[Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread

That explanation is kinda joke, because it’s in another database muahaha xD Who made the game for them? I thought it was AGS and seems like, they paid someone to create the game for them. How otherwise they could say something like this as a reason?


So the company that exist to send stuff around the world faster than we thought possible even 5 years ago some how can’t move my character data to a different region.

Hell put that stuff on a flash drive and ship it in one of your little smiley face boxes to the east coast… I’ll pay for the drive and shipping!


And what difference does that make?

Is taking records from one database and transferring it to another is a technical impediment? Just program the functionality, it doesn’t even sound particularly complicated.


Will you give out accurate answers and not fool your players and community of doing endless of hours of grinding for nothing again. Yall need to find a way to compensate your players or find a way for us to change server regions. Its not fair to us players and the community for you guys to lead us on with false information.


Character transfers? -Yes yes only 2 weeks :clown_face:
Queue? -Disable servers for new players and make another queue :bullettrain_side:
Server “full”? -Average players ~1500. Ohh this is full :sunglasses:
Region transfers? -Yeah u can!.. You know what? Maybe not :lying_face:

Amazon! :call_me_hand:


Literally every other MMO at least allows transfers within a continental region - say US East to US West but you’re not even allowing that? I understand that EU to US or US to EU is a leap but your community manager told people they were able to do so. Them not getting clarification for their response is not people’s issue - it’s yours. I already have 2 friends who refuse to roll again on my server and have since quit and honestly without them to play with I don’t see myself continuing to play either. People have spent dozens and in some cases now hundreds of hours playing your game just to be told they were genuinely lied to? Absolutely ridiculous - after the failures AGS has already published and pushing back Lost Ark for the sake of New World, your studio will struggle to keep the faith with users globally and for good reason. This is insane.


They haven’t given the technical details, but here is a post speculating how it works:

we need change faciton when we transfer new server with other friends,

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Yes, instead of doing some UPDATES, they will have to retrieve our data from a region (some SELECT), connect to the DB of the new region and do some INSERT. Then delete the record in the old region. It sounds like something not too complicated in terms of development. Your credibility must be worth very little, if you prefer to lose it rather than invest in a tool that can do something similar to that.

I don’t see a point for me to keep playing. Because of the proposed “play on another server till transfers” I am on a server I don’t care about in another region, with no friends. I hit 45 and went heavy into crafting and associated trade skills and I don’t want to start over. I was under the impression I could go from US West to US East. Bleh…


It’s probably a little more complicated than some SELECT and INSERT functions.

They probably (as has already been theorized by another post), have some kind of resource provisioning per X users which is catered for in the new player functions. My solution post was to gather all the required info from the tables, insert all that into tables within a new DB (server moves), then utilize the, already existing code to add a new user, but automate it using the character info from the tables in the server move DB, check the info once created for validation, then delete from old region, using existing character delete functions.

I can see how they might feel it’s difficult to do, but it is indeed possible.

They already have the functions to add and delete characters and to do the necessary server provisioning… no reason these functions (or even slight variations of) can’t be used for region/server moves.

A lot of friend playing together couldn’t because of queue. Some of us decided to play on a server closers to us until server transfer but now we can’t move from east to west? If we would have known earlier that we needed to be on the region because regions were transfer locked we would have been but you initially said we can transfer anywhere. How are you going to fix this? You said anywhere and now all we get is the original statement was wrong. This is frustrating.


I invested 110 hours into a character on a low-pop EU server, because Amazon said we would be able to transfer to “any server” once the queueing issues were resolved. I need to join my guild/company in Mag Mell in NA West. This is outrageous! I have to throw away the last 1.5 weeks of progress and start from scratch at level 1? Does the ANW dev team have no integrity? Can we trust anything you say? Wow, you guys are really showing your true colors here.

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My Server get no Region Like (DE) or (US) im on the Server Hyperborea? Can i transfer to an (DE) Server?

Region transfers are just not that simple.
You gotta transfer the character data between countries with different laws.

Exchanging data between regions may have some legal issues that needs to be resolved. “chat logs, ingame purchase histories etc.”

Not to mention the potential risk of character data being intercepted or manipulated by third parties and having their values changed.

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East and west coast USA confirmed different countries


World sets exist to support future potential merges. Since you can’t - and it makes perfect sense - have two on the same server you can’t have two in the same world set.

Evening AGS Team,

I think a big question for every player out there is, what is the planning to make good by fellow players of the game for this miscommunication? There is a massive impact on many players as of the initial post to what is being communicated now. Jeff B always preached to his teams that Amazon needs to work backwards from the customer, these players all of us here are the customer. The game became a much higher success on day 1 then the team suspected. With all that said, your game is great but this is a major set back. How does Amazon plan to work backwards from their customers to correct the miscommunication?


Fellow Amazonian

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Still different locations. Not as simple as just flipping a switch.

Pretty sure the priority is to get normal transfers out and then work on region ones later.

Transferring data between AWS VPCs in different regions can be done completely securely. AWS has supports cross-region S3 and “Global” databases.