks for that. I was trying to dig through the thread but I must have missed that one.

I got the server I wanted, luckily. I knew it was to good to be true. Its so important to not mislead people in saying that they could transfer to ANY server. I am so happy I don’t have friends in the game because I would be extremely pissed and drop the game instantly. Sorry fellow players :frowning: never believe something til you see it, amazon did just that.

Please unlock the US East servers (eg. Tritonis), there are no queues and low player numbers.

It will be until they decide it isn’t. . .

What an annoying and terrible move. You could replicate the datasets across geos if you really wanted to. All my time wasted due to a lie on behalf of the dev team.
Great work.



Take a quiz to get an idea of what you need to do.

From: region / world set / world / faction / character name
To: region / world set / world / faction / company (friends)

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Thank you for the update! Hopefully there is enough constructive information in some of these posts to assist with the decision making and planning.

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As good as you MAY think that is, you’ve already lied to the community on multiple fronts within the first WEEK of game launch - and then took their money.

Now you’re trying to figure out how to make yourselves not look like a bunch of cockroaches.

Just so we’re clear.


This is extremely disappointing. I have several friends that started playing after my server was locked for new characters (despite having mimimal to no queue times). Now they will be unable to join me, and will likely quit the game rather than restarting from scratch.

I was hoping that New World would have a bright future, but I don’t see how that will be possible with decision making like this. Without friends tying people to an MMO, people are much more likely to drift and less likely to buy DLCs or expansions. And promising one thing and then going back on your word is not a good sign. Once you lose the trust of your players it is extraordinarily difficult to regain it. People will now question any other official statement made about New World, wondering if it will later be walked back.

Amazon has more resources as a game studio than anyone else, probably including Blizzard, Epic, and Microsoft. Region transfers should absolutely be possible, and there isn’t anything right now that should be a higher priority for the studio in terms of development or public relations.